Unique Gift Ideas For Teens And Women

Unique Gift Ideas For Teens And Women --- Country Archer Jerky Co.-Cultured Candy-Bixby & Co. Luxury Chocolate Bonbons-Beessential Happbee Holiday Lip Balm Tin-Galaxy Bombs Bath Bombs-TLD Candles S+P Shaker Set-Invisasox
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Unique Gift Ideas For Teens And Women Unique Gift Ideas For Teens And Women Unique Gift Ideas For Teens And Women Unique Gift Ideas For Teens And Women Unique Gift Ideas For Teens And Women Unique Gift Ideas For Teens And Women

Small, filler-type gifts are one of my favorite things about planning for birthdays and all the different holidays that we love to celebrate. Sometimes these small, inexpensive filler gifts will go into an overall gift basket. But, for Christmas they more often than not are destined for my kids’ Christmas stockings (unless they directly correlate with a larger gift).

For example, if I’m gifting a makeup organizer or beauty bag to one of my daughters, I might purchase bottles of nail polish/polish remover, nail files, eyeliner/mascara/eye shadow, makeup remover pads or other such items to put inside the organizer or bag before wrapping. However, if I’m not gifting a larger item like that, these smaller items will end up in their Christmas stockings along with the small treats or candies.

Unique Gift Ideas For Teens And Women --- Country Archer Jerky Co.-Cultured Candy-Bixby & Co. Luxury Chocolate Bonbons-Beessential Happbee Holiday Lip Balm Tin-Galaxy Bombs Bath Bombs-TLD Candles S+P Shaker Set-Invisasox

Some things I buy for stockings every year — a candy cane, chocolate candies like Hershey Kisses, a chocolate santa or reindeer, Christmas-themed suckers, etc. But, I truly thrive on finding totally unique items to also stick in there that I’ve never given before.

Here, I will be sharing some of the fun, unique items that are going into my kids’ stockings this year. They would also work great in gift baskets, too.

I can’t wait to see how they react! The first two items listed are snack foods. Since the holidays are inevitably full of sweet and high-calorie treats, I decided to share two snacks that are not only delicious and full of flavor but also healthy treat options! But, trust me, your loved ones won’t even know it because they will be so bowled over by the flavors.

Country Archer Jerky Co.

Country Archer Jerky Co. - jerky sticks

Country Archer Website | Amazon | Walmart

My husband and children like small, individual snack options like beef jerky, cheese sticks, crackers and chips. Christmas morning is like a marathon. We’re busy opening gifts, oohing and aahing over what neat stuff they receive, and having fun reminiscing over past Christmas memories. “Hey, remember that year that we…?†“That was SO hilarious when…â€

Over the years, I’ve bought umpteen brands of jerky, from both national and local companies. It’s always a hit, so if I’m having trouble finding little stuff to add to holiday stockings or snack-themed gifts, jerky is an easy add-on to fill in some space.

Country Archer Jerky Co. - jerky sticks

I love that Country Archer Jerky Co. jerky sticks are large. I’m not gonna lie, when I have a snack I want more than two or three bites. These are great because they are a very good size stick, but still slim and individually packaged so they are easy to enjoy at home but also on-the-go. I can stick them in my bag to snack on while traveling or running errands in town. And, unlike other single-serve jerky snacks, they are super easy to open. I don’t have to struggle to pull the ends apart or use my teeth to rip it open.

Country Archer Jerky Co. - jerky sticks

There is something for everyone to love since they offer beef, pork, and turkey options. They are good for people who follow keto, paleo, and gluten-free diets, so literally just about every person on the planet who enjoys this type of snack can partake without restriction. They use grass-fed beef, cage-free turkey, and quality pork raised with no antibiotics, using lean cuts of meat to provide protein and organic ingredients to craft these delicious snacks.

My favorite flavors from Country Archer are the Pineapple Pork and the Maple Pork. I like that they have a little kick of spice and heat, but don’t make my mouth and tongue burn. My husband, on the other hand, loves really spicy jerky. So he enjoys the Jalapeño, Chorizo, and Hatch Chile flavors, too. These jerky sticks are going to be a fun surprise for my kids to find in their Christmas stockings this year. I can’t wait to see their reaction!

