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For the second year in a row I have stuck to my health and fitness goals (Yay me!). The only difference between this year and the last, is that I have more experience with what works for me. Here are some amazing workout must haves every fitness guru should have in their arsenal.

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Cute, Comfy & Fashionable

When it comes to working out, I love to be comfortable. Yet the one thing I sacrifice is looking cute in my workout clothes. Let’s face it, a raggedy t-shirt and faded leggings are not the most stylish.

Maven Thread has a fashionable fitness clothing line that not only looks cute, but it’s oh-so comfortable.

The Maven Thread shorts are my absolute favorite. They are lightweight and comfortable and the waist band does not dig into your belly or roll down during your workout.

They are flattering to wear and the built in underwear is an added bonus. It adds security knowing you wont accidently flash any of your workout buddies.

I have worn the Maven Thread shorts not only for working out, but as swim trunks for a quick dip in the pool and even as a pajama bottom. They are lightweight, comfortable and airy which make any task a breeze. I am a size 8 and the size M fit me perfectly! I found them true to size.

The Maven Thread headbands are wide and soft. They stay put without sliding off your head during workouts.

The Maven Thread headbands are not only ideal for physical activity, but they are a staple in my skin care routine. They keep every strand of hair out of my face while I apply my creams and serums.

The Maven Thread headbands are machine washable and did not fade or stretch after the wash and dry cycle. They fit snug on your head, but not tight enough to cause a headache. I often struggle with headbands staying put, but these will not budge!

Ease Away Muscle Pain

Muscle pain can put a damper on anyone’s day. Not being able to finish daily tasks or find a comfortable position to rest can not only cause physical discomfort. but also bring you down mentally.

I have tried a slew of remedies to help with my back pain. I have used The Worm which involved getting on the floor (my knees were not happy when it was time to get up) and my personal hands free favorite, The Backmate.

The Ekrin Athletics percussion massager took it to another level when it came to muscle pain relief. The power behind the Ekrin helped release all the tension in my back and thighs. That power is something the other muscle pain remedies could not offer. I loved using it in-between my shoulder blades to loosen up the knots and the back of my neck.

The Ekrin Athletics is powerful, it can offer a deep tissue massage that will make your muscles feel like Jell-O! There are a total of five variable speeds ranging from 2000RPM to 3200 RPM. I personally found level one which is at 2000 RPM much more comfortable for my sensitive skin. The round silicone attachment is my go-to along with the flat attachment for my shoulder blades.

I decided to bring the Ekrin pulsating massager to a local plant farm which I happen to work at. I tested it on some of the hardest working farm hands, landscapers and growers to see if it can help with their daily muscle aches.

Here is what some had to say.

The soft ball at slow speed is the best! The fifth setting will drive me to the floor! I feel so relaxed.

Lisa- Landscaper

I could fall asleep, it feels so good.

Justin- Farm Hand, Grower

This thing is amazing! The 4th and 5th setting is too intense for me, but OMG I need one!

Katie- Landscaper

I love this thing! My son who is a wrestler could benefit from this for sure!

Taryn- Head Grower, Master Gardener

The Ekrin pulsating massager is a must have! The users manual is very clear with colored images. It can help you find the target muscle groups and give you an appropriate time duration of muscle massaging.

My only complaint, is that everyone in my home (and even those that visit) want to take it home with them after they try it!! The Ekrin pulsating massager provides deep yet intense muscle relief that is perfect for a hard working body!

Which workout must have do you want to try?

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