Find Better Sleep In 4 Steps

For the last several months, I’ve been feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and restless. There were many nights when I’d wake up throughout the night! I’d eventually fall asleep about an hour or two before I had to get up. To help with everything I am dealing with and to improve my rest, I was searching for alternative help. I didn’t want to turn to sleeping aids. We found natural ways to find better sleep in 4 steps! 

Find Better Sleep In 4 Steps
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If you’re like me, I don’t do well with medication or sleeping aids. I wanted natural methods to improve my sleep! First, let’s start with improving headaches, eyestrain, and ease disruption to sleep! Have you thought about how much we use our mobile devices, watch television, and even sit in front of a computer screen?  

Get ready to find better sleep in 4 steps  

Step 1 Start with your eyes

Peepers Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Introducing glasses that help minimize and filter blue light from our digital devices. I chose to receive Glitz and Glam in black, Shine On in pink, and Foxy Mama in purple. I wanted a variety of glasses in fun colors, of course! 

Glitz and Glam in black

The Glitz and Glam in black caught my attention right away. I love the subtle glitter on the frames! They are stylish and I love the curve of the frames! They are definitely not straight lines on the frames! These frames are lightweight and I enjoy wearing them at night as I’m winding down for the evening. 

Shine On in pink

I normally wouldn’t choose such oversized frames, however, the Shine On in pink are a part of Oprah’s Favorite Things! As you can see in the picture, “Shine On†is written inside the frames! How could I not try them?! I love the glittery look on these frames! These frames are definitely oversized, so I wear them sparingly!

Foxy Mama in purple

The Foxy Mama in purple is very similar to the Glitz and Glam frames! They are lightweight and only the top half of the frames are decorated with glitter. These frames are another favorite of mine! The frames are slightly curved, so it adds a bit of sass to your look! 

The best part about buying your blue light blocking glasses from Peepers is that your frames come with a canvas case to protect your glasses when not in use. 

Each frame is perfect for any time of day use. Whether you are watching television, using your mobile phone, tablet, or working on the computer, blue light blocking glasses will help ease eye strain and help improve your sleep! 

Step 2 Upgrade your pillows

I seem to need a supportive pillow. I’ve tried memory foam pillows and found them to be too hard. I tend to like medium support (not too hard and not too soft). I have a set of pillows that I love but after a few years of using them, I can tell they needed to be upgraded. 

Chiromatic Pillows

Meet the Chiromatic pillow, a luxurious and supportive pillow! You can adjust as needed to find your perfect alignment and support. The pillow is very plush and soft, allows you to sleep cool, and 100% memory foam free. 

I remember when I used memory foam pillows, they were always heavy, hard, and hot! Not with Chiromatic pillows! I feel so spoiled sleeping on them! 

Step 3 Weighted blanket for adults 

When choosing a weighted blanket, the weight does make the difference. Be sure to read the description (if available) to see which weight is best for you. In the past, I’ve tried a 25lbs weighted blanket and it seemed to be too heavy and didn’t help in the way it should have. Also, it didn’t come with a removable cover, which doesn’t seem to be a big deal until your child makes a mess on it! How are you going to wash it? Throwing it in the washing machine would have been a disaster, and trying to hand wash would be a hassle! 

So, when choosing a weighted blanket, choose a weight that is best for YOU or the person you’re buying it for. Second, be sure the blanket comes with a removable cover, or buy one! 

TRUBlanket rolled up

With everything that I’m going through, I thought a weighted blanket could help me sleep better, keep me grounded, and feel safe. I’ve heard weighted blankets feel like a warm hug! I received the TRUBlanket Weighted Blanket with “Happiness†Embroidery in 15lbs. The 15lbs blanket is perfect for me! 

TRUBlanket Happiness Embroidery

I love the TRUBlanket and the “Happiness†embroidered on the blanket is just an extra positive bonus! Personally, I have the word “Happiness†facing up, so you can see it. 

The neutral grey color is serene and goes with any decor! It’s perfect to use in any room of my home. My happiness blanket is kept on my bed to help me sleep through the night. I didn’t notice a difference until two weeks after starting to use the blanket! Now, I am able to sleep through the entire night! I now wake up refreshed! 

You can purchase the TRUBlanket on Amazon, Macys, RC Willey, and Walmart.

Step 4 Weighted blanket for teens

My son has special needs and Autism. He doesn’t have a set bedtime, but he does fall asleep on his own and a decent time. Since he can be restless, I wanted a weighted blanket for him too!

Hazli 10lbs weighted blanket rolled up

I chose the Hazli 10lbs weighted blanket because it is perfect for teens! It is the perfect weight for him. I also chose the Weighted Blanket cover in turquoise! 

Hazli 10lbs weighted blanket upclose

Since we’ve had our weighted blankets, we’ve been able to stay warm and cozy, grounded, and now getting better sleep! We both feel well rested! 

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Stephanie is a full time single mom to a teen with Autism. She is a homeowner and starting a new chapter! Feel free to contact Stephanie for more information on how she can help your company.


  1. Darlene Carbajal says

    Great tips. I think I need new pillows! Having a good night’s sleep is the best!

  2. Brittany Raisor says

    These are all great products to help with sleep. I love the happiness weighted blanket.

  3. Christina Gould says

    I’ve been hearing so much about weighted blankets lately. I’d love to try one. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dana Rodriguez says

    Those blankets look really nice. I have been thinking about getting one

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