I make the BEST COOKIES in my Emeril Power Airfryer 360

Best Cookies EVER!

My cookies are usually a big fail, but not this time. Now I’ve heard the buzz about airfryers for a while, but in my head, I think I don’t have room for another kitchen appliance, so I wasn’t interested.

I make the BEST COOKIES in my Emeril Power Airfryer 360
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Oh my goodness what a fool I was- an airfryer was exactly what I needed.

Let me tell you, I’m not a baker.

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Allergy-Free Pockets Certified Delicious

Certified Delicious Allergy-free Pockets
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When it comes to choosing frozen foods, I’m extremely picky. Regardless of convenience, I don’t want fillers, preservatives or processed ingredients in my food. I prefer to eat as clean and possible and with products from Mikey’s I can. Their allergy-free pockets are not only free from dairy, soy, and grain, but they’re also certified delicious.

After trying a selection of their products, I was curious to know more about the name behind the brand, Mikey. It turns out, he is a classically trained chef, who worked at restaurants like Eleven Madison Park in NYC and French Laundry in Napa. While these culinary stalwarts are known for their incredible cuisine, they don’t really offer a chef the chance to share his food with diners everywhere.

Hence, Mikey’s was born.

Clean, Allergy-free Pockets
Mickey's Pockets Packaging

Mikey’s allergy-free pockets come in seven varieties, including two breakfast pockets. Since I don’t eat red meat or pork-based products, the brand kindly sent me their cheese pizza pockets and cauliflower curry pockets. Regardless of whether you are a meat eater or not, all of the pockets are soy, milk & lactose, and grain free. Additionally, they are also Paleo-friendly and low in sugar.

I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive about trying a pizza pocket featuring plant-based mozzarella. Although, plant-based cheeses have come a long way, mozzarella is still hard to pull off. This is not the case with the Mikey’s Cheese Pizza Pockets. I couldn’t even tell that the cheese wasn’t real. It was just delicious.

Mickey's Plant Based Pizza Pockets

I also really appreciate that you get two pockets in each package. At 310 calories each, they make for a great lunch or dinner option. Pair them with a salad and you have a very healthy, balanced meal.

In addition to the pizza pocket, I also tried the allergy-free Cauliflower Curry Pockets. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of Indian food, nor is Indian food the biggest fan of me, I was also a bit apprehensive.  Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised. These pockets were also extremely delicious. The curry flavor was not overpowering. Instead, it complimented the cauliflower and other veggies perfectly.

Allergy Free Cauliflower Curry Pockets

It is important to note that the cauliflower pockets are vegetarian and not vegan, as they do contain egg and honey. Perhaps in the future, Mikey’s will add more plant-based pocket options to their offerings. At 230 calories per serving, the Curry Cauliflower Pockets are also a great, healthy option for lunch or dinner, or even as an afternoon snack.

More Mikey’s Please

After trying out these delicious, allergy-free pockets from Mikey’s, I want more. More of the pockets, including giving the Egg and Cheese a try, as well more of their other products. The brand also makes tortillas, pizza crust, English muffins, muffin tops, and bread. All of which are made from simple, clean ingredients. I highly recommend testing them out for yourself, especially if you are looking for allergy-free foods.

Have you tried Mikey’s before? Which certified delicious, allergy-free pocket would you try?

Connect with Mikey’s: Website| Facebook | Instagram

We Made Small Upgrades With Two Items We Use Almost Everyday

My son and I use to have to move every few years. Our most recent move was in December of 2018 and I’m confident it will be our last move for many years!  Each time we have had to move, I find myself making small upgrades with everyday items!

Small Upgrades With Everyday Items
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Every time we moved, I took the opportunity to downsize, declutter, and organize our things.  It is the perfect time to go through our things and determine what is worth packing up to take with us or just start over. I realize that not everyone likes to upgrade or downsize their items. With all of our previous moves, it just helps us overall ready for a new start. This time around, I was looking to upgrade my non-stick pan.

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Are you Ready to Upgrade Your #TacoTuesday?

Taco Tuesday Accessories

Taco Tuesday is so popular it has a hashtag. Tacos are a favorite dinner item, but it may be time to step things up a bit. Instead of going out, upgrade your dinner and enjoy #tacotuesday right at home? Prepara has everything to make a tasty dinner.

