Traveling with Little Ones; How we Survive the Trip

Tips to Make your Vacation Travels Easier and Stress Free

Our house is truly blessed by family who have vacation homes for us to use each year. My cousin has a beach house and offers us a discounted rate for our summer vacations.

Planning the trip is always easy. Getting there, however, is always a pain in the butt. I usually have a toddler and small dog in tow and it is difficult traveling without pulling out my hair.

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Travel Comfortably With One Pillow

Travel Comfortably With One PillowBeauty Brite Disclosure

I used to travel a lot for beauty events, and sitting on a plane from Chicago to LA is never fun or comfortable. I wish I had something like the SONDRE Voyage Pillow ($27.95) with me. It’s a compact, multi-purpose travel pillow and eye mask that features a sculpting microbes pillow with a signature poly-spandex band for customization.

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