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Finally Getting It Right With Keto

How did Keto change my life? I want to share my story of how I went from weighing over 300lbs to loosing 127lbs in 16 months.

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A Keto Twist on Your Go-To Sandwich

A Keto Twist on Your Go To Sandwich
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The Keto Diet has been making its way across the U.S. as a top leading contender in weight loss. I have looked into this diet a few times but just couldn’t commit. I’m the type of person who needs it laid out in front of me exactly what I can and cannot have! Instead, I find tons of cheats or hacks, which is great except I still don’t know what I am supposed to have. In the meantime, I have been adding bits and pieces of the diet plan into my meals and one way I have found the easiest way to cut corners is with sandwiches.

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Where To Buy Keto Treats?

Where to BUY Keto Treats

I want to share with you a company that makes and delivers KETO TREATS right to your door. Keto…what?  If you haven’t heard of the Keto diet, what rock have you been hiding under? 

At the beginning of a new year, everyone is always on a DIET, and the KETO DIET is probably the most popular one.  Some of my friends last year were raving about the Keto Diet and a lot lost weight. I’ve never been a diet type of person, even though I should be, but the Keto diet did pique my interest. 

What is the KETO DIET?

LOW CARB, that is the keto diet.  The body produces ketones in the liver to used as energy. When you eat high carbs, your body produces glucose and insulin. Then when you lower your carbs, the body goes into the ketosis stage. 

Ketosis is the natural process when food intake is low. The goal of the Keto diet is to go into the metabolic state. Which okay, I get it a little, and if you want to know all the Keto medical jargon, then do a google search, but for today I want to talk about Keto Treats! I need treats in my life!

Keto Treats

Let me introduce you to EXPLORADO MARKET & FAT FIT GO- a full production keto/low-carb kitchen + grocery store + bakery in Fort Collins, Colorado. But no worries if you don’t live in Fort Collins, you can still their yummy keto treats! 

Now the keto diet has been around for a while, and Kendra and Rob Bensen started a blog with a focus on Paleo & Keto recipes, meal plans, and biohacking tips. Then they created their own kitchen, and Explorado Market was born. I love how they took something that changed their life and wanted to share with others. 

Where to buy Keto Treats- Chocolate Chip Cookies

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh my, the soft batch chocolate chip cookies are amazing!  All of their baked goods are made in gluten and peanut-free facility. The bakery is 100% Keto/Paleo. There is NO: grain, gluten, peanuts, soy, legumes of any kind, sugar, maltodextrin, sucralose. 

The ingredients: 

  • Allulose
  • Almond Flour
  • Explorado Market Chocolate Chips
  • Almond Butter
  • Eggs
  • Coconut Oil
  • Coconut Flour
  • Vanilla
  • Baking Soda
  • Redmond Salt

The best part is the when they ship the products, the freshness of the soft batch cookies is good for three months on the shelf (after you get them), six months in a fridge, and one year frozen. They are individually packaged. By the way, this would make an excellent gift for the Keto Dieter.  

We highly recommend the Keto Sweet Sampler Pack which you get:

Where to buy Keto Treats - Soft Batch Cookies
  • (2) Chocolate Chips Soft Batch Cookies
  • (2) Double Chocolate Soft Batch Cookies
  • (2) Cinnamon Roll-Soft Batch Cookies
  • (2) Cranberry Orange Soft Batch Cookies
  • (2) Strawberry Lime Fat Fit Go Sachets
  • (2) Premium Chocolate Fat Fit Go Sachets
  • (2) Keto Chocolate Chip Sachets

Let’s talk about this Strawberry Lime Fat Go packets– OMFG YUM! My daughter grabbed up this real quick and ate it at school as a snack with her apples. The ingredients: Blanched Roasted Almonds, Cocoa Butter, MCT Oil, Erythritol, Strawberries, Redmond Real Salt, Stevia, and Cold-Pressed Lime Oil.