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Plant-based Eating Made Easy


Plant-based eating made easy 

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In the last several years, I’ve moved towards a more plant-based diet. My goal is to eat in a healthier, more sustainable diet, for both myself and the planet. It also allows me to try new foods and to search for interesting new recipes to try. Although, sometimes trying to find all the ingredients can be daunting, but not anymore. With Purple Carrot, I get all the ingredients I need to make plant-based meals delivered directly to my home. It’s simple, delicious, and fun.

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Small Steps To Revamp Your Health

When it comes to change, it’s best to take small steps. Small steps to revamp your health will keep you motivated along the way. Let’s us show you a few changes you can make.

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Give A Flare to Your Holiday Dinner Decor

Give A Flare to Your Holiday Dinner Decor

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Dinner Menu? Check. Invitations sent? Check. Last minute Holiday Decor changes? Uh oh. You’ve got enough on your plate already. Let Teleflora help you take a little bit of the load off with their exquisite 2018 Holiday Bouquets. That’s right guys, Teleflora has done it again! Beautiful arrangements just in the nick of time for those busy holiday parties, dinners, festivities, and more!

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Items Every Kitchen Must Have

Items Every Kitchen Must Have

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I’ll be there first to admit that I’m not your typical kitchen friendly person.  To be honest most times it is usually safer for me to be anywhere else but in the kitchen.  Now that I’ve had kids I decided to work more in the kitchen to try and make things easier and share the workload with my husband, so we have been on the lookout for products that will help our lives be a little easier, and be able to help with dinner.

Your kitchen needs these items! 

Espressotoria system

So with four kids six and under, what is one of the most essential kitchen items that I’m going to need you ask? Coffee and lots of it, don’t get me wrong I love my kids but man do they not ever sleep. So momma turns to coffee. I have been searching for a really good and easy to use coffee system for a while and I’ve finally found one. The Espressotoria System is an amazing cafe grade espresso system, letting you make everything from coffee to lattes to expressos right in the comfort of your own home.

My favorite flavor is the Espresso, I love the strong kick that it adds to your morning routine. I love blending the Brazilian Blend with the expresso for an extra strong flavor.  

What’s the perfect coffee drink without that frothy top? Don’t fear because you also get this in your system, making your coffee experience complete. Unlike other machines you get you only can use up to 16 pods before needing to empty the containment area, making your coffee has never been so fun and easy. From a Brazilian Breakfast Blend to Espresso and more, there is a taste for everyone. All the pods are made to be fully recyclable, what is better than helping the planet and getting your coffee too!  This Espressotoria system is easy to use even for kitchen novices like me. For more information visit their Facebook, or get yours at Walmart or Amazon.

Espressotoria System Pods


I would recommend this machine to anyone, with its sleek design it can fit just about anywhere and is really easy to clean. Even the newest kitchen novice could work the Espressotoria system. Be the favorite host when you have friends come over, impressing with drinks and coffee blends just like the big stores. Your sure to love the Espressotoria system as much as I do.


What are your kitchen must-have items?


Get Dinner Delivered To Your Front Door with Green Chef

Somedays don’t you wish you had a Chef that made dinner every night?  Cooking is not my forte, but I have to because my family needs to eat, I know crazy, huh?  Well, the next best thing is having everything delivered right to my front door.  Green Chef is a meal kit subscription service that can be delivered every week.

Get Dinner Delivered To Your Front Door with Green Chef

Create Restaurant-Quality Dinner In 30 Minutes!

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Romantic Table Settings For Two

Romantic Table Settings For Two-Vivanco Wines & Teleflora Valentines 2018 Bouquet

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Who says you have to go out to a fancy (i.e. expensive) restaurant to have a nice, cosy romantic dinner? While it is nice on occasion to get dressed up and go out on the town, sometimes it’s equally as nice to have a quiet night in with your significant other. And it can be easier on the pocket book, too.

Two things I think that make a dinner for two just a little bit more of an occasion are flowers and a nice bottle of wine. Since it’s the “season of love” I’ve come up with two in-home settings to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my husband of 25 years. Teleflora and Vivanco Wines are helping me set the mood. [read more]