Eva’s Cultured Candy 

Eva's Cultured Candy Kombucha Confections

Cultured Candy Website | Amazon

This candy will sneak right past your kids’ junk food radars. It’s tasty but also healthy as they contain probiotics. With flavors like Tropical Spice, Apple Pie, Orange Cream, and Zesty Lavender — wait, did I say these were healthy? Let me double check. Yup! I did. I did say that. My kids are going to be totally bamboozled!!!! I love it.

The fancy packaging and the creative, fanciful flavor names fool even me when it comes to the potential health benefits. These bite-size treats remind me very much of the dried fruit that my kids loved when they were younger. I ate more dried pineapple, mango, and apricots than I care to remember because my kids loved them so much. But, I wonder what kind of coating was used in those, because I always remember that there was almost an aftertaste of artificial sweetener left behind after eating them.

Eva's Cultured Candy Kombucha Confections

Eva’s Cultured Candy uses refined cane sugar for the outer crunchy sweet coating. For example, the Zesty Lavender is dusted with lavender infused refined cane sugar. The candy itself is Organic Kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) which is where the healthy probiotic benefits come in. And then each variety is flavored with organic ingredients like cinnamon, lemon peel, ginger, mango, and apricot, among many others.

I just can’t say enough about Cultured Candy. It truly is a savory and delicious treat that makes it so easy to forget I’m eating something healthy. Natural and organic ingredients, paired with the fact that they contain no preservatives makes this a super easy addition to my family’s treat rotation.

As if I needed to add any other positives about Cultured Candy, here’s a couple more. The company’s packaging is made with 100% recycled fibers and biodegradable materials which they recommend be recycled again. In addition, the company is part of 1% For The Planet, meaning that 1% of their profits are donated to help protect the environment. I love a company that is environmentally friendly.

Bixby & Co. Luxury Chocolate Bonbons

Bixby & Co. Luxury Chocolate Bonbons

Bixby & Co. Main Website | Bixby & Co. Luxury Chocolate Bonbon Collections

The holidays aren’t complete for me without chocolate. I apologize to no one. I love chocolate! My whole family does. Most years, I will splurge on a nice-sized box of chocolate truffles, chocolate covered caramels, or make one of those puff pastry tree-shaped desserts with nutella ribboned throughout the pastry and dusted with confectioner’s sugar to nibble on while wrapping gifts.

Bixby & Co. Luxury Chocolate Bonbons

I hate shopping. Really, I’d rather clean my house than go shopping. And I don’t really like to clean, either. But, every year I deplete my emotional energy shopping for the perfect gifts, break my back bending over to cut wrapping paper, push/pull/fold and tape packages into beautiful creations and top it all off with curling ribbon to make them look fancy. The very least I can expect is a never-ending supply of Diet Coke and some delicious treats to snack on. And a full bottle of ibuprofen. But, I digress… LOL

This box of Bixby & Co. Luxury Chocolate Bonbons will be my wrapping companion this year. I’ve sampled them and man, they are so smooth and sweet! I’m gonna have to tuck the box into the bags with gifts I’ve bought so that I don’t see them again until I sit down to get my gift wrapping done, because they will definitely not last until then if they are anywhere that I can see them!

Bixby & Co. is another in an increasing number of companies that are paying attention to incorporating environmentally-friendly, socially responsible practices into their daily operations. Their products are non-GMO, gluten free, made in the USA (in Maine) using only local organic ingredients.

