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This year has been the craziest we’ve ever seen! With the novel Coronavirus pandemic, we have been forced to change the way we live, interact, learn, communicate, and more! I’ve been doing my best to stay motivated with my fitness and our health! I have since added a rowing machine to stay in shape! 

Beauty Brite Disclosure

When it comes to fitness or general health, staying hydrated is important! When I use a fun and delightful water bottle, it makes drinking my water so much fun! I prefer to use reusable bottles! 

Stay Hydrated

Not only do I like drinking water throughout the day, I love different reusable water bottles! I received the 64oz Narrow Mouth Water Bottle in Bubble Gum and 24oz Classic Tumbler in Day & Night. 

64oz Narrow Mouth Water Bottle in Bubble Gum

I may have received the 64oz Narrow Mouth Water Bottle in Bubble Gum, however, I requested the 16oz size. My intention was to use it when I was out and about running errands and volunteering in my son’s class. Unfortunately the 64oz is way too big and will be too heavy to carry with me on-the-go! 

24oz Classic Tumbler in Day & Night

I love the 24oz Classic Tumbler in Day & Night! I use it during the day when I am drinking my water. It keeps my water cold for hours too! I love the ombre look too! 

Stay Charged

I love my Lumicharge, so I was excited for the chance to add more lamps to our home! I still use my Lumicharge lamp at my workspace and it’s come in handy! I can charge my phone and I have the temperature and time right there in one product! 


When I saw the LumiCharge-LD, I knew I could use it in my kitchen. When I have to put dishes away or clean, I can listen to music right there. There are times when I use my phone to follow recipes. Now, I can charge my phone, listen to music, and have my phone right there to check recipes! 

I love the LumiCharge-LD! It was easy to set up. I love the light too! I can use it as a little light source in my very dark kitchen! 

The only thing I don’t care for with the LumiCharge-LD is that it is in Military Time! Other than that, I love the LumiCharge-LD

LumiCharge II in Black

I have a simple lamp at my bedside, but all it did was offer a soft light and a way to charge my phone. While I love the lamp, I knew I wanted a Lumicharge at my bedside. I have since moved my lamp to the living room. 

My LumiCharge II in Black now sits at my bedside! I love that I can charge a few devices, a nice lamp, weather, and time. 

The LumiCharge II in Black is a must have for our distance learning times or any household. The LumiCharge lamps are compact and fit into any lifestyle! 

Look Stylish 

I love my new athleisure pieces. I received the xLeisure Lounge in Black and xLeisure Lust in Black! I also received xMask Air in Black and Pink for my son and myself! 

xLeisure Lounge in Black

I am so impressed with the quality of clothing from House of X! The xLeisure Lounge in Black is so comfortable. When I do order more pairs, I will size up for a looser fit! While they fit perfectly, I do prefer a little more room. However, these give me a personal goal to focus on my fitness and keep going! 

xLeisure Lust in Black

The xLeisure Lust in Black is so chic and cute! I like the open back! The top will be perfect to wear in the summer! For now, I love wearing both the lounge pants and top at home. Whether I am working out, cleaning, or lounging around the house! 

I love both pieces from House of X! The xLeisure Lounge in Black and xLeisure Lust in Black are both cozy and soft. Since it’s too cold to wear the top outside, I am happily wearing them both at home, usually on the weekends! 

xMask Air in Black and Pink

The xMask Air in Black and Pink comes in handy whenever we venture out of the house! Masks have been mandatory for months, so I am happy to add masks to our collection! 

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