Happy New Year And Time For A Fresh Start in 2019

2019 is here. It’s time for a fresh start!

Happy New Year And Time For A Fresh Start in 2019

Hello, 2019!

Happy New Year!

I honestly wasn’t even ready for the New Year. I haven’t thought of any “resolutions” as I’ve been focused on getting settled into our new home. December was a busy month for us as I bought a home. I’m pretty proud of myself (but nervous at the same time) because I am a single mom doing this all on my own.

We moved in fairly quickly. The first week after we got the keys, I had the carpets cleaned and the dryer vent cleaned! That same week, we bought new furniture too!

The next week, our mattresses were delivered. As of today, we are still waiting for our new furniture! We’ve been in our new home for over 2 weeks without furniture! At this point, I am a bit used to being without furniture. At least we have our comfortable memory foam mattresses!

Last year was the first full year as a single mom. It’s been pretty tough but it has forced me to realize how strong I am. So much has happened to us in the last few months. I am very thankful that my son and I have a roof over our heads. We are completely on our own but we are happy and that is all that matters.

Happy New Year And Time For A Fresh Start in 2019! I am ready for 2019!

I wanted to start the New Year off with getting back into my yoga and pilates! I am also keeping track of my progress with my Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch, I love that it tracks my steps and pairs with my smartphone. I think having a fitness tracker keeps me motivated and on track.

I haven’t really thought about my fitness goals. I do want to clean up my diet as it’s been a stressful few months. Since it’s a brand new year and a new start, this is a great time to start over!

Happy New Year And Time For A Fresh Start in 2019! It’s all about fitness for me!

I knew I wanted to start my yoga and pilates journey again, so I started with a few yoga detox workouts this morning. Pulling out my yoga mat made me feel really excited! Yoga is so calming and I need to rediscover finding my peace, sanity, and awareness.  It’s been so long since I’ve made the time for myself!

Here is one of them:

Since I am getting back into my workouts, I do like to take it at my own pace. Each day, I can easily choose a theme based on how I’m feeling I don’t want to rush, I just want to feel refreshed, stretched, and relaxed after each workout!

If you are looking to add yoga workout DVDs to your collection, check out Denise Austin Yoga Booty Barre and 10 Minute Daily Yoga Fix with Rainbeau Mars!

I’ve been slacking but now that I have a fresh start, it is time to get focus on myself again! I am always looking to lose weight and Weight Watchers is a great option. Here is a great article on getting started with Weight Watchers as a vegetarian.

Happy New Year And Time For A Fresh Start in 2019!

Are you ready? What are you focusing on this year?

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