4 Fabulous Gifts For Every Queen In Your Life

Shopping for unique gifts for the women in your life can seem impossible, especially when they seem to have it all. Here are some great ideas for gift giving that are thoughtful and perfect for any queen in your life.

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The Active Queen

The health junkie, the fitness guru, the active QUEEN! We all know one phenomenal woman in our lives that is always on point with her physical fitness game. But along with all that movement comes soreness, achiness and even accidents that can cause long term discomfort. So a thoughtful and holistic gift like One Less CBD is perfect to help get her through those tough days!

One Less CBD is a must have if you suffer from joint & muscle pain. This lightweight cream contains 6 active ingredients including CBD isolate & menthol that have been proven to help ease soreness for a quicker recovery.

One Less CBD has a creamy consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy residue behind. It is the perfect holistic approach to pain & helps reduce the amount of pain medication intake.

Upon rubbing One Less onto my ankle and knees, I was pleasantly surprised at how fast acting the pain relief was. It offered a comfort to my nagging pain without the need of a Tylenol. I love that I can even use One Less on my 9 year old son who suffers from JIA and he can sleep comfortably through the night without having to give him liver damaging Naproxen for pain relief.

So if you’re stumped as to what to get for the inspirational workout queen in your life, OneLess CBD is ideal to help her get through muscle recovery.

The Beauty Product Queen

Personally, I can relate to the beauty product queen on so many levels. The love for oils, serums and creams to amp up your beauty regimen shows through gorgeous skin, luscious hair, and in this case, long healthy lashes.

As of late in the beauty world, many beauty influencers are getting away from the falsies and eyelash extensions for a more natural look. This much needed break made room for lash serums that give your lashes an extra boost. Rara Club You Grow Girl has since replaced my old eyelash serum & my eyelashes have never looked better!

After 3 weeks of nightly use, I have noticed less fall out with my lashes and even some bald spots along my lash line regrowing hair! My husband even thought I was wearing ‘some type of mascara‘ and I could not stop smiling!! Talk about a confidence booster!

The CBD in Rara Club helps support healthy hair growth through growth stimulating ingredients to give you thicker, longer lashes. I can not wait for the 4 week mark to see what Rara Club can do for my lash game.

The Queen Of Perfect Hair & Nails

We all know her. The gorgeous queen with her hair done and nails on point! So why not give the gift that not only is functional, but beautifully made.

Lily England’s round brush set is a gorgeous, on trend set that is the perfect gift for the queen in your life who is obsessed with all things hair! Lily England’s brush set includes 3 lightweight round brushes and a tail comb that helps section out your hair for easy manageability. The round brushes come in 3 different sizes and are great to give yourself a blowout right at home.

The medium barrel brush worked extremely well with my curly hair when I was straightening it out for a date night. My husband thought I actually went to the salon!! With the gorgeous white handles and rose gold barrels, Lily England’s brush set look stunning on top of a vanity adding that touch of glam and lux!

When it comes to nail care, a simple yet beautiful manicure set makes a wonderful gift! Lily England’s Manicure set is compact and fits perfectly in your purse or travel bag when you are on the go. It is a lightweight nail tool set that is not only stylish, but made of sturdy stainless steel.

Lily England’s manicure set comes in a hard case that not only protects your nail kit, but also keeps everything together in one place. So that means no more hunting through your drawers for the tweezers or nail clipper!

All of Lily England’s sets come in beautiful packaging. If you’re not the greatest wrapper, or simply out of gift bags, a homemade bow and card along with this stylish box is all that you would need.

The Queen Of Flawless Makeup

Who wouldn’t want perfect airbrushed skin? With genetics & environmental factors, it can be relatively difficult to achieve without the help of filters or face tuning. So when on the hunt for a gift for the makeup queen in your life, why not a foundation system that gives you an airbrushed look with a flawless all over glow.

Magic Minerals airbrush foundation set is a game changing system that is easy to use with amazing results. It has an affordable price point for all 5 pieces and can rival any high end foundation.

The Liquid Silk Primer goes on flawlessly. It has a light pleasant scent that is not overwhelming. The spray applicator allows for even coverage in as little as 3 pumps. It left my skin feeling silky and acted as an ideal foundation to lay down the rest of my makeup.

The Liquid Silk Primer did not move or ‘roll’ off my skin which is a definite plus, and the kabuki brush that comes with it is densely packed and helped press the primer into my skin. The Airbrush Foundation really blew me away. It is buildable for full coverage if needed and gave me ‘skin like’ coverage without looking cakey. It did not shift or move around when blending and I loved that my freckles still peeked through after just one application.

The AirFinish Setting Spray was the icing on the cake. This is a must have when locking in your entire look to keep your makeup looking fresh all day. I found myself reaching for the AirFinish Setting Spray more than my Urban Decay All Nighter! I love the continuous application spray that lets out a fine mist as compared to a ‘wet’ application from a pump setting spray.

Out of all the Magic Minerals, the AirGlow is my favorite. With just a spray or two on the kabuki brush I was able to highlight the high points of my cheeks, tip of my nose and my cupids bow. Since I am rocking my summer tan, and my go to is off the shoulder tops, applying the AirGlow to my collar bone gave me such a beautiful sexy glow that I absolutely loved!!!

Which one is your favorite gift you would love to give or keep simply for yourself? Let us know!

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  1. Wendy Pence says

    I am really digging the colors of the hair and nail tools. I have some CBD Pain Relief Rub and the stuff is absolutely amazing!!! I use it often.

  2. Jamie Johnson says

    I’ve BEEN wanting to try Jerome Alexander’s Magic Minerals AirBrush Foundation! I want to try ALL of these products shown! I don’t like my makeup looking cakey or just too much! I want that no-makeup makeup look, and I want it to last! These Magic Minerals’ products seem perfect for that look and so many more!! Thx for sharing this!

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