Trendy Ways To Enjoy Your Beverages

I am always trying to stay hydrated throughout the day. My son and I drink water as I rarely buy soda! I do buy orange juice to drink in the morning! If I want to add a protein shake, smoothie, or meal replacement shake to my day, I do like to enjoy any of those too. There are also times when I add drink mix to my water just to change up the flavor since plain water is too plain! Other than that, we rarely drink soda. How do you enjoy your water? I found trendy ways to enjoy your beverages! Are you ready?

Trendy Ways To Enjoy Your Beverages
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If you’re a coffee or tea addict like me, you want your hot beverages to stay hot! I dislike feeling like I have to drink my coffee before it gets cold. I also love having a chic and sleek way to enjoy my hot beverages!

Hot Beverages

Reduce Tumbler and Mug

I love my hot beverages including tea and coffee! I’ve been looking for a nice tumbler to use to enjoy my coffee from every morning. My Disney mugs are my go-to for coffee but it gets cold quick! I hate having to rush to drink my coffee because it gets cold so fast! 

HOT-1 tumbler in Rose

Check out the HOT-1 tumbler in Rose and the HOT-1 mug in Charcoal and as you can see, they are sleek. Both are just perfect to use at home or on-the-go! The tumbler is super cute and I love that the lid is adjustable with how much I want to sip my coffee! I like to take my time and slowly enjoy my coffee! The adjustable vent allows me to choose! 

HOT-1 mug in Charcoal

The Hot-1 mug is perfect to use at the bus stop or out and about. The handle makes it easy to grasp, especially when I have one hand on my hot mug and another hand to hold my bag or my son’s hand! 

You can find the HOT-1 tumbler at Target and Amazon. You can find the Hot-1 mug at Amazon.

For The Chic And On-The-Go

BlenderBottle Classic - DC Comics

Whether I am working out, out for a walk, or relaxing at home, I love drinking water! The BlenderBottle Classic – DC Comics are so cute and trendy! I chose to receive the Batman and Batgirl BlenderBottle Classic bottles! They are lightweight and easy to carry with me on my walk!

The Batman BlenderBottle is cool, don’t you think? My son can easily drink his water throughout the day. He knows how to refill his BlenderBottle and loves adding ice!

The Batgirl BlenderBottle is feminine and adorable! I love using BlenderBottle products as I can easily drink water, add a drink mix to my water, or use them to mix a protein shake! 

How do you enjoy your beverages? Are you a coffee or tea lover? How do you stay hydrated? If you’re having trouble drinking your water, consider upgrading to a fun and sleek new container! 

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  1. They look like they insulate well!

  2. I like adding lemon ? to my water to stay hydrated. My cousin mentioned True Lemon. A box of individual lemon ? packets that has zero calories and no sugar count. It tastes really good mixed with water or even added to ice tea. The True Lemon ? is found in the sugar aisle at the grocery store.

  3. These look great ways to remind me to drink enough to stay hydrated. I always have to have a water bottle near as I have had kidney stones and this would be cute .

  4. These look like very quality & attractive products.

  5. I add lemon to my water at times also oeange it makes a nice change in flavor.

  6. Dana Rodriguez says

    I carry one around all the time for my water.Occasionally I will add a little flavoring to it.

  7. Tracy Robertson says

    I love the hot tumbler! I drink a lot of coffee, but luckily I also enjoy sipping on water all day long.

  8. Sandy Klocinski says

    I could use one of these…I just discovered this morning that the handle is coming off my favorite insulated cup. I always try to stay hydrated so I could use one for cold drinks as well.

  9. Kelly Kimmell says

    These look like good beverage holders. I would like to try the mug.

  10. Lydia Goodman says

    I am not good about drinking my water, just not a fan. I use crystal light mix ins otherwise I dont usually drink enough

  11. I really like that rose gold tumbler. It looks so sleek and attractive.

  12. I need new water bottles. I feel like I am way more hydrated when I use them.

  13. I like to drink herbal teas which is basically flavored water. I drink hot tea from a cup in the winter and ice tea from a water bottle with lots of ice in the summer.

  14. Steve Weber says

    I swear by my travel mug- I take it everywhere – and even when I walk my dog around the neighborhood.

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