Kettlebells: Best Workout For Busy Moms

Kettlebells: Best Workout For Busy Moms

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I consider myself to be a busy mom! Not only am I a single mom, but I don’t have any help raising my son. My son has Autism and special needs, so it’s a little bit more of a challenge. When I do have time to myself, it’s usually when he is at school. He likes to be by my side when he is home.

I’ve tried kettlebell workouts before, so when I was offered the chance to try them again, I knew it would be a nice change. I’ve been struggling with trying to slim down. I love pilates, yoga, and walking.

I wanted to add strength and cardio.

Kettlebells are the best workout for busy moms because it targets so many muscles in so little time!

18 lbs kettlebell

Years ago, I bought a set of kettlebell workouts. It came with a set of DVDs and a small kettlebell. It was just perfect and so much fun to do. The workouts were all under an hour or so. I remember the workouts to being perfect for beginners.

Over the years, I’ve tried many different workout programs:

  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Weights
  • HIIT, and more!

However, due to health, I had to slow down on the cardio and HIIT. I’ve injured myself and I’ve suffered from vertigo, both of which have slowed me down.

I was looking for a great workout to try that didn’t take a lot of my time and helped me slim down and tone up! Kettlebell workouts are perfect! I found several workouts on Youtube that are all under 25 minutes.

Are you ready for the best workout for busy moms?

Are you a mom with limited time on your hands? Always taking care of your family but still want to find time for fitness?

I knew I wanted to incorporate more weights and strength training in my fitness routine. The only fitness equipment I have are a few yoga mats and a pair of 3 lbs hand weights. So, adding kettlebells is the great addition! I like to keep my fitness simple and easy!

I was so excited when Kettlebell Kings offered to send me a kettlebell. It had been years since I did a kettlebell workout, so I took the time to find several workouts on Youtube to try once my weight arrived! I was sent an 18 lbs kettlebell from Kettlebell Kings and I could barely wait to try my first workout using weights again!

kettlebell size difference

Unfortunately, about 5 minutes into my workout, I realized the 18 lbs kettlebell was too heavy for my fitness level. I ended up purchasing a 10 lbs kettlebell from Kettlebell Kings! I was so impressed with their fast shipping, communication (via text and email), that I had to purchase directly from them!

I am so happy to report that the 10 lbs kettlebell is the perfect size weights for me! I’ve been doing kettlebell workouts about 3 to 4 times per week. I try to do a different workout each time to change up my routine and work my muscles. My kettlebell workouts definitely allow me to build my strength and I get the cardio too! Not only are my workouts less than 25 minutes, but I work almost all of my muscles in that short amount of time each morning!

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Are you ready to try Kettlebells: the best workout for busy moms?! I highly recommend finding a few beginner videos that show you how to swing the kettlebell to avoid injuries.

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  1. Ondria Witt says

    I love Kettlebells! My grandmother actually introduced me to them over 10 years ago and gave her set to me when she moved. It’s amazing for tightening and toning in just a few minutes a day!

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