Bixby & Co. Luxury Chocolate Bonbons

There are many varieties. You will have to head to their website to check them all out and see all the different chocolate collections and other products (i.e. greeting cards, drinking chocolate, children’s products, stocking stuffers, spice rubs, etc.) that are available. Here is a short list of delicious flavors you can find at Bixby & Co.:

Maine Blueberry Jam

Espresso Tahini

Maine Maple Vanilla

Coffee Brandy Truffle

Pecan Pie Truffle

Cranberry Orange Smash

Maine Apple Cider Caramel

Fig and Balsamic Truffle

Peppermint Holiday Bonbons

Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Sea Salted Caramels

Bixby & Co. Luxury Chocolate Bonbons

Beessential Happbee Holidays Lip Balm Tin

Beessential Happbee Holidays Lip Balm Tin

Beessential Website | Amazon

Winter weather can cause dry skin. Lotions are always a common purchase for myself and my family. But, equally important is lip balm. Dry, cracked lips are no fun for anyone and the discomfort can make enjoying holiday snacks and foods much less joyful. So, travel size bottles of lotion and a variety of nourishing lip balms are essential and always find their way into the kids’ Christmas stockings.

Beessential Happbee Holidays Lip Balm Tin

The Beessential Happbee Holidays Lip Balm Tin will get your family through the winter weather with well-nourished lips. Beessential lip balms are made with pure ingredients — a blend of virgin olive and coconut oils, shea and cupuacu butters, beeswax, aloe, honey, and hemp.

This is a perfect stocking stuffer for all children regardless of age and gender. If your kids have lips, they will appreciate finding this in their stocking! The holiday gift tin contains five lip balms. You can choose the variety of each tube in the tin (all different, all the same, or some other combination) from the following:

Cinnamon and Clove



Lemon Lavender

Orange Ginger

Rose Mint

Coconut Lime

Naked — Unscented

Beessential Happbee Holidays Lip Balm Tin

I’m a total sucker for Coconut Lime-scented products because I’m a total beach bum — that’s obviously my favorite scent. My daughters will get some of the other scents in their stockings. My son prefers unscented lip balms, so it’s awesome that this is an option. Beessential is a go-to, can’t miss option for stocking stuffers!

Galaxy Bombs (bath bombs)

Galaxy Bombs bath bombs

Galaxy Bombs | Amazon

Bath products are another tried and true item when it comes to gifts and stocking stuffers, especially for older kids. My daughters have each tried many brands and types of gorgeously scented bath bombs. I also enjoy them from time to time. We’ve even kicked around the idea of learning to make our own, but haven’t gotten around to researching or trying it to date.

Galaxy Bombs bath bombs

I am fully in love with this set of Galaxy Bombs. I’m sitting here as I type this, with the box open next to me. Even still in the plastic wrap packaging I can easily smell the heavenly scents of these huge bath bombs wafting around me. I really, like really, want to draw a hot bath, drop one in, and just float away to another world right now!

But, I’m resisting the temptation for now only because I haven’t fully decided what I’m going to do with these bath bombs, yet. I really need to sit down and organize my gift lists because I can’t decide whether I’m going to gift the entire box to one of my daughters or if I’m going to split the collection and use them as stocking stuffers for both of them (any maybe — possibly — keep one or two bath bombs for myself?).

I don’t focus on spending equally on my kids necessarily (though I try to keep it reasonably close), but I do prefer to have an equal number of gifts since we have them take turns opening gifts and I don’t want one to have more than the others. I’m much more focused on choosing gifts that I believe they will each like and appreciate.

Galaxy Bombs bath bombs

This particular set of Galaxy Bombs is centered by the “Earth†bath bomb, scented with sandalwood and hibiscus. It is surrounded by bath bombs themed for other planets (as well as the sun) in the solar system:

Uranus (green tea & cucumber)

Jupiter (coconut milk & lime)

Mars (blueberry, raspberry & strawberry)

Saturn (vanilla & jasmine)

Sun (lavender, vanilla & chamomile)

Neptune (cotton candy)

Venus (rose & lemon)

Mercury (eucalyptus, ginger & orange)

These bath bombs are huge! They are tennis ball sized (5 oz. 140g each) and are made with natural ingredients. They rinse away easily and won’t stain your skin or the tub. As an animal lover, I always try to check of a product is tested on animals. These aren’t. Cruelty-free products are always preferred and I will refrain from purchasing those that do not prominently carry this distinction.