Keto Treats- Nut butter and Chocolate Chips
Keto Treat-Nut Butter and Chocolate Chips

The packets are easy to throw in your purse, diaper bag, or keep in the car for when you need a keto treat! You can eat it straight from the packet, use it as a topping, or add it to a smoothie. 

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please go to and check out their products (they ship), or if you are ever in the Fort Collins, CO area, then please visit the Keto Bakery and small Keto grocery store.  You won’t be disappointed! 

By the way please check out my post about WEEKENDS! Also please comment on what KETO TREATS you like.

Delicious Keto Coffee Recipes

Delicious Keto Coffee Recipes - Bullet Proof Coffee - Hala Tree Coffee - Java House Cold Brew Coffee

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First of all, Keto is the latest lifestyle trend because many are having such successful results! Being on the Ketogenic Diet for nearly two months now, I can definitely agree that it has made me feel much better and caused my energy to increase.

In contrast, it took some time for me to get used to such a new way of eating. For example, embracing butter and oils. For my entire life, I can only remember hearing about the benefits of a low fat diet. Adding coconut oil to my coffee and cooking with butter? The horror!… [read more]

Quick Keto Dinner Recipes

Quick Keto Dinner Recipes


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I’m sure you’ve heard about the Keto Diet. I mean, seriously, who hasn’t? It’s everywhere these days!

After reading a few of the incredible success stories of Keto, I was convinced that maybe it wasn’t just a fad. From increased mental clarity to promises of great fertility, there seemed to be many more benefits besides just weight loss…. [read more]

Easy Keto-Friendly Avocado Egg Salad

Super easy avocado egg salad that is Keto-Friendly! This recipe can also be modified to be Weight Watchers-friendly!

Easy Keto-Friendly Avocado Egg Salad

As a single mom, I feel like I am always trying to juggle the weight of the world on my shoulders. It’s not easy being a parent, but being a single parent is even more difficult. I know it’s a challenge, but I am doing the best I can. With so little time to do everything, I am exhausted by the time my son gets home from school. Being on a budget, I am always looking for healthy and easy meals to make for us.

Ready for our Easy Keto-Friendly Avocado Egg Salad?

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3 Easy Keto-Friendly Drinks

Searching for energy? Get ready for Keto-Friendly Drinks that are super easy to make!

3 Easy Keto-Friendly DrinksBeauty Brite Disclosure

It seems the Keto diet is hot right now. I am already a vegetarian, but I am always looking to clean up my diet!  Being curious, I researched the Ketogenic diet and realized it would be even more restrictive for me, as I am already a vegetarian. That didn’t stop me from looking at coffee beverages to try!

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How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair

There are many benefits of the coconut oil when it comes to beauty. It hydrates your skin, heals the damaged hair, and promotes new hair growth. This is a natural way to take care of your hair without going through any side effects that may be associated with some chemical treatments.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair

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Coconut oil is affordable and easily available. It can be applied in two ways, either it can be used alone or you can mix it with other essential oils to get the best results for your hair care routine.

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Under The Sun And Beyond Must-Haves

Summer is right around the corner. I cannot believe my son is already out of school, however, he starts summer school in a few weeks! Thankfully, he loves school, so that keeps him busy during the day and gives me a chance to enjoy some quiet time. Ready for summer? Let’s share our under the sun and beyond must-haves! 

Under The Sun And Beyond Must-Haves
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Before we jump into the under the sun must-haves, I am excited to share a fun and easy keto cookbook! I have been casually doing keto! I have changed up my diet a bit. I am trying to eat more fruits, vegetables, and a healthy shake each day! 

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Reboot Your Health From The Inside Out

I’ve noticed I have gained some pudge. I am not happy with how my body looks, which affects my whole outlook. Even though I try to stay positive, I am always working on my health. I strive to be better, but not perfect. I am so excited to share ways to reboot your health from the inside out!

Reboot Your Health From The Inside Out
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When it comes to health, wellness, and beauty, it starts from within!

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