Gift Giving For The Person That’s Difficult To Shop For

Gift Giving For The Person That's Difficult To Shop For

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The holidays are rapidly approaching and that means gift giving! For me, I enjoy finding gifts my family and friends will love. I think it’s really  fun to see the smiles on their faces.

However, one of my toughest predicaments every year seems to be finding a gift for the person that may be difficult to shop for. Have you ever experienced a person like that? The random co-worker or neighbor you know very little about. The person that seems to have everything they want already. The friend or family member you’ve loved for years and you’re running out of new and creative ideas of what to get them.

Don’t worry, friends, I have you covered! I’ve compiled some new and fun products on the market that are sure to please!

Grumpy Goat Coffee Roasters

When it comes to co-workers, a fool-proof gift is a tasty and luxurious blend of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate paired with a super cute mug or travel tumbler. As you may know from my other posts, I’m a huge coffee addict! Grumpy Goat Coffee Company is the “craft coffee” of all coffees! Have you tried this stuff? It’s awesome! Grumpy Goat Coffee Company uses single origin, fully traceable, gourmet grade coffee beans. Each blend is so exotic and full-bodied, it’s a great way to start my day.

Grumpy Goat Sumatra Roast

Here’s a list of my favorite blends, which one would work best for the coffee-lover in your life?

Brazilian Medium Roast – This is one of my favorite blends, so smooth and yummy! This carries flavor notes of raisins, chocolate, and almonds.

Peruvian Dark Roast- The scent of this blend is delightful! Pecans, chocolate, and a touch of cream. On the palate, the taste carries notes of chocolate, citrus, berries and hazelnuts.

Sumatra Medium Roast-  This blend will definitely please the coffee connoisseur! This Sumatra carries flavor notes of butterscotch, spices, and hazelnuts.

Guatemalan Medium Roast- My husband loves the scent of this coffee! He claims the notes of cedar and chocolate have a very “masculine” scent to it. This is another favorite of mine, with rich flavor notes of toffee, lemon, and chocolate.

Vivanco Crianza Rioja and The Sisters Pinot Gris

A bottle of elegant wine is always a great choice as a hostess gift for a Christmas party! It also makes an excellent gift for a neighbor or boss when paired with yummy fruit, chocolate, or cheese in a pretty basket. A great bottle of wine is a classic gift that never goes out of style.

Every year at Christmas, my girlfriends and I have a fun holiday party. We catch up on each other’s lives, exchange gifts, enjoy a potluck dinner,  lots of laughter and we usually enjoy a glass of wine. We also like to gift each other our favorite bottle of wine. This year, I’m excited to share The Sisters Wine! I love that this brand is targeted towards “women who do extraordinary things,” as each bottle states. I’m in love with the Pinot Gris! At first sip, it was a pleasant experience to taste the delicate notes of peach, pear, and stone fruit. I found it tasted best when chilled, and it is recommended to pair this wine with Asian style dishes, pork, and chicken.

reshly poured Vivanco Crianza Rioja and The Sisters Pinot Gris

Vivanco Wines has never failed me when it comes to finding a delicious and full-bodied red wine.  Vivanco Crianza Rioja is one of my favorite wines to enjoy around the holidays. The bright apple red color is beautiful to behold in the glass! This blend is the perfect balance of smoky and sweet; luscious red fruit combined with licorice and smoky undertones. This is the type of wine that I definitely savor when experiencing each sip.

The Wave by Pure Wine

Love wine but hate the sulfite-induced headaches afterward? One of my close friends found out from her doctor that she had sulfite-induced asthma from her nightly glass of red wine. The Wave by Pure Wine is a miracle product for those of us that love a glass of wine, but hate the negative side effects.

I got so excited reading about all the cool features this product can do! It completely alleviates headaches, skin flush, upset stomach, congestion, and even hangovers from wine.

The Wave by Pure Wine Instructions

I love a glass of red wine, but even a half glass can sometimes leave me with a really bad headache. I was excited to know that The Wave would alleviate this problem! The Waves filters histamines and sulfites from all types of wine, including sparkling. It will not alter the taste, color, smell, or consistency of the wine. It will also preserve the wine for several days longer! I also like that The Wave by Pure Wine is FDA compliant, BPA-free, and made in the U.S.A!

This is such an awesome product to throw into a holiday gift basket. I also highly recommend purchasing one to use if you plan on serving wine at holiday dinner.

Just Train Kit

Do you know a fitness enthusiast? My husband and I both enjoy working out and we love any fitness product that is convenient and makes our workout more effective! Due to having a young son, it makes it difficult for us to get to a gym, especially in the cold and snowy months. Our finished basement has become our “gym” and we love it! The Just Train Kit is such a convenient and terrific gift option!

This entire fitness kit comes in a handy and durable bag. Curious to know what’s inside? Here’s all of the equipment:

Just-Train Gliders:  These are used for performing lower and upper body slide board-style exercises. Dense, foam-padded top surface offers secure foot and hand placement. These are super lightweight and portable!

Just-Train Jump Rope: This rope includes a plastic handle and an adjustable 10ft 2.38mm diameter PVC coated cable.  The handles are made of high-grade plastic with 4 hi-precision ball bearings per rope. 

Just-Train Tubing Kit: One X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, and X-Heavy sheathed resistance tube. Sheathing provides safest tubing experience possible by helping to prevent breakage, built in stretch limiter, and prevents wear and tear on the tubing. 

XD RevRoller™: Unlike some nubby rollers that move in a jerky motion, the RevRings located on both ends of the roller glide easily for enhanced control. Durable construction made of nonporous high-density foam provides just the right amount of pressure while allowing for easy cleaning. The roller is 14in long with a 6in diameter.

Just Train Essentials

These are a few of my favorite pieces of equipment in the Just Train Kit!

The Just Train Kit makes a great gift for any individual looking for an amazing workout! You’ve got all the tools you need for an intense training session. Just Train’s website is also filled with very helpful exercise videos and monthly fitness routines you can follow. I loved that the videos made it very easy for me to learn how to maximize the most out of my workouts.  My husband also noted that this is a great gift for anyone who travels (for business or pleasure) and still wants to maintain an effective fitness routine. For parents of a young child, this has been a Godsend. This has made my husband and I believers that you don’t need a gym to get a great workout, just the right equipment and the drive to do your best! Check out the inspiring story behind Ron Everline, the mastermind and fitness master behind Just Train.

Do you have a fashionista or glamour girl on your gift list? Liplove is one my best kept gift-giving secrets! Liplove is made from purely organic oils and safe mica minerals.

Lip Love

It deeply hydrates my lips with a combination of mango butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, castor oil, rosehip oil, and strawberry seed oil. I love the way Liplove glides on easily without leaving a filmy, tacky residue on my lips. Also, I like that they are very hydrating.

Lip Love in Squad and Fire

The colors are gorgeous, very pigmented and lovely.  The right swatch is toasty deep red cinnamon called Liplove Fire, and the second swatch is a deep honey bronze called Liplove Squad. These colors are perfect for the holidays, you might want to make sure you grab one for yourself! These are a glamorous and eco-friendly gift that is sure to be appreciated.

For More Information on These Great Products and Companies:

Grumpy Goat Coffee Roasters: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

The Sisters Wine: Website

Vivanco Wines: Website/ Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Just Train: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Instagram

Liplove: Website / Instagram




What are your go to gift items for the person who has everything?

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