Walking Essentials For Any Lifestyle

Walking Essentials For Any LifestyleBeauty Brite Disclosure

For the last few months, I’ve been making the effort to go for a morning walk right after I put my son on the bus. I am enjoying the beautiful weather, fresh air, and the great feeling after walking. I like to walk for the low impact health and fitness benefits.

Are you ready for our guide to walking essentials for any lifestyle?

When my son and I moved back to California, it was a huge adjustment for both of us. He loves school and I am still finding my new routine. In the meantime, I am still getting settled in with services and such.

Walking is a nice and calming exercise for me. It gives me a chance to think and clear the daily stress which can affect my health. With that, I wanted comfortable shoes and an easier way to carry my essentials. I tend to wear my sunglasses and crossbody purse! The crossbody allows me to be hands-free and the sunglasses protect my eyes if the sun is bright!

As far as clothing, I choose relaxed fashion since I am outside! I love my slip-on shoes from my favorite brand. While they are made for walking, I didn’t want to wear them out as quickly as I have been with all my walking. I wanted a pair of shoes strictly for fitness!

Meet the Xero Shoes

Prio Running and Fitness Shoe

I chose the Prio shoes! It is suggested to order a 1/2 size bigger than your regular size. For a more roomy fit, go up a full size. I chose a 1/2 size bigger and I’m so glad I did! The sizing is perfect.

Wearing Prio Shoes

The Prio shoes require no “breaking in” period. I literally put them on one morning and went on my regular walk with no issues!

As you can see, the Prio shoes are great walking essentials for any lifestyle!

Normally, I carry my crossbody purse on my walks. I like to keep my essentials with me. However, my purse can be heavy at times.

Meet the Matador Hip Pack

The Matador Hip Pack folds down to the size of a lemon and comes with its own carrying pouch! The pouch is attached to the hip pack itself and I just keep it inside the pack when not in use.

Matador Hip Pack

The Matador Hip Pack features two main zippered pockets and a smaller (inner) zippered pocket inside the main compartment. I use the inner pocket to keep my ID, credit cards, and cash in.

The Matador Hip Pack is lightweight, adjustable and can be worn in several ways, besides your waist.

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Walking is a low impact exercise. Take advantage of the weather. Walking essentials for any lifestyle is adaptable!

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  1. I really need to start walking again… 🙂

  2. gloria patterson says

    Ever time I read the “Hip Pack ” I smile. I can remember having a “fanny pack” YEARS ago and wore it a lot. I don;t do a lot of walking due to hip/leg problems. But any time I do what I need just goes in my pockets.

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