Romantic Table Settings For Two

Romantic Table Settings For Two-Vivanco Wines & Teleflora Valentines 2018 Bouquet

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Who says you have to go out to a fancy (i.e. expensive) restaurant to have a nice, cosy romantic dinner? While it is nice on occasion to get dressed up and go out on the town, sometimes it’s equally as nice to have a quiet night in with your significant other. And it can be easier on the pocket book, too.

Two things I think that make a dinner for two just a little bit more of an occasion are flowers and a nice bottle of wine. Since it’s the “season of love” I’ve come up with two in-home settings to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my husband of 25 years. Teleflora and Vivanco Wines are helping me set the mood.

I like to decorate a little bit for different holidays. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorites. I’m a little weird, though, since it’s not a huge holiday for me or my husband. We celebrate it with cards, small gifts and/or a nice dinner (sometimes out, sometimes at home), every year and that’s important to us.

But ever since our first child was born, stealing my heart in the process, and the kids got old enough to know about holidays I’ve always found the most joy in creating little holiday-themed bags or baskets filled with goodies for them. Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween are the biggies when it comes to this and I try to do a little something for them every year to let them know I’m thinking about them always. They’re all older now (ages 14, 18, and 24) but I still do this for them.

As great as having kids is, I know it’s still important to have those moments that are just for yourself and your significant other as a couple. So, I thought I’d share a couple of in-home romantic table settings for two to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Hopefully it will inspire you to do a little planning to make a special occasion out of the holidays. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, either, though you’re more than welcome to spend as much as you wish to create the atmosphere you like.

Place setting with heart shaped linen napkin

Romantic Table Settings For Two – Easy and Free Ways To Liven Up Your Table Setting


A couple of things I did to dress up my dining room table (that were FREE) were to google etiquette rules for setting silverware for an informal dinner, because I can never seem to remember the rules for that. And, yes, I have noticed that I still didn’t manage to get the wine glass in the correct position. Oh, well!

Also, I googled how to fold a linen tablecloth into a heart shape, which was really pretty easy, fun, and totally makes the presentation beautiful and special!

Teleflora Valentines Day Bouquets and Vivanco Wines

I picked up the white candles and fake flower petals at a local dollar store very inexpensively. The white cloth placemats were totally unexpected finds just before the Christmas holidays; and they were on clearance!

I’d much rather spend the bulk of decoration money on the centerpiece, since that is what draws the eyes of guests and then utilize discount stores in my area for little added items that work well to round out a presentation. But, there is a lot of room for interpretation here based on what you think is most important for your own table setting.

Romantic Table Settings For Two – The Centerpiece


For the floral centerpiece, I chose Teleflora’s Swirling Desire Bouquet. Isn’t it gorgeous? Red roses, hot pink oriental lilies, red gerberas, and red carnations are arranged with pitta negra and lemon leaf in the unique swirling desire vase. It’s easily my favorite of Teleflora’s 2018 Valentine’s Day Collection.

All of their arrangements are beautifully designed. This isn’t the first floral arrangement I’ve gotten from Teleflora and it definitely won’t be the last. Of all the major floral companies that I’ve received deliveries from, none of them have compared to the fragrance, design, and beauty of Teleflora bouquets … not even close. To see another Teleflora bouquet I received, check out this post.

Water Gems

Another thing I’d like to mention is that once the bouquet does start to wilt a bit, I like to take the flowers and greenery that are still lively and beautiful and downgrade them into a smaller vase to keep them around a little longer.

I just found these Water Gems in our local dollar store. They are designed to hydrate floral arrangements and small plants and were just so pretty I had to pick them up. I’ve never tried using these before, so this will be fun.

Teleflora Valentines Day Bouquets and Vivanco Wines

Romantic Table Settings For Two – Wine


Of course, a romantic dinner is made better, in my opinion, by a nice bottle of wine. Vivanco Wines offers some really beautifully designed bottles that will compliment any table setting from casual to formal. This bottle is Vivanco Wines’ Viura.

Vivanco Wines

Pale-yellow with green hues; clean and bright. Expressive, intense and complex with aromas of citrus fruit, green apples and white peaches, underscored by elegant floral hints. Very fresh and well-balanced in the mouth. —– Source: Vivanco Wines

I do not pretend to be much of a wine connoisseur. Far from it. But I do know when a wine tastes good to me, or not. I don’t personally care much for dry wines, for example, or wines that have a heavy or bitter taste.

This particular bottle of wine is just right for me. It has a pleasing aroma and tastes wonderfully crisp and fresh. It’s just been a complete pleasure to enjoy a glass or two of it with a nice meal. I have a short list of wines I’ve tried that I’d love to buy again sometime, and this one … definitely going on that list!

Vivanco Wines

My husband isn’t a wine drinker, but my sister enjoys a glass of it now and then. Perhaps the next time she comes into town to visit I’ll have to share a bottle of Vivanco Wine with her. I’m really interested in trying some of their other wine varieties, such as Vivanco Tempranillo Garnacha. I don’t know why I’m such a sucker for wines with a pink hue to them, but I am. I will try any one I come across no matter how illogical that may seem.

If you know more about wine than me (and if you enjoy wine, it’s a good bet that you do) definitely check out Vivanco Wines website for more information about their history and selection. I think it’s fascinating learning the history of a company when one is available, because it gives me a deeper appreciation for what they do and what their passion produces.

Teleflora Valentines Day Bouquets

While decorating my dining room table is fun, every once in a while my husband and I will take our special dinners upstairs to our bedroom where we have a small table with two chairs. It makes for a great change of scenery and more privacy as well (when the kids are all home).

Teleflora Valentines Day Bouquets

Those water gems I mentioned earlier? I hydrated some of them just for fun to see what they look like. So, I decided to fill up the Bride & Groom glasses (from our wedding) with them as a decoration for the table. They turned out so cute! I also included a small decorative plate that my in-laws gave to my husband and me recently as we just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.

No matter where (or how) you celebrate romantic occasions you can make it special and unique. No matter how much money you have to spend on decorations, just use your imagination and creativity to make the most of what you have. I think the effort and planning is a better way to express how you love someone than spending a bundle!


How do you celebrate special occasions? Do you have a favorite florist or wine to share about with us?


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Vivanco Wines — Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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    I like the heart shaped linens!

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    That is a beautiful flower arrangement, sure to brighten anyone’s day.

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    Floating candles make for romantic centerpieces as well!

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    I prefer to eat out for a special occasion because I don’t like cooking or doing dishes.

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    I like your arrangement. I hope you and your husband had a great time.

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    Your flowers are beautiful. And all couples with kids need date nights.

  8. Aw, sweet looking setting, love it

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    I love this post!! Such lovely and romantic touches! That Teleflora bouquet is just swoony! Absolutely stunning.

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