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When it comes to exercise, we prefer to turn to natural relief. Whether it is a hot bath, natural pain cream, or even using the dosage for THC vapes. What type of pain relief do you use?

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Time To Massage The Pain Away

Every year, millions of people are changing their health habits and beginning an exercise regimen. It’s exciting at first, but there are always obstacles that can prevent you from reaching your health goals. One of the main preventive reasons is post workout muscle fatigue. After an intense workout, your muscles are sore and achy. This pain can be discouraging. Many people claim its difficult to push through the pain, & eventually give up on working out all together. Imagine if there was something to help massage that pain away no matter where you are and helps keep you on track. Anything to stick your exercise regimen, right?

Rolling with the Worm

The Original Worm 6.3 retails $24.99 USD

The Original Worm was created to help rid all those aches and pains with massage therapy. Its unique design took two of the most common massage therapy tools and married them together. The Original Worm has the pinpoint targeting relief of therapy balls & the benefits of foam rolling all in one.

The Original Worm has already been highly recommended by: Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Doulas, Yoga Teachers, Spa Owners, Chiropractors and even Orthopedic Surgeons.

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Ouch! My neck & my back!

After an initial or intense workout, you may begin to feel uncomfortable. Ibuprofen may be a temporary fix to reduce the inflammation, but many people still claim to feel stiff and sore for days after a workout. Physical therapist advise patients to massage their muscles pre-workout to help loosen muscles, and post workout to help ease the stiffness and soreness. Yet, many of us don’t have the luxury of someone to help massage our backs or a large enough bank account to pay for a licensed massage therapist on a regular basis ( a girl can wish!).

The typical solution? Massive foam rollers, heavy therapy balls, or those unsightly 10lb plug in body massagers. Tools that can be used in the comfort of your own home to help ease your pain. The biggest drawback with these therapeutic tools, their sheer size and weight. Imagine walking into work; sore, achy & probably grumpy, with a heavy plug-in massager or a 2ft long foam roller hanging out of your bag. Might as well say goodbye to discretion!

The Original Worm is not only as effective as typical massage therapy tools, it is portable too! You can take it with you to the gym, office or even get a little massage while on the road. You can even find the Original Worm in airport stores for traveling on a plane! Perfect for anyone who needs TLC for the lingering achiness from any physical activity.

The Original Worm is not just for the after effects of a workout, it is a great tool for people who suffer from general aches and pains due to sore muscles. It has helps individuals with shin splints, ease neck & foot pain, and even as tool to help reduce headaches.

How to use the Worm

I am a mamma of 3 with bad knees, chronic back pain & poor posture. I personally own a foam roller and a massive body massager. So I am very familiar with the ‘hurt so good’ effect these type of tools have on your body & muscles. If you had experiences with a typical therapeutic roller, using the Original Worm really isn’t that different.

Place the Original Worm between a hard surface & the muscle you need to work on. It can be up against a wall, a chair back or if you really want to get deep into those muscles, on the floor.

Once you have your self comfortably positioned, you can begin to roll your body over the Worm. You do not need to push yourself into it, let gravity do its thing. This allows you to self massage anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

Personally, I have been loving this while sitting at my desk working. I plop the Original Worm on the floor and roll my feet over it for what seems like hours. It feels so good, and it’s very relaxing. I love that it fits in my bag along with my laptop and other essentials. It’s not overwhelming in size and does not weigh you down.

The Original Worm Choices

The Original Worm comes in 2 convenient travel sizes & in your choice of pink or black. The 6.3 is the smallest (9″long), but also the heaviest and firmest. It is great for pinpointing sore & tight muscles for a deeper massage. The 7.0 is larger (10.5″), and great if you have a bigger frame. It is ideal for targeting larger muscles.

Maintenance & Care

To give the Original Worm a good cleaning, it is ideal to spot clean with a disinfectant spray of your choice (not a harsh one), alcohol or antibacterial wipes. DO NOT USE BLEACH! Always allow the Original Worm to air dry. Both of the Original Worms can be washed in a washing machine, but one can assume using this method would shorten the life of the neoprene casing.

From your neck down to your toes, you can get a massage no matter where you go.

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