Suncare Essentials and Beyond

Suncare Essentials and Beyond

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When I was growing up, we had a pool. As soon as the weather started warming up, my brother and I would swim as soon as our parents said it was okay. During the week, it was in the evening after they got home from work. On the weekends, we spent hours in the pool! My mom always reminded us to apply sunscreen before jumping in the pool. Sometimes, we would put on the sunscreen at the sliding glass door or right outside the door because we were so excited to swim.

I received Safe Harbor Sensitive Lotion SPF 50, Lavanila Laboratories Deodorant from the Healthy Sport Luxe Collection and Oil Essentials Argan Wheat Germ.

When I think of spending time under the sun, I think about getting sweaty from the heat! Also, when I do my walking and jogging on the treadmill, I do my best to get a great workout and feel great afterward. I always get sweaty after my workouts. I always start my day with deodorant! I really like the deodorant from Healthy Sport Luxe Collection. The scent is subtle but refreshing. It keeps my dry and feeling great all day. I really think it lasts a good 24 hours, even after showering.

Suncare Essentials

As a family, we rarely spend time under the sun. We love going to Walt Disney World for a week or more! That is pretty much the only time we spend time a lot of time in the sun. When we do go, I always pack our sunscreen! I would apply sunscreen on my son before we leave for the parks and then I apply on myself. I make sure my husband uses sunscreen too.
When the sun starts to shine, I try to apply sunscreen on my son before I put him on the bus. He always dislikes having lotion put on his face but it is part of our routine.

I started using Safe Harbor Sensitive Lotion SPF 50 last weekend. Even if we are stepping outside for a few minutes to get the mail, I still apply sunscreen on myself and my son. I apply the lotion every morning during the week since he goes to school this summer. My son gets silly and ticklish when I put lotion on his face but he likes the attention. The lotion has a nice scent to it, I cannot place the scent but it reminds me of an island/beach scent. It is very pleasant and I can smell it throughout the day.

Lotion and Argan Oil

I love argan oil. I love using natural oils for beauty. I use oils every evening! I have so many oils that I rotate them. I started using the Oil Essentials Argan Wheat Germ for my hair and body moisturizer. I use it after showering as a leave in conditioner. It helps detangle and tame my hair. I use a few drops in the evening and in the morning to help add shine to my hair during the day. Argan oil leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. I also use Argan oil as a spot treatment on my body for stretch marks and scars! It adds an extra layer of moisture to my skin.

All three items are perfect for fun in the sun and afterwards. Use argan oil to help soothe your skin and hair before and after your days in the sun. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

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