How To Stay Healthy Naturally

I love using natural products around our home! I also use natural beauty products as much as possible. While I am not perfect, I do try to buy natural when my budget allows. I am always looking for ways for us to stay healthy naturally! Let’s talk natural products

How To Stay Healthy Naturally
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I discovered two brands that I am so excited to share with you! I’ve never heard of either, so they are worth checking out! Not only that, they are incredibly affordable

Castile Soap in Double Mint Geranium Lavender and Unscented

I love using castile soap as a basic cleaner and even in the bath. I like to keep everything simple when it comes to cleaning. Castile soap is versatile and allows me to clean around the house!

I chose castile soap in Double Mint, Geranium + Lavender, and Unscented

When it comes to bath time, I prefer to use the Unscented or Geranium + Lavender with my son. We keep his products simple. We use a natural shampoo and the castile soap can be used to clean his body! 

I use the Double Mint to clean my floors, hard surfaces, and wipe down my doors! I fill a bucket with hot water and use a small squirt of castile soap. I use a basic mop to clean my floors. I also use a microfiber cloth to clean the baseboards, doors, and closets with the same mixture. 

I also wanted to try making my own basic hand soap with castile soap. I have a few recipes that I can try. With our constant hand washing, I wanted an affordable way to clean our hands!

Lastly, I use castile soap to clean my makeup brushes once a week. 

Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner

I love using natural hair products. The Rosemary + Mint Shampoo and Rosemary + Mint Conditioner keeps my hair soft and manageable. I notice that it doesn’t weigh down my hair. 

Green Goo First Aid

I am completely amazed by the Green Goo First Aid! We already wash our hands throughout the day, and even with the added Coronavirus, I make sure we wash our hands as soon as we get home. I noticed that my hands were starting to look dry and cracked! I use lotion and even natural shea butter and both weren’t able to soften and moisturize my hands! 

Within a few minutes of using just a few dabs of Green Goo First Aid, my hands were soft and renewed! I also like to use Green Goo First Aid with insect bites and any other minor scrapes and cuts! 

Cococare Almond Oil and Vitamin E Body Oil

I use the Cococare Vitamin E Body Oil on my son’s skin in the evening or after his bath. He has dry skin. The body oil is gentle and keeps his skin protected. 

Cococare Glycerin

I plan on making my own hand sanitizer, so I wanted to use Cococare Almond Oil and Cococare Glycerin for that. In the meantime, the almond oil can be used on our skin for an all over moisturizer

Cococare Lavender Oil and Tea Tree Oil

I use Cococare Lavender Oil with my son. When he needs to calm down or about to have a meltdown, I can either diffuser in an oil diffuser or use a few dabs on his neck, temples, and chest. The lavender oil is a miracle for us! It really does help to calm him down! 

The Cococare Tea Tree Oil is perfect for basic first aid. I can use it for cuts, scraps, breakouts, or to clean and sanitizer a hard surface! I can also add a few drops to my shampoo for a deep clean! 

You can find Cococare on their website.

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