Prepared For School And Beyond

Prepared For School And Beyond

Prepared For School And BeyondBeauty Brite Disclosure

My son and I moved back to California almost a year ago. This will be his first full school year in California and he will be starting middle school! It’s been a rocky road to adjusting to our new life. I am doing my best to provide for my son, however, it’s not easy. I am trying to stay positive in a very negative environment.

With school starting very soon, parents everywhere are scrambling to get their school supplies and snacks ready, get caught up on cleaning around the home, and finding new clothes and accessories!

Get Prepared For School And Beyond! We have just the products for you!

Andis Easy Cut Adjustable Blade Clipper kit
Photo Credit: Andis

With my son having Autism, we’ve always cut his hair at home! Now that I am a single mom, we’ve had to make many lifestyle adjustments. My aunt has cut his hair twice for us now. I wanted to be able to give him haircuts without bothering family, so I wanted a hair cutting kit of my own!

I’ve been wanting the Andis Easy Cut Adjustable Blade Clipper kit for a while now. It is exactly what I needed to patiently cut my son’s hair at home.

Andis Easy Cut Clipper
Photo Credit: Andis

As a single mom, I am on a very limited budget. Giving my son haircuts at home not only saves money, but it allows us to work with his needs and his timetable. You can purchase the Andis Easy Cut Adjustable Blade Clipper kit at Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Be prepared for school and beyond by giving your kids haircuts at home with the Andis Easy Cut Adjustable Blade Clipper kit!

Genial Day pads and liners

I have always been a lifelong feminine pads and liners user. When I first started my period, I wasn’t always prepared. After going through an experience where I wasn’t prepared, I always make it a point to carry feminine products with me in my purse or handbag.

I was recently introduced to Genial Day products. They offer personal care products that organic and made with eco-certified materials, vegan, and cruelty-free. I am amazed that they protect me from leaks and messes too!

I had a very embarrassing experience when I was out and about running errands. We stopped for lunch at a restaurant. I could tell my flow was heavy.

I realized my flow was so heavy, I leaked all the way through my pants and even the booth we were sitting in. I was wearing a heavy flow pad too. Thankfully, we were getting ready to leave, so I quickly changed my pad and covered myself with a sweater I had.

Now, imagine if I was wearing a Genial Day Super Absorbency Heavy Flow pad! I no longer worry about leaking!

You can find Genial Day Super Absorbency Regular Flow and Super Absorbency Heavy Flow on Amazon.

Be prepared for school and beyond with Genial Day products!  Keep them with you!

ROCCAT Khan AIMO Illumination Gaming Headset box
Photo Credit: ROCCAT

I know how much people can love their gaming headset as they use it to communicate online. I used to be married to a gamer too. My son also loves wearing a gaming headset when he’s watching Youtube videos!

Since we are on our own and rebuilding, I wanted my son to have his own gaming headset. I was lucky enough to be sent the ROCCAT Khan AIMO Illumination Gaming Headset! Not only is the sound crisp and clear but it is also noise canceling. He tends to wear headphones to help protect his ears from loud sounds. He is very sensitive to loud noises, so I do remind him to put his headphones on when I know he will need it.

ROCCAT Khan AIMO Illumination Gaming Headset
Photo Credit: ROCCAT

So, the ROCCAT Khan AIMO Illumination Gaming Headset comes in handy for watching videos or wearing out and about as a noise-canceling headset.

Philips Elite Wireless Charger

I’ve been wanting to replace my wireless charger for a while now. I didn’t appreciate it when I did have one. Since I am so bad at breaking my cords, I wanted a wireless charger! The Philips Elite Wireless Charger is perfect. While mine doesn’t light up when it’s charging, I can tell it’s charging when I first place my phone on the charger by looking at the screen.

You can purchase the Philips Elite Wireless Charger at Jasco and Home Depot.

Philips USB Wall Charger

Since I have a lot of devices that I use on my nightstand, I knew I needed the Philips USB Wall Charger. It includes 6 AC and 4 USB plugs. I can easily use my Amazon Alexa, oil diffuser, phone charger, and anything else I need to plug in without worrying about running out of a place to plug in.

The Philips USB Wall Charger works perfectly for the whole family! You can easily keep this in a main room where everyone can charge their devices in one place. So convenient! You can purchase the Philips USB Wall Charger at Jasco, Amazon, and Home Depot.

4 Port USB Charging Station

Between my son and I, we have a few devices we use. He has his Amazon Fire Tablet, I have my smartphone and Amazon Alexa! The Philips 4 Port USB Charging Station is perfect for us! I keep this in the family room, which includes my work desk and a place for my son to watch television. I can easily charge our devices in one place. You can purchase the Philips 4 Port USB Charging Station at Jasco, Amazon, and Target.

Cordinate Décor Extension Cord

My son has an outlet next to his bed, however, it is a bit away from his nightstand. I wanted an extension cord so I could have an oil diffuser going at night. The Cordinate Décor Extension Cord is heavy duty and works perfectly! Now, I can have a few things plugged in on his nightstand. You can find the Cordinate Décor Extension Cord at Jasco, Amazon, and Home Depot.

As you can see, Philips keeps a family prepared for school and at home with their USB and outlets to charge our devices!

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How do you stay prepared for school and beyond? Tell us your tips and tricks to keep your family ready for each day!

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