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Natural Fragrance For Healthy Beauty - Luna Noel Natural Fragrances

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I love perfume, it’s one of my favorite indulgences. However, there can be many harmful ingredients hidden in our favorite bottles of fragrance.  With the popularity of natural fragrances on the rise, I thought it was time to start investigating an all-natural alternative.

Luna Noel was created by two best friends on a mission to create beautiful aromatherapy perfumes with organic plant oils and ingredients. Each fragrance contains no emulsifiers, just flower oils, plant oils, and reverse-osmosis structured water. Each bottle is filled with beautiful crystals that compliment each fragrance.

Luna Noel Earth Mood Perfumes Crystals

The two fragrances I experienced, were Desert and Woods.

Woods Earth Mood Perfume was my favorite! My childhood home was surrounded by beautiful, lush woods. I spent countless hours as a kid playing under the cover of those trees. One of the scents I’ll never forget is the smell of the woods right after rainfall. The scent of the wet earth and the damp wood was so clean, refreshing, and renewing.  Woods by Luna Noel has captured that scent perfectly. When I spritz it on my wrist, I’m instantly transported to those dense woods that were my childhood sanctuary.

Woods Earth Mood Perfume is very earthy, pure, and grounded.

The scent notes in Woods are: Vetiver, Fir Balsam, Hyssop, Spruce, Juniper Berry, Vanilla, living h20, + tiger’s eye.

Desert Earth Mood Perfume reminds me of the dry heat and red rocks of Arizona. This was my husband’s favorite scent because it smelled adventurous and energizing. This scent is what I need to remind me of summer during these frigid, dull months of winter. I plan to wear this scent more as the weather warms, it is a great summer fragrance.

Desert Earth Mood Perfume is very adventurous, alluring, and spicy.

The scent notes in Desert are: Neroli, Orange, Geranium, Ginger, Ylang Ylang, Carnelian Crystals + Reverse Osmosis Structured H20

Natural Fragrance For Healthy Beauty - Luna Noel Natural Fragrances

If you’ve been considering a natural alternative for perfume, Luna Noel has a selection to fit every mood and scent preference. This has been a great option for me, especially since I struggle with asthma. I appreciate that I can understand the ingredients going into each bottle, and not have to worry about chemicals that may cause harm to my body.


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Natural Fragrance for Healthy Beauty


Natural Fragrance for Healthy Beauty Natural Fragrance for Healthy Beauty 

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