Quick Holiday Gifts For Any Fashionista

Quick Holiday Gifts For Any Fashionista
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Do you have a fashionista on your shopping list this Christmas? The holidays have finally arrived and that means it’s time to get serious about coming up with some great holiday gift options. As someone that loves fashion, I’ve found some quick holidays gifts for any fashionista (including yourself) on your list!

The right makeup is essential for anyone that loves clothing and beauty trends. The perfect beauty products help complete any look, from day to night. I’ve fallen hard for the Shaina B. Cosmetics Miami Eyeshadow Palette. It’s absolutely gorgeous! The colors are so unique and exquisite!

I love the Shaina B. Miami Palette! It’s so versatile! To achieve this retro pin-up inspired daytime look: Lid: So Deco Crease and Outer Corners: Vice & Causeway (Blended) Brow Bone: Haulover Nude. I also added Shaina B. Miami PRO Lashes in Be Glam to finish the look off.

I love that the Shaina B. Cosmetics Miami Eyeshadow Palette has the perfect blend of stunning neutrals for during the day. In addition, there are also plenty of fierce party colors for at night. I also like mixing the neutrals and bold colors for a fun holiday look. I highly recommend using the Shaina B. Cosmetics Eye Crease Brush because it blends shadow evenly for a polished look. Finish the look with Shaina B. Miami PRO Lashes for a sexy and dramatic look.

This palette has an equal amount of shimmer and matte shadows, which makes it so versatile! The shadow blends easily and is highly pigmented. This is a perfect gift because you can create a variety of great looks with these beautiful colors. Here’s a list of the colors you’ll receive in this palette:


Haulover Nude:Pale gold with icy shimmer finish.

 Bisquecayne: Creamy beige with a matte finish.


Magic City: Medium, yellow gold with glittery, metallic finish.

Port-Au-Princess: Rose gold with metallic finish .

Heat: Intense copper with sparkling, metallic finish.

 Everglade: Deep bronze with gold sparkle .

 Causeway: Cool purple with a frost finish.

 Fountainblue: BRIGHT cobalt blue with a satin finish .


Wynwood: Warm medium brown with a matte finish.

South Peach: Warm orange with a matte finish.

So Deco: Mauve pink with a matte finish.


Vice:Warm burgundy with a matte finish.

Cafecito:Warm brown with a matte finish.

Design District:Cool black with a matte finish.

In conclusion, Shaina B. Cosmetics Miami Eyeshadow Palette and any other products from Shaina B. Cosmetics will please the fashionista on your holiday list. They are perfecting for gifting or receiving!

For a present, you can never go wrong with jewelry because it’s a timeless gift. I love the designs from WHITL Woodworking because they are so creative and lovely! Each one of their creations are the perfect balance of feminine with a little sweet southern flare.

Manufactured in Texas from ethically sourced wood, they are beautiful and morally-made. WHITL Woodworking also donates jewelry to the Women’s Job Corp that assists homeless women with finding employment. I love that because it’s a gift that’s fun to give and makes a difference!


For fall and the Christmas season, I enjoy wearing the Buffalo Plaid and Antler Earrings. Buffalo plaid is so popular now and the added little antler is the perfect compliment. From October through December, these earrings have been a great accessory because they’re so cute! They’re perfect for holiday dinners, bonfires, and Christmas parties.

The Leopard Print and Cross Earrings are one of my year-round favs! These are so sassy and girly, I just adore them! I proudly rock these at church, work, and even date nights!

For a bohemian look, the Maple Leaf Wood Earrings are a great accessory. These definitely attract attention because of the artistic and sophisticated look of them! In addition, the warm rust color is beautiful and pairs well with many of my black shirts and dresses.

In conclusion, I hope you’ve enjoyed some of these fun and unique gift ideas! They are trendy and should please any fashionista on your Christmas gift. Also, these options make a great present for yourself!

