Get Dinner Delivered To Your Front Door with Green Chef

Somedays don’t you wish you had a Chef that made dinner every night?  Cooking is not my forte, but I have to because my family needs to eat, I know crazy, huh?  Well, the next best thing is having everything delivered right to my front door.  Green Chef is a meal kit subscription service that can be delivered every week.

Get Dinner Delivered To Your Front Door with Green Chef

Create Restaurant-Quality Dinner In 30 Minutes!

We don’t have the luxury of eating out much so why not cook an amazing meal at home.  Oh wait, I’m not a chef, and my imagination of what to cook is not working.  I need help!  Green Chef to the rescue, they will send restaurant-quality meals that save time and money. Each recipe they send is designed by expert chefs.  There is no shopping or planning if you have 30 minutes to cook then this is perfect for you!

Get Dinner Delivered To Your Front Door with Green ChefGreen Chef Taps Into My Inner Chef!

Let me tell you, I’m far from being a cook ( I actually will pick dishes over having to cook the meal) but that isn’t an option.  When I got my first box from Green Chef, I looked at the ingredients and doubted if I would be able to create these dishes.  BUT… I did and impressed everyone with my cooking skills, which I was probably the most surprised.Get Dinner Delivered To Your Front Door with Green Chef

My daughter said in the car yesterday…”Mom, when are you going to get more boxes of food in the mail-that meal was so yummy.”  So, if my 14-year-old “Miss Picky Eater” likes Green Chef, then I’m pretty sure it will pass a lot of people’s requirements!

Green Chef Unboxing

I agree!  When the box arrived we took this video:

Everything is packaged individually already pre-portioned, pre-measured, and prepped. The recipe was super easy to make with the with step-by-step instructions, chef’s tips, and photos. Plus I got our dinner done in 30 minutes.  I was super impressed and oh my it tasted so amazing!



  1. Mmm, that looks and sounds yummy!) Process of saving of our time is even changing the way we prepare food.

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