Kickstart Your Health

Now more than ever our health is important. As a single parent, I am doing my best to keep my son and I healthy during Coronavirus. We wear our masks, we use hand sanitizer, and I am constantly cleaning around our home. If anything, I am cleaning more and focusing on our health and fitness too! Let’s show you how to kickstart your health! 

Kickstart Your Health
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Every so often, I get distracted! When everything shut down, we stopped walking outside. It was either too hot or too cold or I just didn’t have the energy! After months of that, I realized we needed a kickstart! 

It’s okay to start over! Your journey is never over! Start again! Set new goals! 

Try new recipes

I like to keep our meals quick and easy! I am always up for trying new recipes! That’s why I am excited to add The Spicy Plant-Based Cookbook and  The “I Love My Instant Pot” 5-Ingredient Recipe Book

The Spicy Plant-Based Cookbook

I actually wanted The Spicy Plant-Based Cookbook to gift to my neighbor. She’s plant-based and she is so excited to try the recipes in this cookbook! 

The “I Love My Instant Pot” 5-Ingredient Recipe Book

Since I have an Instant Pot, I’m excited to browse through the The “I Love My Instant Pot” 5-Ingredient Recipe Book

Since I am a vegetarian, there are only a few chapters that I plan on utilizing! I am excited to try new recipes! I love my Instant Pot because it makes cooking so much quicker! 

Get outside

Go for a walk! Go for a run! Walk the dog! Take the family out! Go for a bike ride. Whatever your lifestyle allows, get outside! While you’re outside, you can add some cute and colorful hair ties from Bellefixe

Bellefixe BelleSPORT line

There are times when I don’t get outside for exercise, instead I workout at home. I get bored with the same workout routine, so I find myself changing it up every so often. Lately, I’ve been doing yoga first thing in the morning. I also added resistance loop bands to the mix! 

My goal is to slim down. I like to walk when the weather is nice. When I need to get energized, my yoga helps me start my day! I also have my rowing machine to get moving! 

BelleSPORT scrunchies

With all my workouts, I like to throw my hair up in a ponytail! I received a beautiful box of hair ties from the BelleSPORT line! As you can see, they are bold and colorful! I love black! I also love the funky yellow, orange, and pink colors! I almost feel like I’m back in the 80s and 90s wearing my scrunchies! 

Mask up

In today’s COVID times, it’s mandatory to wear a mask. My son and I have a fun collection of face masks! I like to have plenty on hand since I like washing them after each use! 

Beaded Chain with Aromatherapy Beads

I am excited to add the Beaded Chain with Aromatherapy Beads face mask to my collection. I love that I can add a few drops of essential oils as I wear the mask! I also love the chain! 

Protect your eyes

I am a huge fan of blue light blocking glasses. Being addicted to my screens (phone, laptop, television), I wanted a way to protect my eyes! I was sent the Nate in Day and Night lenses.

Ra Optics Nate in Day and Night lenses

I love blue light blocking glasses and I have always had clear lenses. Ra Optics are tinted yellow and red. The first day trying the Ra Optics, I didn’t like looking at everything with yellow or red tint! 

The best advice when starting your Ra Optics journey is start in small increments. I am not a big fan of the yellow or red coloring. However, the benefits outweigh the inconvenience! Stick with it! 

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