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Beauty Brite DisclosureI love when a new season hits and there are new beauty finds to discover. There’s something invigorating about new products to try for beautiful hair and skin. Some new ones I’m using this fall are from Yes To, Broo, Character Skin Care, and WEN.


Yes To


Yes To Products

Yes To has been one I’ve wanted to try for a while now but not gotten around to it yet. More so than for myself, I’ve been interested in their face masks and acne-related products for my teenage daughter. She’s tried quite a few of each of these type of products in the past and is always on the lookout for new ones.

She’s also been using facial cleansers that contain charcoal. I know she’s been using these consistently because I keep finding splotches of the dark product on the walls of the bathtub where she uses them when she showers. I’ve also found smears of acne creams on the sink. I swear these must be invisible to her because they’re always left for me to clean up.

So, I was interested to see how she likes the Yes To Tomatoes Anti-Pollution Detoxifying Charcoal Bubbling Wipes and Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Zit Zapping Dots. I figured at the very least I might get a respite from cleaning up after she uses other similar products.

She is using them both and seems to like them very much. At least it will give me a respite from cleaning up the charcoal facial wash smears and acne cream for a little while. I mean, really, how hard is it to use your hand and some water or a wet washcloth to wipe out the sink when you’re done using it?!

Yes To Tomatoes Anti-Pollution Detoxifying Charcoal Bubbling Wipes

They’re being called this season’s LBW (little black wipe). How cute is that? I am a sucker for a clever turn of phrase!

Charcoal is a wonderful ingredient in skin care as it is purported to deep clean the skin as well as detoxify and remove impurities. Adding oxygen into the mix, as these wipes do, also stimulates the skin’s healing function. The wipes are really easy and quick to use, simply use one to wipe face and neck and then toss it. No need to rinse.

Yes To and BRÖÖ Products

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Zit Zapping Dots also contain charcoal, as well as salicylic acid to clear skin and help fight breakouts and tomato extract which is a natural source of antioxidants. These are best to use overnight, in my opinion, because you need to leave them on for 8-10 hours.

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Zit Zapping Dots

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Zit Zapping DotsClean the area where the zit is, make sure the skin is dampened and then just apply the zit zapper circle to cover the zit (like you’re covering it with a sticker). Make sure to press the edges to get a good seal and then forget about them until morning. The red and black dots are equally effective, guess they just wanted to have a little fun with the colors!

I like the idea behind the Yes To brand. We all want to use products that help us look and feel our best without applying unnecessary ingredients and chemicals to our skin. Yes To creates natural beauty products that are 95% or more natural ingredients. I can get behind that!

Face masks. We’ve had dozens of brands of these little packets in our house. My girls both just love trying all the different ones they can find. I’ve tried a few with them, but I just don’t take the time on a regular basis to use them regularly.

Some they’ve really liked and some they’ve claimed are duds. The ones they like the least are the ones that are hard to get off of their skin. Because sometimes it can be hard to get enough of the edge to release so that you can get it in between two fingers and peel it off. I thought it was super neat that Yes To created a tool to help not only with that issue, but also with applying the mask in the first place. No more mask goo left on my bathroom towels from the girls wiping their fingers on it!

Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Peel-Off Mask and Dual-Ended Mask ToolYes To Single Use Peel-Off Masks come in really engaging, cute packaging. There are several options to choose from with these:


  • Yes To Coconut Energizing Coffee Peel-Off Mask — coconut to moisturize and coffee to help skin look tighter.
  • Yes To Cucumbers Calming Peel-Off Mask — cucumber is a soothing vegetable extract to help calm skin.
  • Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Peel-Off Mask — with charcoal to detoxify and and remove impurities and including the antioxidant properties of tomatoes.
  • Yes To Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Peel-Off Mask — incorporates antioxidants from Vitamin C and Lycopene.


The mask packages are easy to open, and using the Yes To Dual-Ended Mask Tool it’s quick and easy to apply and then remove without getting fingers gooped up with the wet mask product. You use the straight end of the tool to build up a little bit of an edge around the outside of the mask to help you get a grip on it when it’s dry and time to remove it from your skin.

I tried this one and was very happy with how the tool works, so happy that perhaps I might start using face masks a little more often myself since it’s so easy. I’m not really sure what the tool is made of but it feel like silicone, pliable and flexible but firm enough to hold and use it very easily.

Yes To Dual-Ended Mask ToolThe best part about it is that it’s reusable. When you’re finished with it you can just rinse it off and let it dry for the next time. You could even use it to help apply foundation makeup, I think. Seems like it would work well for that, too, to get it from the bottle to your skin, at least. And then you could use whatever other sponge or tool you normally use to blend it in.

Overall, VERY impressed with all of the Yes To products! I will definitely be checking their display in my local stores out and trying some of their other products.




Broo Moods Aromatherapy Lotions


Aromatherapy is everywhere! I can’t get on social media or check my email or browse the internet without the topic popping up somewhere. Not that I’m trying to avoid it, of course. But, I do notice it.

