Reboot Your Health From The Inside Out

I’ve noticed I have gained some pudge. I am not happy with how my body looks, which affects my whole outlook. Even though I try to stay positive, I am always working on my health. I strive to be better, but not perfect. I am so excited to share ways to reboot your health from the inside out!

Reboot Your Health From The Inside Out
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When it comes to health, wellness, and beauty, it starts from within!

Reboot your inside

I am so excited to try keto-friendly products, such as MCT Oil and Keto BHB from Intentionally Bare. I have heard of MCT Oil but never really looked further into it until recently! It felt like forever waiting for these two products to arrive! As you can imagine, I was so excited when they showed up on my doorstep! I could barely wait until the next morning to try them! 

Intentionally Bare MCT Oil

While waiting for my MCT Oil to arrive, I obsessively researched and I’m glad I did. I thought I was supposed to start with 1 tablespoon, when in fact, I am supposed to start with 1 teaspoon! 

I’ve been taking my doses each morning and have noticed a big difference. I feel so productive during the day while my son is at school. I feel more focused when I need to get things done. I also have natural energy! 

The MCT Oil is a game-changer! As a vegetarian, I feel like I don’t have the energy as those who eat meat. I used to take vitamin B12 and iron supplements just to help boost my energy a bit. Since I started taking MCT Oil, I stopped taking my supplements because I wanted to see if it would actually work. 

Intentionally Bare Keto BHB

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Keto BHB, but I wanted an afternoon boost! There were days when I would make an iced coffee just for that extra jolt to help carry me through the afternoon! 

The first few days of enjoying Keto BHB, I found it was a bit strong, so I tried drinking half and waiting a few hours before enjoying the other half of my beverage. Otherwise, I use half a scoop and enjoy! Either way works for me. 

The Keto BHB gives me that boost I need.

Since starting both MCT Oil and Keto BHB I have taken a break from taking my supplements. It seems both products are helping me tremendously! 

I’ve tried collagen in the past and didn’t think much of it. I didn’t take it too seriously either, until a few months ago! I found a vegan collagen supplement that I love, and have since purchased more! 

Isagenix Collagen Elixir

When I was asked to try Isagenix Collagen Elixir, I was hesitant because I have already found a collagen product that I love! After a few days of thinking it over, I decided to give it a try! I was sent a 30 day supply of the Isagenix Collagen Elixir! 

They come in glass bottles, which is perfect for me. I love the already made product, I can enjoy it right away. It’s best to enjoy them chilled, so they are kept in the refrigerator. 

I love that I am caring for my health and wellness from the inside out. The collagen helps my hair, skin, and nails! 

Reboot your outside

I love beauty! I am so excited to receive new foundation and hair products to try! I was sent the  Jill Turnbull Weekenda Organic Plant-Based On the Go Hair Care and No Sweat Foundation from Jill Turnbull.

Jill Turnbull No Sweat Foundation

I am so excited to receive the No Sweat Foundation because I was low on foundation. I am loving this formula because it is the best cruelty free foundation. It’s smooth, gentle, and lightweight on my skin! The color is perfect for me too. I love the coverage, it’s buildable, without looking cakey! 

Weekenda Organic Plant-Based On the Go Hair Care

The Weekenda Organic Plant-Based On the Go Hair Care is so much fun! I love the cute bag and small bottles. I enjoy treating my hair, so this set is perfect for soft and manageable hair! 

L'Beauxtique Evening Body Serum

I love treating my skin after a shower. I tend to use a few layers of body lotion because my skin gets so dry. The same with my son. I use a lightweight body oil all over his skin. 

I am now using the L’Beauxtique Evening Body Serum all over for myself and my son. I think it helps calm us both down for the evening. It allows me to release the chaos of the day!

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  1. Kari B says

    That No Sweat foundation sounds like a miracle. I would love to give that a try.

  2. After lockdown I need a reboot .

  3. Brittany G says

    I love MCT oil

  4. Donna L says

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. athena graeme says

    Some great stuff. I’ve been looking into collagen, thanks for the extra boost.

  6. bn100 says

    could be a boost

  7. Nickie says

    I could use a reboot 🙂 , thanks for sharing.

  8. Lucy D says

    That Evening Body Serum sounds interesting! Admittedly, I have never thought about applying serum anywhere except my face, but it may be time to start!

  9. Dana Rodriguez says

    I think I would really like the elixer. Thanks for the suggestions!

  10. Christy Leonard says

    I would love to try the no sweat foundation. I’m a sweaty person and constantly having to reapply my foundation.

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