Time To Upgrade Your Wellness Essentials

I use an oil diffuser as often as I can. Since my son and I are home most of the time, I like to keep our home clean and tidy. If our windows aren’t open for the fresh air, I use essential oils for natural scent and enhance our wellness! Let us show you when it’s time to upgrade your wellness essentials! 

Time To Upgrade Your Wellness Essentials
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I was down to two oil diffusers up until a few weeks ago when one wasn’t working like it should. I’d push the buttons over and over and nothing happened. The light would turn on, but it wouldn’t diffuser the oils or even work as a humidifier. I ended up having to throw it away, even though it was my favorite diffuser! 

Then, I was down to one oil diffuser. This one is very small and barely seems to diffuse any oils! I use it in my bedroom in the evening or next to my laptop during the day. It barely covered my bedroom. 

I knew, it was time to upgrade my oil diffusers! 

My biggest use for our oil diffusers in our home is that they gently add humidity, naturally clean the air we breathe, and the added scent! The oil diffuser helps provide a calming atmosphere, improve our mood, health, and houseplants.

Aromatherapy for the kids

For me, I am raising a teen with Autism. I choose not to use medication as much as possible with him. There are times when he has meltdowns. There are also times in the evening when he’s too excited and bubbly to go to bed at a decent time. I prefer that he wind down naturally with the help of essential oils!

Glass Essential Oil Diffuser

My son sleeps in the living room, so I wanted a decent size oil diffuser as well as one that is stylish! I chose the Glass Essential Oil Diffuser from Guardian Technologies.

I filled up the water tank to the max water level and added a few drops of our favorite essential oils. For my son, I prefer to use Lavender Essential Oil and even an oil blend that helps keep germs away! 

I love the lightweight glass cover! It looks very stylish and matches our living room decor. I am amazed at how well the diffuser disperses the oils, so light and naturally. I feel like it was time for an upgrade, especially after using the Glass Essential Oil Diffuser for the last few days! This one is so efficient and lightweight. The scent is evenly dispersed within our air. 

The Glass Essential Oil Diffuser is also available on Amazon. 

Aromatherapy for the adults

I love essential oils kits. They make the perfect gift because they come with an oil diffuser and essential oils! The Essential Oil Starter Kit was just what I needed! 

The kit contains an Essential Oil Diffuser and three essential oils in Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint. 

GT Essential Oil Starter Kit

Even though the Essential Oil Diffuser has a small water chamber, it can easily last for a handful of hours before it needs to be refilled! 

There is also a subtle light at the bottom of the unit. I like using my diffuser in my bedroom in the evening as I am winding down for the day. 

Boost your wellness

At the end of the day, I like to unwind with my oil diffuser going. I also like to use my BON Mat in Island Pink from Bed of Nails. 

BON Mat in Island Pink

The acupressure mat takes some time getting used to. You can either use it on our bare skin or wear light clothing. I use the mat on my bed. I have tried both bare skin and light clothing. Bare skin feels like a prickly pain, almost like when your leg falls asleep and you stand up to try to stand on it and it feels prickly! The pain is very temporary and minor!

BON Mat in Island Pink upclose

As you can see, the nails on the acupressure mat are made of non-toxic plastic. They are very prickly, so when you are ready to use the mat, make sure you carefully lower yourself on the mat! 

BON Mat in Island Pink ready to relax

I start by getting comfortable and positioning the mat to cover my head down to the middle of my back. Then, I position the mat to cover my bottom half. Next, I prop myself up and put the mat over a pillow and put my legs over the pillow and mat! The back of my legs get a nice gentle massage! Lastly, I put my feet on the mat and just lightly move my feet around the mat. For each section of my body, I let myself be still for about 5 to 10 minutes each time. What a great way to relax and unwind!

We may be stuck at home, but our days can be stressful! We make time for our daily walks every morning, school work, play time, and ending our day in a calm and quiet environment. 

How do you make time for yourself? 

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