Supercharge Your Wellness

It’s tough times with Coronavirus. Will we ever get through this? When will it all end? I try not to dwell over it. I focus on the things I can control, such our health and wellness! Every so often, I try to change it up to keep us motivated! Are you ready to supercharge your wellness?

Supercharge Your Wellness
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How are you taking care of your health? My son and I go for a walk every morning during the week. I also do yoga and workout with resistance bands! I keep changing up my exercise routine but I think I’ll stick with yoga and my resistance bands! I like how I feel afterwards and I feel like I will get results! 

Stay hydrated 

I am always drinking water throughout the day and evening. I aim for 6 to 8 glasses a day! Of course there are days when I don’t even reach the minimum and others I exceed my goal! It’s all about balance. 

HydroJuge with Leopard Sleeve and straw

I am so excited to have the HydroJug! I chose the Blush HydroJug, Leopard Sleeve and HydroJug Straw

The HydroJug is a cute and chic way to meet your daily water intake. The HydroJug holds ½ gallon of water, BPA free, and dishwasher safe plastic. 

I love the sleeve too! It allows me to carry it via the handle or over my shoulder. Since the HydroJug is on the heavy side, I plan on using this around the house! 

Comfortable clothing

I live in leggings. Since the pandemic, I haven’t really purchased any new pants because I am worried I have gained weight and things would be too snug on me! I was a bit hesitant to even try leggings, but I am so glad I did. 

I was sent ALLways 7/8 Legging Black Lava Rock, ALLways Crop Legging Black Lava Rock, and ALLways NOLA Tank in Lupine.

ALLways 7/8 Legging Black Lava Rock

I chose the ALLways 7/8 Legging Black Lava Rock because the ⅞ leggings always fit me perfect (almost to my ankles). It helps when you’re short! 

ALLways Crop Legging Black Lava Rock

I also chose the ALLways Crop Legging Black Lava Rock because I know that spring and summer weather is coming up! I wanted a cute pair of crop leggings! 

ALLways NOLA Tank in Lupine

I originally chose a different top, but it was out of stock. It was recommended that I check out the ALLways NOLA Tank! I chose Lupine color! The tank is roomy and offers plenty of length! I also love the fit overall! The material feels really lightweight too! 

I am so impressed with the clothing from tasc! Both the leggings and crop legging feature a side pocket, which is perfect. I can stash my phone in my pocket as I am running around the house doing chores and such! Their clothing is high quality and so comfortable! 

Boost your household

I love my essential oils! I am so glad I was introduced to them. When I was first sent a set of oils, I had no idea how to use them or the purpose of them. That set actually sat in a dresser drawer for months before I was introduced to oil diffusers! That’s when I put two and two together and really explored essential oils! 

Edens Garden generously sent me their Terrazzo Stone Diffuser and Best of the Best Essential Oil Set

Terrazzo Stone Diffuser

I love the beautiful Terrazzo Stone Diffuser. As you can see, the water chamber features 130 ml capacity! This will allow you to diffuse for hours without having to refill as often! 

Best of the Best Essential Oil Set

I am excited to receive the Best of the Best Essential Oil Set, which includes: lavender, lemon, and Fighting Five Synergy Blend! I recently introduced my son’s teacher to essential oils. I had her start with an awesome oil diffuser plus a set of oils! I think that is the best way to start with essential oils! 

Calm your stress

There are times when I feel nervous, stressed out, overwhelmed, or even anxious. I usually feel nervous and anxious before heading out for a date or to volunteer in my son’s class! 

Calm EO and Tranquility Diffuser Bracelet Stack

When I feel nervous, I can quickly put the Tranquility Diffuser Bracelet Stack on my wrist and use a few drops of the Calm Essential Oil

I’ve never had stack bracelets, so I am very excited to add the Tranquility Diffuser Bracelet Stack to my collection! I love the look of the stack bracelets! It actually matches my vibe! After a few breaths of the Calm Essential Oil, I immediately feel relaxed! 

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