Powerful Pain Relief Without A Prescription

Powerful Pain Relief Without A Prescription-CBD For Life Pain Relief and Beauty Products

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I keep hearing about so many new products hitting the market that contain CBD extract to address a multitude of issues people face. It’s increasingly getting more press time in the media and the industry is growing. I have been interested to learn more for a while. So, here it is, my very first experience using a Cannabidio (CBD) infused pain management product, and my thoughts about it.

So, I’m not old, only in my forties. But, I guess I’m getting to that stage in life where my body just won’t tolerate the careless ways we often treat ourselves. Gone are the days when I enjoyed waking up the morning after, say, a day-long adventure on my feet being constantly on the go without feeling any negative effects at all. These days, if I spend a day or two deep cleaning my house I’m almost certain to wake up the next morning to choruses of agonizing screams from my back, shoulders, elbows, hips and neck.

I typically head straight for the ibuprofen, down a few, and get moving in hopes that the movement will help my body loosen up. Some days are more successful than others in that respect. Sometimes, even ibuprofen won’t get rid of the pain and discomfort.

Still, I have a husband, children, and pets that count on me moving my butt to take care of them — no lounging around for me. Gotta just get up and start moving anyway.

Life is hard. Like, really hard sometimes. It can beat a body up a bit with everything we put ourselves through. I, personally, seem to always be on the move with a to-do list about as long as my arm.

Family needs help with different things, the kids have school events or activities or appointments to get to, there are constant (oh, so constant) errands to run to keep the household running smoothly.

Groceries to buy and lug home, meals to prepare, pet feed and other necessary items to heft out of my car, laundry to do, beds to change, cleaning to try to keep up with. Then there are the animals to consider, with their feeding and walking and nail trimming and brushing, and heavy feed bags, and on and on … and on and on.

It’s just constant. Over and over, again and again. The same stuff to keep up with. It’s hard on a body. And the older I get, the harder it is. I know you feel me out there in Internetland.

My normal go-to for body aches and pains has always been simple, two or three (or sometimes four) ibuprofen and occasionally the comfort of a heating pad. I avoid pain relief creams and sprays like the plague because they primarily have a really strong peppermint smell that I don’t care for.

I’ve used topical pain relief creams and sprays at times before, but most of them have a really strong smell and, while they do provide some relief, they also can feel a bit like I’ve lit my skin on fire. Seriously, once or twice I sat there and watched my skin after applying one of these products because my skin felt hot and I wanted to see if the skin would blister.

CBD For Life Cannabidiol infused pain management and beauty products

So, I’m not a huge fan of most topical products like those smelly creams and sprays. And I was a bit hesitant to try CBD products, too. Not because I’m a prude or anything, and I don’t have to pass a drug test for work (even though these products are marketed with campaigns that say you don’t get high from using them), but I just had so little knowledge of how they do work. (And, all right, there was a little voice in my head, drummed into it by attending those famous D.A.R.E. talks in our school gym every year when I was young, that talked about how bad drugs are and all that.)

I decided perhaps it was time for me to give some of the CBD-infused pain relief products a try to see what all the fuss was about. I heard of a company called CBD For Life and checked out their website to see what they had to offer.

Their pain management and beauty products use 99% pure CBD extract that is derived from the stems and stalks of industrial hemp. Many people worry that these type of products contain THC, that part of cannabis that gets people high. But, they don’t. I’ve been using CBD For Life lotions, a rub and a roll-on oil for weeks now and haven’t once gotten high. Promise!

Since, my main health complaints are overall body aches and pains and skin sensitivity (my hands get really bad sometimes when using cleaning products and are prone to the skin drying out, cracking and sometimes bleeding) I chose a few products to address those issues.

Here are my thoughts about them.

First, and foremost, I want to address the items I chose for pain relief — CBD For Life Rub and CBD For Life Roll-On Oil.

At the time I received these products, I was having issues with some discomfort in my elbows. I spend a lot of time at my computer with my arms and elbows sitting on a hard counter surface. I had noticed some pain in my elbows and also my neck from this daily activity. So, I decided to do a little test.

CBD For Life Cannabidiol infused pain management and beauty products

I applied the CBD For Life Rub (the one I got has a really refreshing Lemongrass scent) to one elbow and also to my neck, and the CBD For Life Roll-On Oil (in Original scent) to the other elbow to just see what happened.

CBD For Life Cannabidiol infused pain management and beauty products

First off, the rub went on very smoothly with no need to apply pressure at all. For me, the roll-on oil seemed to need to have a little pressure applied to keep the ball rolling while dispensing the oil, which caused a very mild level of discomfort to my sore elbow. It could be that perhaps I might have “primed” it a little first by rolling it around a bit before trying it on the painful area, but I’m not always a patient person and I was really excited to see how these pain relief products might work for me.

I was stunned. Literally, just stunned. Within about a minute (yes, 60 seconds) I noticed a remarkable level of pain relief! From the rub and the roll-on alike, the pain was just GONE! I could bend my elbows and move my neck all around with no discomfort at all!!!

CBD For Life Cannabidiol infused pain management and beauty products

It not only worked better than other pain relief creams I’ve tried, it also didn’t have that awful medicine-y scent that announces to the world that you’re using a pain relief cream. You know the smell I’m talking about, right? 

The rub I chose features a Lemongrass essential oil scent that I really like. The Original Roll-On does have a very mild minty scent like most pain relief creams and sprays, but I swear I also smelled a very mild cinnamon scent, too. I have no idea if cinnamon is an ingredient, though. In any case, the overall scent is very mild. I had to literally hold my arm up to my nose to be able to actually smell it, at all, unlike other brand creams that you can smell all the way across the room from someone who’s using them.

The roll-on is the perfect size to tuck into my small makeup bag that I keep in my purse. And the rub sits next to my computer in an organizer where I keep all my necessities such as pens, markers, planner, and other paperwork.

CBD For Life Cannabidiol infused pain management and beauty products

So, I was really encouraged to move on and give the skin care items that I’d selected a try — CBD For Life Pure CBD Hand & Body Massage Lotion and CBD For Life Pure CBD Foot Cream (because did I happen to mention that I’m constantly on the go?).

Both of these lotions have been a wonderful addition to my skin care routine. I particularly like to apply the foot cream after a relaxing hot bath. I apply it liberally and put on a pair of socks before heading to bed. It really helps soften up the skin on my feet that gets rough with being on my feet a lot.

Same with the hand lotion, I wait till I’m done reading or knitting or whatever I’m doing before I go to sleep. Then I will apply a liberal amount and work it into the rough, chapped skin on my hands before turning in for the night. These products make the skin on my feet and hands feel revived and soft and supple.

Also, I’ve noticed that when my hands are sporting rough patches or even cracks in the skin that I can really layer the hand lotion on thick before going to bed and wake up with skin that looks and feels like it’s gone a long way toward healing during the night.

Powerful Pain Relief Without A Prescription

To anyone who has been hearing about CBD products and waffling back and forth about whether they should give them a try… I heartily say Go For It! I am really loving the CBD For Life products I’m using and am looking forward to seeing what other things they offer that I might try in the future.

To find a store near you that stocks CBD For Life products, check out their store locator.


Have you tried CBD products to address health or beauty issues? Share your experiences with us!!!



Powerful Pain Relief Without A Prescription

Powerful Pain Relief Without A Prescription

Powerful Pain Relief Without A Prescription

Powerful Pain Relief Without A Prescription

Powerful Pain Relief Without A Prescription

Powerful Pain Relief Without A Prescription

Powerful Pain Relief Without A Prescription

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