Must Haves To Replenish And Sooth An Achy Body

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Sore muscles from a workout? Or an underlying medical issues causing your body to ache? Here are some simple must have tools to ease soreness and find comfort.

Hydrate Your Body

Water is the most important nutrient for your body. Since our bodies are made up of 60% water, it is essential for survival. Water helps aid in muscle restoration after a long work out or even from underlying medical conditions. It helps with cramping, lubrication of joints, circulation, and helps regulate your body temperature.

The struggle with many individuals (like myself) is that we often forget to drink water. I’ve tried timers, tracking apps, even a tracking journal, yet I am still forgetful! One way I found helpful is to have a constant visual reminder and an eye-catching water bottle is just the trick!

My Bougie Bottle retails $39.99 USD

Check out the gorgeous My Bougie Bottle. The choice of graphics wrap all the way around the bottle for a stunning, upscale look. I have been using this daily for 2 weeks, and the compliments I get blew me away! My Bougie Bottle holds 25oz (750ml) of water; (yes, that is the same exact amount as a bottle of wine); so drinking 3 full Bougie bottles of water will meet your daily intake of 1/2 gallon of water per day!

My Bougie Bottle keeps your drinks cool for a full 24 hours without any condensation build up. My favorite feature is the ‘Flip N’ Sip‘ cap. So there is no need to unscrew anything in order to get a drink. The straw reaches all the way to the bottom, so there is no need to tilt My Bougie Bottle to get the last drop of water. My Bougie Bottle comes with a replacement straw and a straw cleaner to help keep everything sanitary.

Bougie Ice Stick Tray retails $6.99 USD

The Bougie Ice Stick Tray is a great accessory to have along with your water bottle. It is very sturdy, and the only flexible part is the silicon base that makes it easier to pop out the ice sticks. They fit perfectly in any water bottle (even disposable ones) so there is no worry about having to crush ice just for it to fit.

Together, they make a great gift for the fitness enthusiast or simply a great visual reminder to reach your water intake goals.


Aylio Exercise Bands retails $29.99 USD for all 3

16 years ago, I was hit by a drunk driver. My left knee was bashed up pretty bad. After 3 knee surgeries; I still suffer from pain, stiffness and swelling around my knee. Physical therapy was critical to get my knee moving and overall comfort in walking and climbing stairs. My physical therapist had given me a bright red exercise band to continue my PT from home. Of course, after snapping it back on myself multiple times, it broke just after a few uses.

Over the years I have tried MANY resistance bands, then Aylio came along, and they really surprised me! I compared it to my older one that I would get through my insurance, and the first thing I noticed was the length. Aylio was a whole 2 feet longer than my ‘prescribed’ band. The 6 ft length made it a lot easier to complete my PT exercises and allowed me to get a better grip with the excess band.

My favorite part has to be the included door anchor. Make sure your door is LOCKED when doing your exercise or PT routine. I made that mistake, and once my son opened the door, the Aylio band snapped right into me (OUCH!). The anchor allows you to do so many exercises not only for PT but for muscle and strength training as well. A great way to step up your muscle training game if you don’t have the space in your home for weights/dumbells.

Aylio Exercise Bands come in 3 levels of resistance that are color coded and labeled (light, medium and heavy) for a tension of 3lbs to 35lbs. After two weeks of daily use, the bands have shown no sign of weakening or being stretched out of proportion. The quality definitely surpass the bands I would receive from my physical therapist. A must have in your exercise or PT arsenal!

Relax Pain Free

Back pain, hip pain & butt pain has been a lingering nuisance since I became pregnant with my first child 14 years ago. Sciatica pain radiating down my leg caused a very ‘sexy‘ limp that I tried so hard to make into a ‘strut‘ so people wouldn’t notice. Then there was hip pain from bursitis that made sitting or laying on ones side unbearable for long periods of time. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Can any other mamma relate?

Aylio Socket Seat retails $89.99 USD

Aylio Socket Seat, where were you 14 years ago!!?! This would have helped me out tremendously while pregnant with each of my 3 kids. After long days sitting at a desk grading papers, my butt would have sent Aylio love letters for the comfort it provided! Flash forward to today, and I am toting this lovely butt cushion everywhere I go. It is a great support for your tailbone and helps relieve the pressure off your hips and lower back.

Your coccyx seems to perfectly fall into the two holes and your legs fit comfortably in the divots in the front of the cushion. It helps with your sit bones, tailbones, hips, hamstrings, sciatic nerve pain, numbness and even your posture.

The Aylio Socket Seat is a great for those long road trips, 8 hour days in an office chair or even watching a game from those cold hard bleachers. If you suffer from any type of discomfort from your lower back to coccyx bone, the Aylio Socket Seat is a must have to take that pressure off your tailbone.

What are some of your go to tips to help sooth an achy sore body?

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