How To Start Weight Watchers As A Vegetarian

How To Start Weight Watchers As A Vegetarian

I have been a vegetarian since the summer of 1997. That summer, I was working at a camp in the kitchen where I saw everything. I guess being around food all day affected my appetite for meat. Most of the kitchen staff became vegetarian as well. I guess it was the idea that we had to prepare the food in the morning and evening attributed my change in diet.

Are you curious about Weight Watchers? Could a vegetarian or vegan lose weight with Weight Watchers?

Doing Weight Watchers as a Vegetarian

You may wonder if it’s possible to do Weight Watchers as a vegetarian, and the answer is YES! It may seem like pretty much every popular Weight Watchers recipe has meat in it, but almost all recipes are simple to modify for a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. You can make Weight Watchers work for you.

Pro tip: search for “Meatless Monday” recipes to use every day of the week!

Avoid Overeating Zero Point Foods

Zero point foods are awesome, especially for vegans and vegetarians! Almost everything we eat (hello, fruits and veggies!) is zero points. The problem with this is that it makes it easier to overeat. Zero point foods still have calories and carbs, so it’s important to track them even when they are technically zero points.

Watch your fruit intake! Some Weight Watchers members have struggled with hitting a plateau and not being able to get past it. When they reduce their fruit intake, combined with increasing their water intake, they bust through that plateau with ease.

Tips for Losing Weight on Weight Watchers

These are my best tips for vegetarians wanting to lose weight with Weight Watchers. Really, though, they apply to everyone.

Track everything. You may be tempted to be “loosey goosey” with tracking on the weekends, or when you go out with friends, or whatever… but don’t fall into that trap! Part of the reason you’re going to be successful with Weight Watchers is because you’re in the habit of tracking everything. Tracking = mindful eating.

Swap it out. This is a no-brainer, but worth mentioning: swap higher point ingredients for lower ones (like in this Starbucks hack that takes a drink from 15 points down to 2!).

Add vegetables. For example, if there’s a tofu and broccoli stir-fry recipe, add mushrooms and carrots. This adds flavor and nutrients without adding points, and adding high-fiber vegetables will keep you full for longer periods of time.

Glass pitcher of lemon water

Drink water – lots of it! Whether you drink eight glasses of water daily, or set a loftier goal like half of your body weight in ounces, water is going to be a key point to your weight loss success (even if you aren’t doing Weight Watchers).

rolling up a yoga mat

Exercise. This may be your favorite part of your weight loss journey, or it may be your least favorite. Either way, exercise is going to be a critical part of your weight loss. Exercising not only improves your overall health, but it can also help you lose weight faster.

Person measure waistline with a measuring tape while holding a salad

Weigh in weekly – and only weekly. Don’t get obsessed over weighing yourself every day, or you’ll get tossed into an endless cycle of frustration. Our weight can fluctuate a few pounds up or down each day, so if you eat “perfectly” today and then weigh in tomorrow and have a two pound weight gain, you may be more likely to overeat. I mean, why eat all healthy foods if you’re just going to gain weight? The thing is, your weight will even out – and go down – over the course of the week. So just sit back and relax, knowing you’re eating the right foods and Weight Watchers does work.

Weight Watchers Vegetarian Recipes

It’s easy to modify any recipe and make it vegetarian, but you’ll need to recalculate the points. For example, this chicken taco soup is zero points, but if you swap the chicken out for meatless crumbles, the soup is 1 point per serving. Either way, it’s still a very low point option that is delicious!

While your friends may ask you about protein ten times a day, we all know vegetarians can easily get their recommended protein in each day by following a healthy diet like Weight Watchers. The truth is, we are all in charge of how much protein we eat, no matter which diet we are following. If you feel you’re lacking protein – or any essential nutrients – brainstorm ways to add it back in.

Modifying recipes is probably something you’re used to as a vegetarian – or especially as a vegan. Just make sure you calculate the points when you change ingredients. Sometimes, the vegetarian version will be less points… yay!

Weight Watchers Lo Mein – 6 Points
Weight Watchers Deviled Eggs – 1 Point
Roasted Cauliflower Soup – 8 Points
Vegetarian Taco Salad – 2 Points
Easy Vegetable Soup – 0 Points
Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup – 2 Points
Weight Watchers Cornbread – 3 Points
Eggs in a Basket – 1 Point
Whole Roasted Cauliflower – 0 Points
Easy Quinoa Salad – 4 Points

Weight Watchers is a simple plan that anyone can have success with, even vegetarians! While you do need to track everything you eat and drink, it becomes second nature rather quickly. Using the WW app as well as free groups on Facebook can help you stay on track and be successful with the program. You can swap ingredients out and make pretty much any recipe a vegetarian version. Chances are it’ll taste better anyway. 😉

Looking for exercises to try? Kettlebells is the perfect workout for busy people. Yoga and pilates are easy workout programs to try as all you need is a mat.

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