Travel Comfortably With One Pillow

Travel Comfortably With One PillowBeauty Brite Disclosure

I used to travel a lot for beauty events, and sitting on a plane from Chicago to LA is never fun or comfortable. I wish I had something like the SONDRE Voyage Pillow ($27.95) with me. It’s a compact, multi-purpose travel pillow and eye mask that features a sculpting microbes pillow with a signature poly-spandex band for customization.

Are you a frequent traveler?  Or do you find yourself traveling with the family?  Either way, we found the SONDRE Voyage Pillow.

Whether you need an eye mask or travel pillow, the SONDRE Voyage Pillow fits the bill!

What I love about this is the eye mask. While I could bring my pillow on the plane with me, sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep with everything going on around you on a plane. With the eye mask, you can easily relax and get some sleep on a flight.

I’ve learned how important it is to pack light when traveling by plane.  I tend to be an over-packer, so I am always looking for compact size products!

The compact size is perfect to fit in your carry-on or checked bags, or even an overnight bag. With the versatile design, you’re sure to find the perfect sleeping solution while traveling. Some little facts about this, there are thousands of microbes that allow you to sculpt perfectly to your sleeping position, which in the ends will provide the support and comfort needed.

The Voyage Pillow UnpackagedUp Close Image of the Voyage Pillow

I’ve used the SONDRE Voyage Pillow on various road trips visiting family and friends and it’s really soft and comfortable on my skin. The eye mask seriously blocks out the sun, and it’s amazing! I don’t wear sunglasses since I have regular glasses so having something like this is really helpful. I’m prone to migraines, and this pillow doesn’t make my migraines worse. In fact, I’ve never had an attack while using the SONDRE Voyage Pillow.

The SONDRE Voyage Pillow is available in four colors: Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, Paris Green, and Sunrise Red, the Voyage Pillow is a great product for anyone who does a lot of traveling. It doesn’t matter if it’s by plane, train, or car, it’s a must-have for making long trips more comfortable.

You can order your SONDRE Voyage Pillow conveniently online where they are currently on sale for $24.95. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to bring with you in your luggage, and that’s comfortable, I highly recommend checking this out!

What color would you choose?

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  1. I should get that for my father. He travels constantly.

  2. My husband travels for work and this would be useful.

  3. This looks awesome! my sister travels constantly for work. I may have to get her one.

  4. kristamiller5425 says

    I like the ocean blue color but I don’t think this pillow would be supportive enough.

  5. Kelly Kimmell says

    These look interesting, not sure they would give enough support for my neck though.

  6. I need of these for traveling or just hanging around the house. My neck is always needing extra support and this looks super comfy.

  7. I need to check this pillow out. Thank you for sharing.

  8. This is pretty cool! I like that it’s small for travel and it’s stylish! I might need some of these for our trip next year!

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