Give Your Wellness A Lift

When it comes to wellness, I aim for natural methods. Keeping our household happy and healthy is my main goal! I also keep our home clean and disinfected. I find myself vacuuming and even shampooing the carpets when the need arises. Let’s look at ways to give your wellness a lift! 

Give Your Wellness A Lift
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I love using essential oils and an oil diffuser around our home. I can easily have one or two going, one for the living room and one in my bedroom. 

Incorporate an oil diffuser

Adding an oil diffuser to your home will help clean your air, add humidity, and freshen up the room! 

Aroma Mosaic

The Aroma Mosaic from Saje is just beautiful! As you can see, it will fit in any home decor. I love the overall calming design. It has a lovely gold accent.

The Aroma Mosaic features a generous 200ml water tank, which means less refilling of your oil diffuser! The Aroma Mosaic is limited-edition and well worth the investment of upgrading your diffuser! 

High quality essential oils 

Upgrade your essential oil with the Saje Best of Saje Community Favorites Diffuser Blend Collection! This is such a great collection to start with or add to your arsenal! Keep your home smelling fresh and clean, boost your mental health, and improve your health. 

Saje Best of Saje Community Favorites Diffuser Blend Collection

No matter how you’re feeling, add any of the essential oils from the collection to your diffuser for a boost to your atmosphere! Essential oils are a gentle and natural way to calm your mind. For example, if I am feeling anxious and nervous, I can add a few drops of Deep Breath to help calm my nerves and remind myself to stay grounded. 

Lift your spirits with fitness

When I am in a funk, I like to go for a walk, do yoga, or even pilates. Since I love working out at home, I also have a small rower and vertical climber! I love having my own little gym at my disposal! 

TreadBands all designs

When I use my vertical climber for fitness, I am usually dripping with sweat! It gets annoying, even with my hair up in a ponytail! Even when I’m cleaning around the house, I like to throw my hair up in a ponytail to keep it out of my face. 

I am so excited to introduce you to TreadBands All-Terrain Tieback. I never thought I would ever use this type of product and I am so glad I took a chance. I love these. I highly recommend choosing at least 5 or more! You’ll want extras available to use each day. The designs are so cute, you will easily choose several!  

TreadBands Sloth and Sea Turtle

I chose Glazin’, Free Shavacadoo, Pina Colada, Sea Turtle, and Sloth. As you can see, they are super cute and stylish! I love wearing these throughout the day, even at home!

TreadBands Food designs

Each design has a special meaning for me. I will definitely be buying more! I’ve been hand washing and air drying them to keep them fresh and clean. 

Lift your accessories

When I saw The Atlas Backpack Stand, I knew it would be perfect for our small home. I tend to hang my son’s backpack on his door handle or keep it on the barstool during the week for quick access. 

The Atlas Backpack Stand

When it arrived it was securely packaged with every item needed to assemble! The assembly of the The Atlas Backpack Stand should only take you 15 to 20 minutes at most, not even that! It is so easy and I am very happy with the quality of the product. 

I use The Atlas Backpack Stand to store my son’s backpack and our hats! It also offers a place for our sunglasses. When we go for our walks, I like to bring our hats and sunglasses and now the stand has a place for our things as we head out the door! 

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