I have a couple of diffusers in my home. Admittedly, though, I’m a little scattered about using them regularly. Sometimes I forget they’re even there only to come across them when I’m cleaning, prompting me to fill them up and get them going again.

Lotion, though, that’s something I never forget. I use it multiple times daily to relieve dry skin (mostly on my hands from washing them so much in between cleaning, cooking, etc.). I am totally in love with BRÖÖ Moods Aromatherapy Lotions.

My daughter sometimes has trouble sleeping, so I gave her BRÖÖ Moods Sleep Aromatherapy Lotion to apply before bedtime. The calming scents of lavender essential oil can permeate the pillow area of her bed to help calm and soothe her.

I like to use BRÖÖ Moods Unplug Aromatherapy Lotion when I find the time to sit and relax. Because I seem to detest being completely still, I’m most often reading or working on a crochet/knit project when I sit, even while watching television. The constant movement, however slight, is enough to cause the aromatic scents of clary sage to waft around me. It’s really calming!

I’ll be gifting BRÖÖ Moods Reboot Aromatherapy Lotion to my oldest daughter along with some other neat stuff for her birthday. She’s a college student and is constantly telling me how tired she is between school and her full-time job. The energizing bergamot essential oil in this lotion is sure to help her as she works and studies. She’s as big of a lotion user as I am, and she loves trying new and different brands quite often.

All varieties of BRÖÖ Moods Aromatherapy lotion contain barley for B vitamins and proteins to nourish skin, hops for their antioxidant to sooth skin, and shea butter to moisturize and soften dry skin. Yes, barley and hops are main ingredients in this brand of lotions, and yes you can find them in beer, as well. But, BRÖÖ aromatherapy lotions offer an entirely un-alcoholic kind of calm, I promise.

I keep my bottle in my purse since I’m often on the go and I’ve been using it a lot! If you’re interested in trying them for yourself, you can find them at Walmart  and Amazon, among other retailers.

Also, unique (I think) to BRÖÖ, is the fact that they actually have an app to pair with these lotions to boost the aromatherapy effect on our moods. Basically the app is a customizable sound machine and it’s pretty fantastic.

BROO Moods Aromatherapy Lotion APPThere are quite a few sounds, each one chosen to use with each lotion variety. Search “Broo Moods” in the app store for your type of mobile device and you’ll find it. You’ll also find a link to it on BRÖÖ’s website. I had fun playing around with choosing between the different options and hearing all the music and ambient sounds available to choose from.

They offer a fairly wide range of other products to choose from, too. Products like shampoo and conditioner, bar shampoo, hair detangling products, and products for men, too. Every single one looks really intriguing. I can’t wait to try out the shampoo and conditioners!



Also important to note — they don’t test their products on animals. I always look for this info when checking out new things to try. Animals have been one of my life-long passions, so it’s important to know that the companies I purchase from share my fondness for them. Also, their products are made in the USA, another thing I like to look for when shopping.



Character Skin Care


Character Skin Care


Something I’ve developed an interest in over the last several years (largely due to my two daughters questions about it) is natural, plant-based skin care. The newest brand we’ve encountered is Character Skin Care, which offers several products that are really fantastic.

This collection of skin care products are made with plant-based, natural ingredients including essential oils. Skin can sometimes need some extra TLC and that’s where the formulations of this product line really made me stand up and take notice of them. Also, while most skin care products are geared (and marketed) toward women, this one is great for all people, regardless of gender.

Character Skin Care Seven Wonders Face OilSeven Wonders Face Oil can be used in a multitude of ways to address multiple skin issues. Whether you need just a little moisturization or have angry, chafed skin this oil can help. It contains oils such as jojoba and vitamin E that you’ve probably heard of, but also some you may be introduced to for the first time like rosehip seed oil, carrot seed oil, and meadowfoam seed oil — along with several essential oils, too. You can find the ingredients list on their website.

It can not only hydrate and soothe women’s facial skin, but help address fine lines and wrinkles or inflammation, too. Men can use it on their skin or rub it into facial hair to help keep it soft and manageable.

Character Skin Care Secret Agent Body ButterSecret Agent Body Butter is also good for multiple uses. You can use it all over your body from hand and feet, on areas of particular dry or patchy skin, or even as an all over body moisturizer. I really love the energizing scent of the bergamot essential oil that is included in the ingredients. Bergamot is an essential oil that is relatively new to me and I’m finding that I am really enjoying the new skin care products that I’m finding that include it.

Character Skin Care Not A Drag Body Balm and Bare Necessity Skin SalveNot A Drag Body Balm would have been a wonderful thing to have when my son was in marching band in high school. The long practices, repetitive movements, and hot weather of summer and fall all contributed to the skin on his inner thighs getting chafed at times.

I bought him powder after powder, none of which he liked. He also got chapped lips a lot, so I spent a small fortune on cap stick. And, of course, since he didn’t care for the taste or scent of many of them, I was limited to just one brand that he did like.

This body balm can address both issues, and I really like things that can pull double (or triple) duty to help reduce the number of things one ha to remember to carry around with them all day. It just makes good sense! With winter coming on, this will be a great way to sooth cheeks, noses, and ears that can become ravaged and sensitive from being exposed to cold, windy days.

