3 Ways To Stay Motivated Even In Quarantine

Being stuck at home for months can be stressful. I like to keep a routine and I was able to create one that worked for our lifestyle. I started adding a walk in every weekday morning. There are days we do skip due to the weather being too hot or we have too much going on! We share 3 ways to stay motivated even in quarantine

3 Ways To Stay Motivated Even In Quarantine
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For fitness, I like to go for a walk with my son. If it’s cool enough, I like to walk throughout the day! It’s a great way to take a break and enjoy the fresh air! 

I like fitness. There are some exercises I don’t want to do because I live on the 2nd floor and don’t want to disturb my downstairs neighbor. I even considered creating a small gym in my garage! I would need to get exercise mats to put down in my garage and then add a few pieces of equipment. 

I currently have a small squat machine that I just adore. I recently decided to add resistance and do more reps! 

Add resistance

I wanted to boost my workouts with my squat machine, so I needed resistance bands! I found the BX GLOW Pure Energy Fitness Kit to try! 

BX GLOW Pure Energy Fitness Kit resistance bands

Boost your fitness with resistance! 

The BX GLOW Pure Energy Fitness Kit comes with so much! I love the resistance loop bands to use on my squat machine. I can also use the resistance tubes on the machine itself! 

BX GLOW Pure Energy Fitness Kit ankle weights

I can easily wear the ankle weights around the house. What a great way to get a little exercise while doing my chores! I also wear the ankle weights on my walks around the park! 

BX GLOW Pure Energy Fitness Kit resistance tubes and door anchor

I wasn’t sure how to set up and use the door anchor. I found a few videos on set up and what type of exercises to try! 

This whole set can be used indoors. I can quickly and easily get my workout in while watching TV or when I need a quick break! 

Positive reminders 

I like to keep positive messages around my home to remind myself to stay positive and upbeat. I like to display all kinds of symbols and art around our home as well. 

MantraBand Be The Change Bracelet and the I Love You More Bracelet

I also love jewelry! When I saw MantraBand, I knew these would be perfect! I chose Be The Change Bracelet and the I Love You More Bracelet, both in Rose Gold to wear! I love how lightweight and stylish the bracelets are. 

I like wearing both MantraBand bracelets at the same time and I was worried they would scratch each other or end up with dents! Well, these do not scratch or dent each other at all! I hear them rattle together all the time with no signs of damage! 

Even if I don’t wear both bracelets at the same time, they still look cute by itself! Depending on my mood or look, I can wear one or both! I love the rose gold color too! Of course, the bracelets come in different styles which can fit any lifestyle!

Add Color

I received the Signature Eyeshadow Palette – Galaxy and Glazed Donut Highlighter from OFRA Cosmetics

Signature Eyeshadow Palette - Galaxy

I love purples and was curious about the Signature Eyeshadow Palette – Galaxy. I knew the colors would be a bit “far out” from what I normally wear. However, I’m willing to experiment and try a new look! 

The colors in the Signature Eyeshadow Palette – Galaxy are definitely lighter than my skin tone, however, they are so cool and fun to wear! 

Glazed Donut Highlighter Collage

I’ve been eyeing the Glazed Donut Highlighter for awhile now! I really want a light and cosmic highlighter and I knew the Glazed Donut Highlighter would be perfect!

I love the amount of glow I get from the highlighter! Even when I use a highligher from another brand, I like to add just a little bit of Glazed Donut Highlighter for that extra boost!

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