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Long day? Need to wind down? A little self pampering to cleanse and relax the stress away is exactly what everyone needs.

Love Your Hair Again

Tea Tree Nurturing Shampoo retails $12.95 USD each
Tucuma Orange Conditioner retails $13.95 USD each
Loofa retails $4.50 USD each

In 2014 I had a severe thyroid storm causing a slew of health & neuro issues that changed my body and overall health. One of the most visible changes was my scalp and hair. I developed alopecia areata. My hair fell out in clumps leaving half dollar bald spots all over my head. I can not begin to explain the embarrassment of the plaque psoriasis, where red scaly patches where visible due to the thinning of my hair.

As much as my health was failing at that moment, silly me cried over my hair loss. I have done steroid injections weekly for almost 5 years and undergone a ton of treatment. Today I am happy to say my hair and scalp are finally in an okay place. Yet it still requires more maintenance and care than most people put into their hair.

UpFront Cosmetics has an array of shampoos and conditioners for your needs no matter what your scalp or hair has gone through. They are eco-friendly with a no-waste bar which can replace up to 3 bottles of liquid shampoo!

The Tea Tree Nurturing Shampoo Bar has a beautiful herbal scent that is perfect for sensitive scalps (great for kids & babies). UpFront’s shampoo lathers up nicely moisturizing and soothing my dry, itchy scalp. I love how the scent fills up the bathroom giving you an added aroma therapy experience! Many prescription products that are meant for the scalp can really dry out your hair. UpFront’s Tea Tree shampoo bar left my hair soft with noticeably smoother ends.

The Tucuma Orange Enlivening Conditioner Bar was a perfect fit for my dry curls. It left my hair feeling soft, supple and more importantly, frizz free! By far the best results I had was running the conditioner bar through my hair, placing a shower cap on, and letting the Tucuma Orange bar work for 5 minutes as a deep conditioner. My hair hasn’t looked this shinny and healthy in some time!

Both the Tea Tree Shampoo Bar & Tucuma Orange Conditioner Bar are perfect for travel with their compact size. The loofas are a must to place your shampoo or conditioner bars on top to keep them dry and increase their longevity. The loofa can even double as an exfoliant to get your skin soft and revived.

Relax Your Body & Senses

Because some days you just need to get through without loosing it

& Sunny

One of my favorite things to do after a long hard day is to take a nice soak in our bathtub. I usually toss in some Epsom salt or even a bath bomb and just relax for as long as my kids will let me. & Sunny really stepped their game up with infusing their Aromatherapy Bath Soak with 100mg of CBD. This is every achy & tired mom’s dream! Not only do you get the relaxing aroma therapy from the lovely lavender & eucalyptus scent, but also the muscle relaxation effect from the broad spectrum hemp oils soaking into your skin. This is the ‘time out’ your body has been needing!

Now that your hair is gorgeously clean with UpFront’s shampoo & conditioner, & your body feels relaxed after a nice long soak in the bathtub; its time to spoil yourself just a little more!

& Sunny has a beautiful, very deep moisturizing creme that will leave your skin looking and feeling plump and hydrated. & Sunny’s Intense Moisturizing Creme is very thick, balm-like consistency. Perfect for rough areas like elbows, knees or even eczema patches. I love how it cleared up my sons eczema patches behind his knees & my daughters psoriasis around her hair line within a week!

& Sunny’s Intense Moisturizing Creme is perfect to use daily on any trouble spots on your skin. It looks gorgeous after you massage it in (especially on your shoulders and collar bone), leaving behind a youthful & healthy glow. The light vanilla smell will have you swooning! You will be tossing your old cremes aside once you discover the magic this moisturizer can do!

Before calling it an evening, apply some essential oils that will calm and relax every inch of you! & Sunny Rose Essential Oil Roller has a beautiful rose floral scent that can be applied just about anywhere! If your looking to bring down your emotions from a stressful day, it would be ideal to massage the & Sunny Rose Essential Oil on your shoulders, neck and chest. After application, simply take a few deep breathes in and find your happy place!

What are some ways you love to relax naturally?

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