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Personal Care For The Modern World--Vellabox Candles, Essential Oxygen Oral Care, Bodyography Epic Lash Mascara, Busy Beauty Body Wipes
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I enjoy trying new beauty and personal care items and am excited to share a few new ones with you today. Candles are also something I love to sprinkle throughout my home, even in the bathroom. Switching up the scents I use for candles and other scent-effusing items helps add character to my rooms and keep them smelling great.

Personal Care For The Modern World Personal Care For The Modern World Personal Care For The Modern World Personal Care For The Modern World Personal Care For The Modern World


First, the newest room scents I’m using — Vellabox. The scents I enjoy using have to smell great but not be overpowering. They are intended to be there in the background to accentuate the coziness in the different areas of my home. I definitely appreciate these candles I received in the Vellabox monthly subscription box.

Vellabox Candles - Eleventh Candle Co. - Personal Care For The Modern World

I love monthly subscription boxes of all kinds. I’ve tried quite a few from different companies that have included everything from home goods, cleaning supplies, beauty products, books, and yarn. It’s just fun to have a little something come in the mail just for me every month. It’s a small way that I like to treat myself.

Vellabox is a monthly box you can subscribe to and receive awesome candles directly to your home every month, along with a surprise item. The box I received contained two hand-poured candles from Eleventh Candle Co.

The first is an 8 oz. 100% soy wax candle in a glass jar with a screw lid. The scent is called Winter, and I have this one right on the side of my bathtub. It smells a bit like a pine forest, which just makes me happy and peaceful. The woods and the mountains are favorite places for me. Nature (specifically wooded nature) helps one get back to the basics, breathe a little freer, and let go of the craziness of everyday life.

Top Notes: Lemon, Lime, Pine

Middle Notes: Clove, Allspice, Cinnamon

Bottom Notes: Raspberry, Maple, Musk

The second candle in Vellabox is a 4 oz. tin in a Cranberry Cider scent. Again, it’s 100% soy wax and hand-poured into a handy little tin with a pull off lid. It’s small and light, perfect to tuck into a travel bag to perk up any space from the office to a hotel room and everywhere in between.

This one smells just like a hot cup of spiced cider! Also, it pairs well with the Winter candle, so sometimes I burn them together in tandem.

Top Note: Orange

Middle Note: Cranberry

Bottom Note: Spice

The surprise item in my Vellabox is a 1 oz. tube of Aromafloria For Feet’s Sake Intense Repair Spa Foot Butter in Tea Tree and Mint. Key moisturizing ingredients included are shea butter and vitamin E. It’s paraben-free and has no artificial colors or fragrances. I love that this company uses cruelty-free practices, since preventing cruelty and abuse toward animals is an important cause for me.

Aromafloria Aromatherapy For Feet's Sake Intense Repair Spa Foot Butter - Tea Tree & Mint

I love tea tree scented products. I used to find tubes of tea tree lip balm at Great Clips where I usually get my hair cut, and would usually buy a few every time for myself and my daughters. Since then, I’m delighted to find that tea tree is a scent that is being offered more widely in many products.

Aromafloria Aromatherapy For Feet's Sake Intense Repair Spa Foot Butter - Tea Tree & Mint

After bath time, I like to apply a moisturizing lotion to my feet and put on a comfy pair of socks. In the winter time, especially, my skin tends to be a bit dry and I have to try to stay ahead of it by using good quality hand and body lotions often.

Love, love, love everything in the Vellabox!!! You can choose from several monthly box subscription levels:

The Lucerna Box: a 4 oz seasonal candle and bonus gift ($10)

The Ignis Box: an 8 oz seasonal candle and bonus gift ($20)

The Vivere Box: both a 4 oz, and an 8 oz candle and a bonus gift ($30)


This will make a great gift item to give or to receive, so don’t be shy about putting it on your Wish List this year!


I don’t wear a lot of makeup. My daily makeup routine usually consists of a little concealer to even out skin tone, a tinted lip gloss or moisturizing lipstick, and a couple of applications of mascara on my eyelashes. That’s it! Sometimes I use a little eye shadow, (very rarely anymore) eyeliner, and once in a blue moon some blush. But, it’s rare that I take the time to go that far.

Bodyography Epic Lash Lengthening and Curling Mascara - Personal Care For The Modern World

So, I buy mascara, like, all the time. I’m not brand loyal. And often when I go to buy a tube I can’t even remember which brand I am currently using. This inevitably results in me having purchased dozens of brands over the years.

Primarily, I use Black, though I have sometimes purchased Brown/Black. I haven’t used other colors of mascara much since I was a teen and young adult. But, I used to like to take my blue, green or purple mascara and run the wand along a few strands of my hair to give my hair style a fun twist.

Bodyography Epic Lash Lengthening & Curling Mascara is the most recent eye product to make it into my makeup bag. This jet black mascara is applied with a double-sided silicone wand that assists in providing lift and curl capabilities.

It’s a super smooth product that glides on evenly and definitely makes lashes look longer, plumper, and fans out individual lashes very easily. I would say it is easily one of the better mascaras I’ve used recently. All mascara products are not the same. Some are harder to apply without clumps hanging on or lashes sticking together in little groups instead of fanning out like I prefer them to.

Bodyography Epic Lash Lengthening and Curling Mascara

The last tube of mascara I bought, for example, was really frustrating to use because it caused my lashes to clump together. I am happy to throw that one in the trash and replace it with the Bodyography mascara. It works SO much better! Great coverage, smooth application, and perfect volumizing to make my eyes stand out!

