Muscle & Mind: Recovery After A Workout

I have been on my workout grind for over a year. I’ve been doing my best to push myself farther each day which means more days of sore, achy muscles and exhaustion.

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I have always struggled with sciatic pain ever since I gave birth to my daughter 15 years ago. My back has been a constant source of discomfort but I couldn’t let that stop me from reaching my weight loss goals. But I also could not push myself to the point of injury.

Muscle recovery is really important after an intense workout. You want your body to heal and become stronger. One of the most important reasons is to avoid injury. Dealing with torn ligaments, muscle tears and even sprains are extremely painful and may even require surgery.

I find that it’s really important to give my body a rest and treat it respectfully in order to continue with my weight loss journey. If I injure myself, it would be very difficult to reach my wellness goals. That’s why I always find the time to give myself a little R&R.

Deep Tissue Recover

Like many people, I have been suffering from back pain most of my life. The Backmate was like a dream come true for my backpain. It was very easy to set up and even easier to use. The Backmate is extremely well made and everything was well thought of when it was created.

As soon as I pulled out the Backmate from the box, there is an indicator sticker that tells you where to hold when it comes to install. The Backmate uses tension pressure and it’s very sturdy once you lock it in place. The built in level makes it easy to adjust and you are easily able to change out the massage heads for your therapy needs.

backmate rollers

I was able to comfortably work on my neck, shoulders and my entire back. It felt incredible. The narrow rollers really got into my shoulder blades and released tension in my neck. My muscles felt loose and relaxed.

My husband has been using the Backmate every morning before work and every evening after a long day of delivering packages. It helped ease his muscle stiffness and allowed him to start and end his day more relaxed.

I love that the Backmate is adjustable to accommodate just about any part of your body. The instruction guide and YouTube videos are helpful when looking to properly set up the Backmate and carry out your at home therapy. It’s one of the best devices I’ve tried that helps alleviate back pain.

Full Body Soak

After massaging all the pain away, it’s time for the ‘cherry on top‘ for the ultimate relaxation. Unplugged Essentials Hemp Soak is the PERFECT way to end a long tiring day.

Hemp soaks are a great way to relax. The power of CBD will help ease stiff muscles and even relax your mind. The CBD will absorb through your skin and works with your endocannabinoid system. The anti-inflammatory benefits not only work wonders for sore muscles, but also helps with common skin issues like eczema.

Unplugged Essentials hemp soak is highly beneficial and therapeutic. Each bag of Unplugged Essentials can be used for at least three soaks. It not only helps you relax after a stressful day and recover after an intense workout, but also helps ease discomfort from mensural cramps as well.

The scent of the Queen Hemp Soak is woodsy. It reminds me of being outdoors surrounded by nature on a gorgeous day. The aromatherapy from the Queen Hemp Soak was so relaxing, I actually dozed off, which is exactly what my body needed.

I honestly feel I have found the perfect muscle and mind recovery duo. With the intense deep tissue massage from my Backmate immediately followed by a relaxing hemp soak with Unplugged Essentials, my body felt like a pampered QUEEN!

How do you recover after a workout?

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