Bare Necessity Skin Salve is another one that can be used for many different issues — dry elbows, cracked skin on your hands or nose (we are entering cold and flu season, you know), chapped lips, rough cuticles. And it’s the perfect pocket-sized option to carry around wherever the day takes you. I throw this in the pocket of y pants or coat every time I leave the house. And when I’m home, it sits right next to my computer (where I spend most of my time) right alongside my sunglasses and car keys so that it’s right there when I’m getting ready to leave the house. I really should get a few extras so that I can have one in my car, on my nightstand and a few other places around the house.

Character Skin Care Fresh Start Body PowderFresh Start Body Powder is a great way to finish getting ready after a shower or to freshen up after a workout. It’s light and will rub into skin easily and has a refreshing scent. As you would expect a powder to do it absorbs moisture. Another good product for those who often deal with chafing.

I have had trouble for years with rough dry hands. I would label the skin issues I have as moderate. Character Skin Care products have provided some pretty awesome relief for those issues during the time I’ve been using them.

My hands aren’t always rough with itchy patches and cracking skin. It tends to happen most regularly during the winter. But, it can strike any time during the year, particularly when I’m using harsh cleaners or not taking care to apply lotion regularly. So, as important as preventing flare ups is, it’s even more vital that I have a few go-to products to remedy whatever is ailing my skin.

I’m a busy mom taking care of her family and trying to find time daily to participate in my own hobbies like baking and cooking, reading, crocheting and knitting — all of which require the use of my hands. It’s simply much more enjoyable to do these things when my attention isn’t diverted by the stinging and burning sensation of a skin breakout.


WEN Hair Care


WEN Hair Care-Fall Vanilla White Pumpkin Collection


Hair, it is the bane of many a woman’s existence. Mine is really long, thick, and is prone to dryness, flyaways, and lack of shine at times. I’ve probably tried dozens of different brands and formulations of shampoos, conditioners, shine boosters, and other fancy concoctions.

A few have been successful at keeping my hair looking it’s best and I rotate between these few most of the time. But, I do enjoy trying the latest and greatest brands when I come across them. And WEN Hair Care is no exception. After seeing it all over TV infomercials and often in internet advertising, I have sampled a few different products from this brand.

WEN Hair Care-Fall Vanilla White Pumpkin Collection

WEN’s Fall Vanilla White Pumpkin Cleansing conditioner is formulated with antioxidant-rich Four Tea Complex, strengthening amino acids blended with vanilla bean, pumpkin, sandalwood, and honey extracts to help maintain moisture, strength, volume and shine. — Source: WEN


I’m used to hair care product lines that offer traditional shampoos and conditioners. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the WEN cleansing conditioner line because it’s one product instead of the two I have been used to and also because I wasn’t sure that if it didn’t foam like other cleaners that it might not work for me.

I was pretty pleased when I used it, though. True, it doesn’t foam up like I’m used to. But, it goes on smooth and (unlike with most other shampoos) it was so creamy and conditioning that I was able to run my fingers through my hair both while in the shower and afterward when I was towel drying it.

As I mentioned, my hair is really long and thick and prone to tangling. So, to be able to run my fingers or a brush through it without some kind of detangling product is almost unheard of. But, I was able to do it after using WEN cleansing conditioner. The scent I’ve been using is their Fall Vanilla White Pumpkin.

WEN Hair Care-Fall Vanilla White Pumpkin Collection-Nourishing Mousse

I’m a little more on the fence still when it comes to WEN Fall Vanilla White Pumpkin Nourishing Mousse. The product works great, but whereas I love the scent in the cleansing conditioner, I think it’s a bit stronger in the mousse.

I’m prone to headaches, mostly induced by being out in the sun without sunglasses but occasionally scents can bring them on, as well. I didn’t get a headache after using the mousse, it was just that I didn’t expect to be able to smell it throughout the day since the mousse I usually use doesn’t have that effect.

Overall, I think I like it! I had already previously tried a few WEN hair care products, including their Spring Orange Blossom Treatment Oil. I love fresh, spring scents because they make me think of renewal and hope, everything seems possible in the spring when the earth is busy bursting forth with new life all around you.

It seems like each season brings a new WEN scent, so I’m looking forward to their new Winter and Spring scents.

How often do you change up your beauty routine? Are you trying any new products that you’d like to share with us?


Change Up Your Beauty Routine

Change Up Your Beauty Routine

Change Up Your Beauty Routine

Change Up Your Beauty Routine

Change Up Your Beauty Routine Change Up Your Beauty Routine 

Change Up Your Beauty Routine Change Up Your Beauty Routine Change Up Your Beauty Routine Change Up Your Beauty Routine Change Up Your Beauty Routine Change Up Your Beauty Routine Change Up Your Beauty Routine Change Up Your Beauty Routine Change Up Your Beauty Routine Change Up Your Beauty Routine Change Up Your Beauty Routine Change Up Your Beauty Routine Change Up Your Beauty Routine Change Up Your Beauty Routine Change Up Your Beauty Routine 


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