5 Items You Need During Coronavirus

It seems Coronavirus will never end. Over the last year or so, we’ve made changes, adapt, changed again, and adapted again. For us, we recently started walking again. I realized we needed to focus on our fitness and health again. This time at home has allowed me to find time to organize, clean, and downsize. I believe I have downsized at least 5 times already. We share 5 items you need during Coronavirus.

5 Items You Need During Coronavirus
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How has quarantine been for you and your family? Have you discovered new skills? Cleaned? Organized? Start a new hobby? Get caught up on Netflix? 

Get walking

Earlier this month, I realized my son and I needed to start walking again. We were both needing fresh air and exercise. Walking is one of the few things he and I can do together. He knows to stay near me and it’s not as stressful trying to keep him safe. 

When it comes to walking, it starts with a comfortable pair of shoes. I received the Wool Cross X in Grape from Giesswein. First and foremost, I appreciate that their shoes are washable. I have another brand that I wear and those are also washable. 

Giesswein Wool Cross X in Grape

I have only worn the Wool Cross X a few times now. The first time I wore them, they ended up digging into the back of my ankle area. Since then, I wear the shoes for very short walks until my feet get used to the new fit. 

As for sizing, I am half a size and I sized down (based on reviews). The fit is perfect for me. I have no complaints. 

The Wool Cross X allows you to wear them without socks. They are also lined with merino wool. I’ve always wanted merino wool socks, so this is a great option! 

I am so impressed with these shoes that I am ordering a pair for my son as well. As a mom to a teen, I like that they help regulate foot temperature, anti-bacterial, odor free, and most of all washable! 


I love yoga. I recently started doing yoga every morning. I received the miyoga mat and Tono Shaper from Ryker Product Solutions and it makes me realize how much I miss having the basic equipment for yoga! I have two other yoga mats that I adore, however, both are smooth. One is made of a suede-like fabric and the other has a smooth feel. 

miyoga mat

With the miyoga mat, it is easier for me to grip with my feet and hands! I also love that it is much longer than my other yoga mats. The mat is also easy to wipe down, which I do before and after my workout! 

The miyoga mat also features yoga poses on both sides of the mat. So if you’re away from home, you can still do yoga! 

Tono Shaper

I love the versatility of the Tono Shaper! I can easily incorporate the Tono Shaper before or after my yoga workouts. I can also do reps in between commercials. 

The Tono Shaper allows me to work my arms, abs, and legs! 

Mask up

We are always needing new masks to add to our collection. Since masks are made of fabric, we’ve had to keep them clean and discard any that were destroyed or no longer useful. Baby Jack And Company was kind enough to send us four of their adult masks in Hearts, Kindness, Firefighter, and Police. 

Baby Jack And Company adult masks in Hearts and Kindness

I chose the Hearts and Kindness for myself. As you can see, they are so cute and colorful!

Baby Jack And Company adult masks in Firefighter and Police

I chose the Firefighter and Police for my son. The masks are perfect for teens and adults. I love that they are stylish and cute! 

Each mask comes in a reusable plastic pouch and lanyard type necklace to keep your mask around your neck when not in use. 

Disinfect personal items 

I am always cleaning my phone, keys, wallet, and other personal items I carry in my purse. My phone gets wiped down throughout the day. 

I received the Mundus Pro from Einova USA. This one awesome machine not only helps disinfect small personal items, but you can also charge your phone

Inside Mundus Pro from Einova USA

I like to keep my blue light blocking, face masks clean. The Mundus Pro isn’t that deep, so you are limited to what you can fit in there. My son and I wear our masks for trips to the grocery store and every day during his therapy. I try to disinfect our masks in between uses each day.

The Mundus Pro is a must have for any household, especially in our times of Coronavirus.

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