4 Ways To Keep Your Health In Check In Quarantine

By now, many of us are going crazy being stuck at home. Summer is here and our travel is limited! For those who do travel, our freedom is restricted because so many places are closed or offer limited hours of operation! Thankfully, my son and I are making the best out of a crazy and unprecedented time! We share 4 ways to keep your health in check in quarantine

4 Ways To Keep Your Health In Check In Quarantine
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Many people are getting creative at home. They are buying pools, adopting pets, starting small businesses, and so much more. We are all finding ways to adjust to our new normal while stuck at home. 

I adopted a dog a few weeks ago. I had been searching for weeks and my ultimate goal was to find and bring a dog home just in time for my birthday! It was not easy to find a dog either! For everything I was going through, it was an emotional roller coaster. It is very competitive to find a dog and then have to fill out a quick application to get added to a waiting list. 

I once tried fostering a dog and at the time, it was too much for me. But, things have changed and I wanted a dog in our home. I have been dealing with some personal issues and just feeling sad and depressed overall. It’s been a nice distraction having a dog! 

Quarantine life certainly changed our way of living, how we do business, how we communicate, and more! We are all trying to keep our families safe and healthy

It’s time to share 4 Ways To Keep Your Health In Check In Quarantine

Protect yourself

I was against wearing face masks while they were optional. However, as soon as they became mandatory, I knew I needed to stock up! I am so excited that my son and I now have plenty of masks to wear when we need to!

We were sent the Girl Power Pack, Floral Pack, and the Enforcer Pack.

FOCO Girl Power Pack Face Masks

I chose the Girl Power Pack because it is so cute and feminine! The colors are so cute and the Unicorn pattern is adorable! 

FOCO Floral Pack Face Masks

I thought the Floral Pack was perfect for my son and I to share when needed. He can easily wear the black and blue one! I also chose the Floral because I love the jungle/tropical plant theme! 

FOCO Enforcer Pack Face Masks

I chose the Enforcer Pack for my son! This bundle is perfect for anyone in your family

The FOCO Face Masks are lightweight and easy to wear! They are generously sized to fit around our nose and mouth and the elastic bands allow enough fit where it isn’t too tight! 

Protect your eyes

A few weeks ago, my son lost his sunglasses! I am pretty sure we accidentally threw them away! He had one main pair and a backup pair. I knew I wanted another pair of sunglasses for him. I always insist we wear sunglasses when we go for a walk or run errands! 

Peepers offers a variety of sunglasses and glasses to choose from. 

Peepers Bayfront Black & Heat Wave Pink Gold

When I saw the Bayfront Black, I knew they would be perfect for him. They are simple but stylish! My son doesn’t really mind what his sunglasses look like, so I chose a pair that is classic! 

I am crazy about aviators. I love the look of the Heat Wave Pink/Gold. They are feminine and stylish! They fit perfectly and so lightweight! I can easily wear them on my walks at the park, out walking my dog, or running errands! 

Both sunglasses from Peepers offer full UV protection! I always look for that distinction when choosing new sunglasses! 

Wash your hands 

We’ve heard it over and over, especially in this COVID-19 world! Wash your hands

Even before COVID-19, my son and I obsessively washed our hands as soon as we got home. He knows when I pull out the hand sanitizer that it’s time to clean our hands. He was also taught to wash his hands throughout the day at school

I always keep hand soap on hand. When COVID-19 hit, hand soap was hard to find. I panicked a little bit because I was running out. These days, I dilute our hand soap because we use so much of it. I also prefer a specific type of soap dispenser, a foaming soap dispenser. 

Beessentials Grapefruit and Lemongrass

I received 6 fun and exciting scents of soap from Beessential, including Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Spearmint Lime, Peppermint, Grapefruit Lemongrass, and Lavender

Beessentials Peppermint and Spearmint

We have 3 sinks in our home, one sink in each bathroom, and our kitchen sink. I have the Peppermint and Spearmint Lime in my bathroom. I love minty scents! I have Lemongrass and Grapefruit Lemongrass for the kitchen. Lavender and Sweet Orange are for my son’s bathroom. 

Beessentials Sweet Orange and Lavender

No matter what your favorite scents are, Beessential has you covered! Their soap doesn’t dry out our hands. I was using another brand and noticed that my hands are really dry by the end of the evening! I literally have to apply body butter and body oil to my hands before going to bed. 

Take time for yourself

When I received the Berde CBD Body Scrub and Berde CBD Body Oil I was so excited to try them! They happen to arrive on Friday, which was perfect. I like relaxing and pampering myself on the weekends. 

Berde CBD Body Scrub

I tried the Berde CBD Body Scrub and completely hooked! Be aware and prepared that it is very slippery when you are rinsing it in the shower! I literally applied this everywhere from the neck to the bottoms of my feet! So, the shower was very slippery! You don’t need to cake it on either. 

You are supposed to apply it to dry skin. So, I stood in my shower, and applied the Berde CBD Body Scrub from my neck down. I literally just smothered it all over. Again, you do not need to use huge globs of the scrub. The first time I used it, I didn’t let it sit on my skin long enough. You are supposed to allow 2 to 3 minutes. 

Of course, I used the Berde CBD Body Scrub the next evening. I waited more than 2 to 3 minutes! I wanted to just relax and unwind after a very long week! 

Berde CBD Body Oil

Following my shower using the body scrub, I used the Berde CBD Body Oil which made my skin even softer! The body oil absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling at all! I apply the oil all over from my neck down to the bottoms of my feet!

I truly feel so spoiled and pampered after using the Berde CBD Body Scrub and Body Oil! What a decadent treat! 

I know I can’t afford to go to an expensive spa. As a single mom on a budget, I much rather pamper my skin at home. Berde is truly spectacular and such a treat! If you want to pamper your skin with luxury, I would highly recommend their products! 

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