Are you Ready to Upgrade Your #TacoTuesday?

Taco Tuesday Accessories

Taco Tuesday is so popular it has a hashtag. Tacos are a favorite dinner item, but it may be time to step things up a bit. Instead of going out, upgrade your dinner and enjoy #tacotuesday right at home? Prepara has everything to make a tasty dinner.

Taco Holders

These single ($3.99) and multi-taco ($6.99) holders are great! The multi-taco holder can hold two hard- and soft-shell tacos. What’s great is that you can use the holders while you’re adding everything to your taco, then place it on the table to serve. 

These holders may be plastic, but they’re super sturdy. They also come in fun, bold designs. Don’t stress about having more dishes, because the taco holders are dishwasher safe. Not to mention, they’re compact enough to fit just about anywhere.

Taco Spoons

Taco spoons ($4.99), which comes in a package of two and various color options, are great for taco dip or to scoop up the items you’re adding to your taco. When I made turkey tacos, I used the spoons for the dip, lettuce, and cheese. All three items fit into a pan that was also sent to me. The spoons are a cute, unique design that perfectly scoops everything up. I will say, I wish the spoon itself was slightly larger to scoop up more. Instead of dipping into the tray more often. 

Taco Tray

The star of this show is the 3 Section Tray ($24.99) and comes in two colors: blue and yellow. You can use the tray for a dip or taco items. I used one for the taco dip, and the other two for lettuce, and cheese. It doesn’t hold a ton of food, but for smaller families, it works perfectly. If you plan on having a bunch of people over or have a larger family, then I would recommend picking up two trays.

Overall Thoughts

The taco accessories are excellent, and I enjoyed using them! Prepara products are fun, affordable, and sturdy. Update your routine taco dinner to an exciting night worthy of a hashtag.

How do you like to celebrate taco Tuesday? Let us know in the comments below!

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