Not a big deal, but the tube is also one of my favorite colors, I guess you might be able to tell by my nail polish! You can find it at Bodyography’s authorized online store and on Amazon.


Oral care, it’s important. I’m always interested in trying new products to keep my teeth looking great, especially if they provide whitening effects.

Essential Oxygen Oral Care Products-Organic Brushing Rinse, Organic Toothpaste, On-Demand Tooth Polish -- Personal Care For The Modern World

I was interested in Essential Oxygen because their product line includes not only toothpaste and mouth rinse, but also a tooth polish that reminds me of how great my teeth feel after leaving the dentist’s office after a cleaning appointment.

Essential Oxygen Oral Care Products-Organic Brushing Rinse, Organic Toothpaste, On-Demand Tooth Polish

After rinsing with the Essential Oxygen Organic Brushing Rinse, and brushing with Essential Oxygen Organic Toothpaste I was just chomping at the bit to try the Essential Oxygen On-Demand Tooth Polish.

Essential Oxygen Oral Care Products-Organic Toothpaste, On-Demand Tooth Polish - Personal Care For The Modern World

The two objectives of the tooth polish is to provide:

  • Whiter teeth
  • Reduced tartar

I am all in on this! I initially used the tooth polish on the upper and lower teeth in only one side of my mouth. I did this so that I could compare how my teeth look and feel with and without using it. Immediately after the first use, I could feel the difference. The side on which I used the tooth polish felt markedly smoother, just like after a dental cleaning. And that smoothness was still evident over the next day or two (without using the tooth polish again).

I am really impressed by that! And now I’m like, “Why haven’t other oral care companies made this kind of product available before?!?!†

These products do feature a Peppermint flavor, which is not a favorite of mine. But, it’s a very mild peppermint taste, I actually really like it. It’s also organic, BPA free, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. I love supporting companies that are kind to animals and the environment. It’s also free of sls, alcohol, glycerin, and flouride. Essential Oxygen is also a Certified Woman Owned company. Love that!

The product line was developed by Mystica Linforth, the founder of Essential Oxygen, to address her own oral care issues including tooth sensitivity, tartar buildup, receding gums, and deep pockets that caused her to have to visit her dental hygienist multiple times per year for cleaning. The rinse she developed took care of all of her oral care issues. Hence, thankfully, she developed an entire oral care product line to share with all of us!

Items from the Essential Oxygen that I’m using:


Essential Oxygen Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

I had no idea of all the uses hydrogen peroxide has, I’ll admit. But, you can use it so many different ways!

  • Gargle for a sore throat, swish for oral infections or canker sores, to clean ears (and earbuds!)
  • Clean toothbrushes, dentures, retainers, and water picks
  • Clean produce (fruits and veggie power!)
  • Clean and brighten kitchen countertop surfaces
  • Clean baby gear like high chairs, toys, etc.
  • Add to laundry instead of bleach to whiten and brighten
  • Add to vase water to prevent clouding
  • Add to diffusers along with essential oils
  • Great for pets to clean their teeth, get rid of skunk odor, and clean empty aquariums and fish bowls


Check out the Essential Oxygen YouTube page for tons of videos showing different ways to use this food grade hydrogen peroxide. I am a little hooked on watching them, myself. I’m learning a lot! Also use their Store Locator to find where it’s available in your area — or purchase online from their website, Target, Walmart, or Amazon.


If you travel, or work out, or just need freshening up anytime during the day — you have to try Busy Beauty Wipes. I have never found another similar product that is made as well as these. Ever!

Busy Beauty Body Wipes


  • Body Wipes – all over cleansing to remove dirt, oil, and odor from skin.
  • Face Wipes – removes dirt, oil, makeup quickly with no need to wash or rinse skin afterward
  • Deodorant Wipes – gently wipe under arms, no need to wash or rinse off. 

Each variety is individually packaged and are so slim that they will fit anywhere — a purse, gym bag, tote bag, carry-on luggage or you can tuck them into coat or pants pockets. Don’t let the slimness fool you! They are very generously sized, thick enough to be easily used, and saturated with the perfect amount of liquid to freshen you up but dries quickly to keep you on-the-go.

Busy Beauty Gigantic Showerless Body Wipes
Busy Beauty Body Wipes

I couldn’t believe how great the wipes are. I was just floored! These would be great for those times my kids call and need me for something so urgently that I don’t really have the time to take a shower. Or when someone calls saying they’re dropping by in a few minutes when you thought you’d have a day to just be home alone and not have to get out of your pjs. Or when you wanna hit the gym on your lunch break but not smell like a sweaty mess when you go back to work.

Busy Beauty Instant Fresh Deodorant Wipes
Busy Beauty Instant Glow Face Wipes - Personal Care For The Modern World

I used one of each of these, just to try them out, and literally felt so clean and fresh I might have been able to delude myself into thinking that I’d just stepped out of the shower. My daughters are always asking me to buy them stuff like this, and I have a feeling they are going to love them, too.

You can get yours at Busy Beauty, Kohls, and Amazon.

Personal Care For The Modern World--Vellabox Candles, Essential Oxygen Oral Care, Bodyography Epic Lash Mascara, Busy Beauty Body Wipes

Which of these fun, unique items would you most be interested in adding to your daily personal care routine?

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