Feel Refreshed Before & After An Intense Workout

Love working out but hate the funkiness that always comes with it? I know I do! Since our family is on a journey to be all natural with our wellness products, it is tough to find hard-working funk fighters! We found some great products that are perfect for your workout arsenal along with some extra goodies to help keep you feeling refreshed.

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A Deodorant That Humbles You

Trying to find a deodorant that is natural and helps power through a workout isn’t easy. There are some great natural deodorants, but the ones with CBD I find to be the best. Why? CBD has antibacterial properties that have the ability to kill bacteria. What causes bad armpit odor? You guessed it. Bacteria. CBD also contains anti-inflammatory benefits as well as skin loving antioxidants and is sensitive enough for all skin types.

Skin irritation, folliculitis, bad odors and even acne can all be kept at bay with having CBD in your deodorant, talk about a huge win!

Humble Natural Deodorants hemp CBD line will not only keep you feeling refreshed throughout the day, it can even handle workout sweat. I was still able to smell the lavender and not a whiff of funkiness after a few laps around my block (approx 1 mile). I didn’t even need to re-apply.

Humble Natural Deodorants hemp CBD line contains 230mg of organic hemp CBD in an easy to dispense deodorant stick.

Humble Natural Deodorants hemp CBD line contains only 4 simple ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, Non-GMO corn starch, beeswax, and baking soda. The essential oils add a beautiful scent with the additional health benefits of CBD.

Ease Achyness

Humble’s CBD Comfort Bar is a convenient topical for sore muscles. I loved using Humble’s CBD Comfort Bar on my neck and shoulders. It helped relax and calm the built up tension.

I keep Humble’s CBD Comfort Bar right next to my computer. I sit long hours in front of the computer and it can cause some serious stress in my neck. Humble’s CBD Comfort Bar has been a great tool to help me get through my day.

Humble’s CBD Comfort Bar contains 1000mg of broad spectrum hemp extract and acts as a moisturizer for your skin. It can easily be traveled with, and can be tossed in your purse or even your gym bag. Humble’s CBD Comfort Bar makes a great gym companion to help ease sore muscles after an intense workout or simply a long day.

Refreshed Sneakers

Solemates Deodorizer is a miracle worker. I have used odor eaters and inserts, but Solemates Deodorizer beats them all out.

Solemates Deodorizer is an all natural odor fighter that has a light scent of baby powder. I sprayed Solemates Deodorizer in my sneakers right before my walk and I was surprised that there was no smell in my sneakers by the end of my walk!

Solemates Deodorizer can be used with anyones shoes or sneakers (kids and adults) and it’s cruelty-free and paraben free. My husband claimed ownership of my bottle of Solemates Deodorizer for his ‘fragrant‘ work boots because he loved it so much. It helps keep his boots refreshed and odor free.

Solemates All Weather Protecter is a must have to add longevity to your footwear.

My husband has been using Solemates All Weather Protecter for two weeks. He is a package delivery driver and can spend upwards to 12 hours a day/6 days a week outside. He sprayed his work boots once a week due to the wear and tear.

They helped keep his boots looking great despite all the snow and rain we’ve been having. It was impressive.

Since I work from home and only go out to run errands, I would probably only need to spray my boots once a month and my workout sneakers every two weeks. Solemates All Weather Protecter helped keep all of our footwear looking their best.

A Yoga Mat Of Your Dreams

What a game changer!! Nuprava yoga mat has kicked my old yoga mat to the curb! It has a very high quality feel but lightweight. Nuprava yoga mat has a rubber no-slip grip that is a must have and a super soft microfiber suede that feels amazing against your skin.

My favorite part about the Nuprava yoga mat; IT’S WASHABLE! An amazing benefit to kick the funk out of your yoga mat and help keep it sanitary. It can be washed on gentle cycle with cold water and simply hung to dry. Do not place the Nuprava in the dryer, it has a rubber backing that can melt or distort the mat.

The additional carry strap makes it easy to travel with. The Nuprava yoga mat also acts as a towel (2 for 1 bonus) and is ideal if you workout near the water or do hot yoga.

The Nuprava mats are simply beautiful. Mine is in the color Ocean, but the other options are just as gorgeous and earthy.

What is your favorite way to fight odors and feel refreshed after a long workout?

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