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We live a quiet life at home. I don’t like drama or stressful situations nor do I bring that into our home. My son and I prefer to be at home, so I like to keep our home safe and calm! Today, we share tips on how to create peace in your life and beyond! 

Beauty Brite Disclosure

Looking at the moon can be soothing. It’s so beautiful to look up at! If we had our own yard, I would insist that my son and I spend more time outside just enjoying the night sky! Since I am a big fan of aromatherapy, I love the idea of combining calm and essential oils! Of course oils can promote calmness, but what about the moon! 

When I received my first set of essential oils, I remember not understanding how to use them, but nevertheless, I was excited to have them! It took me a few years to finally start using them! It was a few years later when I received my first oil diffuser! I’ve been hooked ever since! 

Bring the moon inside

When I saw the HappyHaves Full Moon, I knew it would be perfect in our living room. It doubles as a lamp and oil diffuser

HappyHaves Full Moon Warm Yellow

The HappyHaves Full Moon is so pretty and offers a gentle glow, so you can easily use it any time of day! There are 3 color-changing lights: soft white, warm white, and warm yellow.

HappyHaves Full Moon Warm White

If you love oil diffusers, you will enjoy the HappyHaves Full Moon! This offers a huge water reservoir of 1400ml and cordless operation! You charge it with a USB cord and plug! 

HappyHaves Full Moon Soft White

Lastly, the HappyHaves Full Moon is made of eco-friendly and BPA-free recycled materials. The diffuser is lightweight and easy to adjust and move around as needed. I love the wooden stand as well! 

Create peace

When it comes to peace, I like to keep reminders all over our home! I have positive art and messages, even family photos! About a year ago, I was lucky enough to receive two beautiful bracelets from Mantraband and I still wear them to this day! I love them! I wear them as reminders to myself to stay positive and upbeat! 

This time around, I chose three bracelets, including Powered By Optimism, Mom Mommy Mama, and For A Reason all in Rose Gold. 

MantraBands 3 in rose gold

These bracelets go perfectly with my other Mantrabands! I can mix and match them. Wear them all or just a few! 

Bring style to your hair

Summer is here. Since it gets hot outside so quickly, I’ve been working out inside! Once my son’s summer school is over, I am going to incorporate morning walks with him! I recently bought hats for us in anticipation of us going for walks in the sun! We already wear sunscreen and sunglasses, but I wanted extra protection! 

Of course, when the weather heats up, I like to throw my hair up in a ponytail! I also wear a ponytail when I’m cleaning and working out!

BELLEBEACH line from BelleFixe

I was sent these beautiful pieces from the BELLEBEACH line from BelleFixe, including Hair Scarf – Ocean Sands, Scrunchie – Ocean Sands, Hair Scarf – Bright Stripes, Scrunchie  – Bright Stripes, and Headwrap – Ocean Sands

I normally don’t wear anything fancy in my hair except a plain hair tie. I used to wear scrunchies when I was a teen, so these new scrunchies definitely bring me back to my childhood! 


I chose the Hair Scarf – Ocean Sands, Scrunchie – Ocean Sands, and Headwrap – Ocean Sands because they remind me of the beach! I’ve never worn a hair scarf and thought it looked really cute and feminine! I love it! I also look forward to wearing the head wrap when working out or cleaning!

BELLEBEACH Bright Stripes

I chose the Hair Scarf – Bright Stripes and Scrunchie  – Bright Stripes pattern because it reminds me of summer! It’s a simple and fun design! I can’t wait to wear them more! 

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