It’s An Easy Tea-zy Kind Of Life

It's An Easy Tea-zy Kind Of Life - Dollar Tea Club
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It’s An Easy Tea-zy Kind Of Life

Fall is on the horizon. Hopefully sooner rather than later, we will begin to see some cooler weather. Summer is still hanging on hard. But, nothing lasts forever. I’m looking forward to the first crisp, cool day that a nice, hot mug of tea will be steaming in my hand.

Dollar Tea Club offers some really unique, sweet and savory flavors that I’m so into right now. You can get some other really great tea peripherals from this company, as well. Tools, storage options, additives — everything you need all in one place.

It's An Easy Tea-zy Kinf Of Life - 
Dollar Tea Club

This is a monthly subscription club that starts at $1.00. Yes, it’s one single buckaroo for the most basic subscription Dollar Tea Club offers, The Explorer. There is no annual membership fee, no contract. You simply join and get three loose-leaf tea blends each month for as long as you want to receive them. Cancel your membership at any time.

Each of the three blends that subscribers receive each month contain enough to make 2-3 cups. So, each month, the three blends you receive will make anywhere from 6-8 cups of deliciously aromatic tea. And you never know what you’re gonna get, so it’s always a surprise.

If you decide you like the tea a little more than 6-8 cups worth per month, you may decide to upgrade to The Sensei membership, which includes monthly shipments of:

One 50 g pouch of tea (20-25 cups)

The three monthly samples (as included in the basic $1.00/month subscription)

3 honeystix and 10 tea filters

Free Infuser (first shipment only)

Or choose The Sommelier membership for more options. This club is very customizable according to each individual consumer. I think it’s a pretty awesome array of options to choose from!

If you have no interest in regular monthly shipments, you can forgo that all together and just purchase whichever products you are interested in whenever you decide you want to shop. The company uses direct trade practices to make sure that they can offer the best quality ingredients at the best prices.

Allergen Alert: Dollar Tea products are labeled indicating that they may contain traces of almonds and nuts.

So, I tried a few samples of Dollar Tea Club blends. Also, their infuser, tea filters and some Honey Stix. These are the flavors:

Dollar Tea Club - Mindful Moringa
Mindful Moringa – Moringa, strawberry leaves, orange pieces, cinnamon, dandelion leaves, safflower petals
Dollar Tea Club - Masala Chai
Masala Chai – Black tea, cardamom seeds, ginger pieces, cloves, cinnamon pieces, black pepper

Dollar Tea Club - Organic Ginger Turmeric
Organic Ginger Turmeric – Ginger, turmeric root, carrot, beet and pineapple pieces, calendula petals

I was very, very intrigued with the ingredients listed! They sound wonderful, don’t they? Okay, I’ll admit, I was a bit hesitant about the black pepper in the Masala Chai tea variety.

Dollar Tea Club - Masala Chai

I thought it might make it too bitter for my taste. And while it does have a bit of a strong flavor, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t overpowering at all! It gave just the right amount of kick to the blend. It’s bold, but really satisfying.

Dollar Tea Club - Organic Ginger Turmeric

My favorite of the three blends, to my surprise, was the Organic Ginger Turmeric. It was so soothing to sip, and the aroma completely stimulated a sense of calm.

The infuser and tea filters are equally easy to use. I absolutely love that the tea filters simply need you to pull the strings while pushing the filter closed and it stays closed on its own. No tying or other securing measures needed. I really love that!

And, since I like a bit of sweetener added to my hot tea, I emptied a Honey Stix straw into the mug of each of the three varieties as I sipped them. I love that it’s a healthy way to sweeten the drink and blends in seamlessly for a really smooth drinking experience. None of the tea blends are artificially sweetened. They are all completely sweetened by the individual ingredients found in each blend. Honey Stix are the perfect way to infuse additional sugary-tasting sweetness, if you like.

Dollar Tea Club - HoneyStix

They offer more than thirty different tea blends. So do yourself a huge favor and go check out all the interesting and unique flavors available.

They have a very wide selection of different tea infusers available for purchase. I personally like the KitTEA Cat Tea Infuser, Mitten Tea Infuser, Owl Tea Infuser, and the Teapot Tea Infuser. Check out all the different accessories available. Good luck choosing just one!

One thing that I’d like to find out is if Dollar Tea Club offers any kind of on-the-go option to make it easy to carry your favorite blend, an infuser or tea filter, and a few of the Honey Stix with you when you leave your home. It would be an awesome thing if there was a convenient way to tote their products with you for use while at work, the gym, outdoor activities, or while traveling for work or vacation. 

You can learn about the different monthly plans to choose from as well as all the neat accessories you can find to personalize your tea experience.

If you’d like to give this as a gift to a special someone, you can! Head to their Gift information page and choose how much to send and a time frame to continue sending it to the recipient and Dollar Tea Club will take care of the rest!

I thoroughly enjoyed sampling Dollar Tea Club varieties. It made for an extremely relaxing afternoon as I sit here at my computer writing. Incidentally, my husband has been working a lot of long days recently and surprised me with an Edible Arrangements delivery. I love fruit and chocolate-dipped fruit is a true treat! My absolute fave is chocolate covered bananas! Yum!

And, no. I’m not really all that into stuffed animals. The teddy bear is for Charles, our Golden Retriever. He absolutely loves stuffed animals and other toys. He’ll walk around toting one or the other of them in his mouth about 95% of the time. We live on a piece of wooded property so sometimes he will drop toys in the woods while he’s out there wandering around. And, in case you’re wondering, he loves his new toy. It’s tucked into his dog bed at this moment.

If you have a minute, take a look at the tea varieties Dollar Tea Club offers and let me know which one you’d like to try. Happy sipping!

It’s An Easy Tea-zy Kind Of Life

It’s An Easy Tea-zy Kind Of Life

It’s An Easy Tea-zy Kind Of Life

It’s An Easy Tea-zy Kind Of Life

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