4 Ways To Renew Your Beauty

It’s been well over two and a half months since my son has been out of school due to the Coronavirus! Wow. I had no idea it had been that long! His school only started distance learning about a month ago. Before that, I was still doing school work, exercise, and different activities to keep my son on a semi-regular routine. He still loves school work! As for me, I am doing my best to stay motivated and on-track. I am taking care of my health and even changing up my beauty routine. We share 4 ways to renew your beauty! 

4 Ways To Renew Your Beauty
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As a single mom, I tend to put myself last. My priority is my son, our safety, and making sure we have a roof over our heads. I also like to keep a positive outlook on life. I do my best to stay away from the news because I realized it was stressing me out. 

During our stay at home order, I am doing my best to be the best parent, honorary teacher, and more! I am also taking care of my own health by staying active. I aim to walk 3 miles a day during the week. I also have a squat machine and just ordered an indoor bike

Essentially, I found myself creating my own little home gym! It seems many other people are doing the same. I see my neighbors use their garage as a gym as well! I wanted an exercise bike so I could use it while watching television. Also, our weather is starting to heat up. For a while there, the weather would reach 80 degrees by 10am! 

In addition to fitness and health, I am renewing my beauty! Here are 4 ways you can too! 

Renew Hair Care 

My shower has 4 sets of shampoo and conditioner. I like to use different ones each time I shower. I am excited to add the MASAMI Mekabu Shampoo, Mekabu Conditioner, and Mekabu Shine Serum to my routine! 

MASAMI Mekabu Shampoo and Mekabu Conditioner

When I use the Mekabu Shampoo and Mekabu Conditioner, I find that they are gentle on my hair and scalp. Both easy to use. They add a fresh and clean scent to my bathroom and hair too! 

Mekabu Shine Serum

After detangling my hair, I then apply the Mekabu Shine Serum to my hair. I just comb it through my hair with my fingers! 

The MASAMI Mekabu Shampoo, Mekabu Conditioner, and Mekabu Shine Serum smell so good! My hair feels light and bouncy! My hair no longer looks dull in the sun! My hair definitely looks shiny and bright! 

Renew Your Eye Looks

I tend to stick with the same eye shadows. I have a few palettes that I use, however, there are times when I want to change it up. I like trying different palettes because it’s easier to create new looks! 

Pretty Naked Palettes

I was sent the Pretty Naked Palettes from 100% Pure! I already have one of their discontinued palettes that I use regularly! I love that it contains blush, highlighter, and eye shadows all in one compact! When I had the chance to try  more of their palettes, I couldn’t pass it up! 

I love the Pretty Naked Palette because it’s neutral and perfect for any time of day or night. If I want a subtle look, the Pretty Naked Palette is perfect! 

The Pretty Naked II Palette offers a little more of a bolder look! If I want a smoldering look, I can easily foil the colors! 

Both palettes blend nicely. They are a little on the lighter side, so I find myself really having to apply a bit more product for the look I want. 

Renew Your Deodorant 

I love using natural deodorant. The only downside with using natural deodorant is that it doesn’t prevent sweating! I find myself changing my top, especially after exercising and when I get home from my walks! 

Play Pits Queen

However, sweating is a small sacrifice, especially since it is made with natural ingredients. I am so excited that I was sent Play Pits in Queen! The Rich Amber scent is significant, sexy, and sassy. It reminds me of those body sprays and lotions you get at the big name lingerie store at the mall! 

What I love about using Play Pits is that you only need one or two swipes of the deodorant. You can use your fingers to work into your skin or just move your arms around to massage in. 

You will seriously be impressed with the sexy and sultry scent of Queen!  My son also had the chance to try Play Pits King!

Renew Your Look

I have been a fan of mineral makeup for years. I remember I switched to mineral makeup the year my son was born. I decided it was time for a change. Having my son made me realize I need to use natural products. I heard of the name brand mineral makeup company, instead, I shopped with small businesses and via direct sales. The products were made by moms. Fast forward, those businesses have since closed, so I eventually found myself shopping for the name brand mineral makeup. 

I chose a variety of new makeup to try from Skin Elegance. I received Second Skin Crush Loose Minerals in Medium Beige, Hydromatt Setting Powder, Luminiser Highlighter, and Eyedration Eyeshadow in Blackberry! 

Second Skin Crush Loose Minerals and Hydromatt Setting Powder

I love trying new foundations. I’ve tried liquid, powder, and even pressed powder foundations. When I need full coverage, I tend to use liquid and then a little powder or pressed powder. When I want light coverage, either the powder or pressed powder works perfectly! 

The Second Skin Crush Loose Minerals in Medium Beige and Hydromatt Setting Powder feel so lightweight on my skin! The makeup stays in place, even after dripping with sweat from my walks throughout the day! I aim for 3 miles a day and each time, my makeup stays in place! The loose minerals are so gentle. I do use a few light layers and it helps even out my overall look! The Hydromatt Setting Powder helps set my makeup and keep it in place. 

Eyedration Eyeshadow in Blackberry

I love using silver/grey and purple shades of eyeshadow. The Eyedration Eyeshadow in Blackberry blends perfectly! I can easily add it to either look when I use the Naked Palettes! 

Luminiser Highlighter

When I want a nice glow, I use the Luminiser Highlighter on my cheeks, nose, and brow bones. 

The Skin Elegance Synergie Minerals makeup is a bit on the light side, so I find myself using a few layers to get the look I want. However, with the Synergie Minerals, I don’t feel like I am caking on my makeup and the makeup still looks natural! 

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