Chronic Pain Smackdown- CBD Products that Work Amazing!


Chronic Pain- Check out what CBD products I use.

Managing daily pain is one of the biggest hurdles in having chronic pain. The pain will never go away, so instead of wishing for no pain, I manage my pain. There are many options available for pain management, for instance, balms like those from Lazarus Naturals can offer targeted relief. I wake every day in pain and have no idea how much or how little I will feel that day. Living with chronic pain, you go through a lot, and it’s hard to let people know how much pain you are in because people tend not to believe you or don’t understand.

Taking PAIN MEDICINE-Never Again!

When I found out I had Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was in shock, and how could arthritis make me feel so bad. The first thing my doctor wanted to do was put me on pain pills. Oh great- my family is full of drug addicts that started with pain pills- my sister, my mom, and dad! 

I took them, BUT within a month, they were messing with my PTSD meds, and I was a mess! Let me say I ended up in the hospital on suicide watch. Not cool at all! I stopped all meds at that time. I couldn’t put my family, myself and my body through that ever again, 

I had to find better ways to deal with this daily pain that wasn’t going away.  That is when CBD entered my life and what a blessing it has been. Now I’ve tried several different brands, and pretty much they all work. CBD has changed my life in many ways.  

CBD Products I USE!

Hemp Theory

Hemp Theory products (sold on AMAZON) are made of full spectrum Hemp (no THC) with NEW patented Nanobidiol Technology. So no, they don’t get you high- just had to reassure you first! 

Nanobidol Technology allows the CBD to enter your bloodstream very quickly and easier as the molecules are much smaller.  You will get the onset of effects and health benefits that help you feel and look better inside and out super fast!  Need fast relief this is the brand!

Hemp Theory Hemp Oil Extract Tincture 

I take this on my BAD DAYS!  Yes, you can take every day, of course. The tincture relieves pain, anxiety, stress, and helps improve sleep.  The hemp extract in Hemp Theory Hemp Extract Oil quickly and easily enters your bloodstream, allowing for one of the cleanest Hemp Oil experiences available. It is packed with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for overall health and brain function.

This is my GO-TO when I can’t handle life, pain, or need to relax. I hold the drops under my tongue for a bit then swallow.  Easy peasy and I can take the tincture with me to work or when I’m at the gym. Those are the two places I need that extra pain relief love

Hemp Theory Powerful Fast Pain Relief Hemp Cream 

OMG…this is my favorite pain relief cream I’ve ever tried.  It works so fast and does exactly what I need it to do for me to work and sleep. It provides quick relief of back, knee, joint, nerve, carpal tunnel, and arthritis issues. This pain relief cream is made from only the highest-quality full-spectrum hemp so you can get the pain relief you need without worrying about side effects or getting high.

All you need to do is rub this on the pain.  I will rub all over my arms and legs- since my joints hurt so bad, I can use this on exactly where it hurts the most and BAM- the relief comes. I never got that from pain pills!  No wonder I’m almost out of this!

Hemp Theory Honey

Oh, yes, HONEY!  Whoever came up with CDB Honey is my best friend!  Do you know how good I sleep at night now- EXCELLENT!  I make me a cup of chamomile tea every night and put in Hemp Theory Honey. 

My cup of tea helps me calm down from a stressful or painful day in minutes.  It also has the Nanobidiol Technology, so it has a high bioavailability for an ultra-quick and clean onset of effects. Plus, it tastes so good.  I highly recommend this product! 

Maggie’s Mist CBD Spray

Yes, all you have to do is spray on Maggie’s Mist!  Besides CBD, it’s packed with other natural ingredients- menthol, clove bud oil, sweet birch oil, peppermint oil, and arnica oil. So you know this is smelling good.

I like this spray because I can throw it in my purse, and when I’m feeling pain on my body, I spray this right on the pain. Spray it where it hurts! The spray is applied in a clear mist that won’t stain, dries quickly, and makes an easy addition to your purse, backpack, briefcase, or gym bag.  So convenient and easy to use!  

Now CBD can also be used in your beauty routine, too, so I wanted to share some products from Color Up- skincare line. 

Color Up

Color Up, a CBD infused skin care line that is dedicated to bringing clean, organic-hemp based skincare products to the market. All Color Up products and services are infused with CBD from organically and sustainably grown hemp on a 2018 Farm-Bill-compliant and CDA-registered hemp farm in Colorado.

I love their motto

  • Rooted in science. 
  • Created with intention. 
  • Made with love.

BALANCE – Full Spectrum Massage Lotion 

Need to ease sore muscles, this is what you need!  It has the perfect amount of slip without being too greasy. It has organic almond oil to this formula to nourish and moisturize the skin as the CBD melts stress away from tight muscles anywhere on the body. This formula can be applied from the neck to the feet for a heavenly full body massage treatment.  Exactly what I need some days for my chronic pain.

Relieve Full Spectrum Salve

My husband LOVES this Relieve Salve. He had shoulder surgery last year, and it still is painful, but when he rubs this on his scar, it helps him a lot. He puts this on before bed and in the morning before work to help him cope with the pain.

This salve goes on smooth and penetrates deeply. This formula gives skin a boost of hydration, from the organic hemp seed oil sealed in with beeswax, paired with full-spectrum CBD oil.

Rehab Bath Bomb

I love me some baths, but when I use a BATH BOMB, it is 100% better. The REHAB – Bath Bomb has relaxing effects of CBD, kaolin clay, and natural Epsom salt. Take your bath to another level, and the price is fantastic for what it does. 

I listed some products I know (because I’ve tried them myself) that will help with daily discomfort of chronic pain- please always ask your DR too.  Here are a few more points I want to add that will help with your Chronic Pain!

  1. Have a support system- you need help and love!
  2. Every day is an adventure- good and bad
  3. Don’t get mad at people who don’t understand- they never will!
  4. Some days will be easier than others
  5. Manage your pain the way you feel and want to! 

Please also check out my CBD Beauty Routine– I’m all about the CBD lifestyle! 



  1. Philippe says

    My wife is using hemp tea for the last one year. She has suffered from sleeping disorders. According to her, she is fine after the usage. Hemp tea tastes great. If you are also facing trouble sleeping, take a cup of hemp tea in the evening and see the magic. I hope it works for you too.

    • Pam says

      Thank you! I need to try some tea too!

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