Add a Bit of Calm and Luxury

Upgrade your life with luxury and aromatherapy

Add a Bit of Calm and Luxury

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My son and I have been back in California for almost a year now. He loves going to school and the bus rides as well! It’s been quite the journey to rebuild and start over, there always seems to be things we needed to replace or add to our household. As a mom, we tend to put our family’s needs before our own. It’s always nice to treat ourselves and add a bit of calm and luxury!

Are you looking to add a bit of calm and luxury to your life? We have a few products to introduce to you!

Mirabella Luxe Egyptian Cotton Towels in Aqua

Add Luxury with soft towels

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful set of towels. I wanted a pop of color for our bathroom! They are soft and luxurious towels that are of high quality!

We’ve never had monogrammed towels, so I am excited to add the Mirabella Luxe Egyptian Cotton Towels to our rotation! Since it’s just my son and myself, I had them monogrammed with the word “Love.” I chose the color Aqua because it’s a nice and calming color!

We already sleep on Egyptian Cotton sheets, so it’s only natural for us to use Egyptian Cotton Towels! The towels are super soft and luxurious on our skin! The towels are the perfect thickness, so they don’t take forever to dry!

ESYM Aromatherapy

Add Calm with Aromatherapy

I love using aromatherapy, whether it is for health, wellness, or cleaning around the home! For example, when I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed, I just clean with natural cleaning products that are made with calming essential oils! Not only do I get to let out my stress with scrubbing, but the scent immediately calms me down! I get the quiet time to clear my head and just focus on the task at hand.

I love using aromatherapy when on-the-go. I found that when I started dating, I was so nervous! To help calm down, I’d use a diffuser bracelet I use to have and add a drop or two of a calming blend of essential oils! That bracelet has since broken, so I wanted something I could take with me! The Roll on Lavender comes in handy for both myself and my son. I never know when he will have a meltdown, get upset, or need help calming down. Having the Roll on Lavender available is perfect for the Autism mom! Are you a mom who uses essential oils with their children?

I use the Roll on Rose in the morning! I like to inspire my mind and soul for a morning walk! I tend to go for an energizing walk after I put my son on the school bus. I like to keep the Roll on Rose with me when I am out and about on my walk or just out and about running errands. I love using essential oils to improve my mood!

I love the Eucalyptus Scent Pod! It’s perfect to keep in my purse and use whenever I am out. Otherwise, I can keep it at my bedside! The scent pod can be used with any essential oils, so I can easily mix up my own blend and enjoy!

Go Natural with Deodorant

I’ve been working on going natural with my beauty products. I also have my son’s products switched to natural as well. I’ve been using a natural deodorant for a few years now and love it, however, it doesn’t keep me dry. So, I’ve been looking for other brands to try!

Treat Yourself Unscented Deodorant

I was sent the Unscented deodorant from Treat Yourself and have been using it for a few weeks now. I prefer scented deodorant but still excited to try this one!

I love that Treat Yourself deodorant is:

-100% Certified Organic, all natural ingredients
-Eliminates body odor and absorbs moisture to keep you dry all day
-Will not melt in hot environments (the beeswax keeps the product very stable at high temperatures)
-Aluminum Free

So far, I am loving using Treat Yourself Unscented deodorant, I hope to try some of their scented ones too! The natural deodorant from Treat Yourself keeps me dry all day, I feel confident that my clothes are left soaked and stained!

Are you ready to try a natural deodorant? Treat yourself offers an effective product that keeps you dry and feeling confident!

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Tell us how you add a bit of calm and luxury to your life! Do you have any products you recommend?

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