For More on These Great Products and Companies:

WHITL Woodworking: Website

Shaina B. Cosmetics:Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube

Create A Vanity Area For Your Teen

My little girl is a TEEN now and she wanted to redo her room. Now I can not afford to do a total overall of her room so I asked her what she wanted the most in her room. She said she wanted an area where she could do her makeup and hair.  Perfect! So I thought why not create the vanity area. 

Create A Vanity Area

For a vanity area, we would need table and storage items. I went ahead and checked online for used tables but couldn’t find what I wanted.  Then the next day I did a search for used desks in my area on Facebook Marketplace. You can also use Offer Up and/or LetGo apps to find items you might need. I did find a cool older desk on Facebook Marketplace. We arranged to pick it up and bam we had our vanity table! 

What Is Needed For The Vanity Area

Vanity Area for Teen Girl

The desk was a bit beat up and needed a good cleaning.  I asked my daughter if she wanted to paint it but to my surprise, she was good with the wood.  Easier process for me. By the way, I got the desk for FREE. So this project so far only cost me my time. Anything for my girl. 

I’m so happy the desk had drawers because this girl has so many beauty products plus hair stuff.  We cleared an area in her room where she wanted it and had her dad help me put the desk in her room.  He thought she was going to use this desk for a desk but he was super excited that we were going to create a vanity area with it.  I think he likes to see her do her homework at the kitchen table anyway. 

The next step was to buy a wall mirror- I got one at Home Depot for under $10.  We put that sucker up horizontally right above the desk. Then she wanted more light so we also put lights around the mirror.  Oh my goodness I want one now!  

A Must-Have- Tabletop Mirror

A Must-Have- Tabletop Mirror

I asked her if she was to get one thing for her vanity area what would it be- well she wanted an up-close tabletop mirror- well that is what she called it!

You know those mirrors that show everything on your face. I was super excited because I knew exactly what I wanted to get her- Ovente Tabletop Vanity Mirror with Wireless Speaker.  Oh my goodness mirrors have come a long way.  

The Ovente Tabletop mirror is AMAZING- everything a teen will love.  It has a dual-sided 360° swivel design with 1x5x magnification and 1x for every day with the 6’ dimension. Now the magnification is awesome but I couldn’t look at it too much- saw my wrinkles.  My daughter loves that side. 

Now here is the special part!

It has a wireless speaker so she can play music or talk on the phone while doing her hair.  I wish they had stuff like this when I was growing up. Plus it is cordless and rechargeable when it is needed. 

The LED (which is what you want-plus it is the closest to natural light as you can get) lights help her get ready in the morning for school.  Guess what we will never have to replace the light bulb, it will last for the lifetime of the mirror. 

Now besides all the cool aspects of this amazing mirror, it looks SLEEK, MODERN, and STYLISH! Plus it also comes in 3 Deluxe Colors: Baby Blue, Baby Pink, and White. 

Mission Accomplished! A Vanity Area

Mission Accomplished!  A Vanity Area

I’m super happy how the vanity table turned out and that she uses it- every day!  My goal was to give her something she loved without going broke. She wanted a cool tabletop mirror and I gave her that for sure.  Not many girls can say their mirror plays music or can talk to friends while using it to get ready for school. 

If you are looking for the perfect gift for TEEN GIRL you need the Ovente Tabletop Vanity Mirror and it is under $50!  Plus it makes a wonderful addition to a DIY Vanity Area.

Why We Switched To Cloth Diapers

Why We Switched To Cloth Diapers

I have found several perks to using cloth diapers instead of using disposables. First and foremost it is better for the environment.  Did you know that 92% of disposable diapers in up in a landfill and that it takes anywhere from 205-500 years for them to break down.

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Personalization Should Be A Part of Gift Giving

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Being pregnant was such an amazing time in my life. We had battled with infertility for years and when I knew my son was actually going to make it I was ecstatic. Thinking about names was such a stressful time. As a child I grew up with a name everyone had, “Elizabeth”. May not seem so common but when I was little we had 9 in my class.

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