A Night Of Soothing Relaxation & Pure Romance

Now more than ever we need a little romance and relaxation. Whether you are having an evening with your significant other or practicing some self love; a soothing bath and a relaxing massage can easily wash away all the stress and tension built up in your body.

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A Soothing Bath

Rough day? A relaxing and soothing bath can help. A warm bath, the right ambience and some beneficial products can help you feel rejuvenated. To create the perfect ambiance, I love lighting some candles, dimming the lights and playing some of my favorite music. A great bath pillow and a wooden caddy are an added plus to help keep you comfortable and have a place to keep your wine within arms reach.

Adding bath salts such as The Healing Rose’s CBD Bath Soak can add to your self-love experience. It has a beautiful floral scent that is simply divine and offers aromatherapy benefits that can help relax your mind and senses. The floral notes can really fill the whole room for the ultimate relaxing vibe. The added CBD provides muscle relaxation and relieves built up tension and stress in your muscles and joints.

I used approximately 1/2 of the container of the CBD Bath Soak in a warm running bath and soaked for 45 minutes while enjoying the music and overall ambiance. My body felt ‘loose‘ and not as tight as it usually is. I loved that it left my skin touchably soft and not dried out. It did leave a bit of residue behind, so be sure to wipe your tub down when your done. The soak was a perfect start to my self care & romantic evening.

Massage The Stress Away

Who doesn’t love a good massage? After a long day at work or just simply sore due to muscle aches & pains, a massage can help ease stress and tension away. One thing that is always ideal to have on hand is a natural massage body oil, and we have one you would absolutely love!

The Healing Rose CBD Massage & Body Oil is a beautiful and light oil that absorbs quickly into your skin. It is not sticky or overly thick and has a very nice slip to it. The essential oils along with the 250mg of CBD Healing Rose’s massage oil gives you the much needed relaxing experience. Whether you are massaging your own sore muscles, having a professional masseuse use it on you, or simply your significant other giving you a massage for a romantic evening; it is the perfect way to end a day.

Since CBD contains anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, it makes for a great topical, especially in massage oils. It can help relax tense and sore muscles helping you escape from daily stressors. The lavender essential oil in The Healing Rose’s massage oil not only offers aromatherapy benefits, but it can also aid with anxiety, fungal infections, insomnia and even eczema.

When my husband gave me a back massage with The Healing Rose’s massage oil, I was like a pile of jello. The soothing smell of lavender was amazing, my skin was left soft & not greasy and my body was relaxed. It was the perfect way to end the evening and I had one of the best night’s sleep. So no matter what the circumstance, massaging the day away is the best way to relieve stress, tension, and soreness.

Protect That Pout

How can we forget those lips!!! After a soothing soak and a relaxing massage, your whole body from head to toe is feeling soft and rejuvenated. Yet we tend to forget about our lips that need a little TLC as well. The Healing Rose‘s CBD Lip Balm is a perfect addition to your self love routine. It contains all natural ingredients such as mango butter, honey, essential oils and of course CBD.

My favorite scent is the peppermint rosemary lip balm. It went on smoothly and did not pull or tug at my lips. Since it is made up of all natural ingredients, it is great for sensitive skin. The CBD in The Healing Rose‘s lip balm help heal and protect your pout leaving them kissably soft. It is ideal to use daily, especially if you live in a drier climate when dry skin can be an issue. So make sure you give your lips some daily attention so they will always be protected and smoochably ready.

Planning a romantic evening? What are some of your favorite ways to set the mood?

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