They’re also vegan and gluten-free. They shimmer but without using glitter. They are made using synthetic mica, which is biodegradable and safe for the environment.

The box measures roughly 8 inches squared. So, unless your teen has a very large stocking, the entire set (inside the box) probably would not be an option as a stocking stuffer as packaged. You could do as I’m considering, and split the collection to put one or more into multiple stockings. Or you could remove all nine bath bombs and put them in some kind of drawstring bag to keep them together but be able to fit them into a stocking. Whatever works for you.

I think it would be really cute to get a pair of calf-length socks, stick one sock inside of the other and then stuff them with some of the bath bombs and have it sticking out of the top of a Christmas stocking — perhaps with the top of the pair of socks tied with some curling ribbon. 

TLD Candles S + P Shaker Set

TLD Candles S+P Shaker Set

TLD Etsy Shop | TLD S+P Shaker Set

You can pair the Galaxy Bombs with some eco-friendly candles like this so-cute Salt + Pepper Shaker Set from TLD Candles.

I love these for several reasons:

Candles smell great and add ambiance and atmosphere to any space. Ever since I was a teen, I have enjoyed lighting candles while taking a hot bubble bath. So relaxing!

More and more finding eco-friendly ways to consume goods is becoming more important.

TLD Candles S+P Shaker Set

And, I love a product that serves more than one purpose. Once you finish burning the candles you are left with a salt and pepper shaker set that not only extends the usefulness of the product but now every time the little Mason jar-themed set is used it will serve as a reminder of the thoughtfulness of the gift and the enjoyment of the candles.

Head to TLD Candles and check out all of the awesome items they have to offer. You can definitely find something for everyone on your gifting list.

And, finally, now that we’ve stuffed our faces full of delicious snacks and nourished the skin of our bodies and lips to prevent dryness it’s time to provide comfort for a different body part. The cold winds of winter mean that feet get cold. Cold feet make cold kids. And cold kids bug parents about being cold. So, let’s take care of that…


Invisasox No-Show Socks

Invisasox Website

Younger kids love fun, bright, colorful socks. It’s easy to find them everywhere — solid colors, stripes, or with their favorite cartoon characters or animals on them. Older kids, though, tend to prefer solids or stripes to wear on a regular basis. Here are some nice, neutral ones to consider.

No show socks are the current thing, apparently. I didn’t know I needed them in my life, but I think they’re awesome. And they are the most requested by my kids, too. Invisasox are easily the best brand of no show socks that I’ve found, to date. And, believe me, I’ve tried plenty. Some are great, but most of them tend to slip down inside my shoes and bunch up under my feet. I absolutely HATE that!

Invisasox No-Show Socks

Invisasox are made with a blend of breathable and ultra-absorbant cotton & spandex material. They hug the curves of your feet and do not slip due to a unique mesh heel grip that is incorporated into the design. And while most socks come in just a few different sizes, these are available in eight (yes, eight) sizes to get the best fit for your individual foot size.

Also important, while they grip your feet to prevent slippage they are designed not to dig into your skin and leave impressions after removing them. Ever had a pair of socks that left deep grooves around your ankles? It looks terrible, like the circulation to your feet must surely have been cut off while wearing them. Invisasox do not do that!

There are five colors to choose from — grey, black, white, beige, and brown. Select your shoe size and try them for yourself. They have a money-back guarantee, so I think it’s worth a try.

Since my kids (though teens and adults now) still love goofy, funny socks I will be stuffing their Christmas stockings with some holiday-themed fuzzy socks as well as a couple pairs each of Invisasox. Best of both worlds!

Unique Gift Ideas For Teens And Women --- Country Archer Jerky Co.-Cultured Candy-Bixby & Co. Luxury Chocolate Bonbons-Beessential Happbee Holiday Lip Balm Tin-Galaxy Bombs Bath Bombs-TLD Candles S+P Shaker Set-Invisasox

So, there. A few unique gift and/or stocking stuffer ideas. Which one is your favorite?

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