Helping To Make Virtual Learning Easier

Helping To Make Virtual Learning Easier
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With the world still reeling from Covid, virtual learning is now the go to way for kids to learn right now. Not only are teachers having to adapt we as parents and children are trying to figure out how to make this new way of education work. We are taking this day at a time and hoping at the end of the day we are doing our best.

A new kind of school with virtual learning.

I have two of my four children in school right now. My oldest daughter is in 3rd grade and my middle daughter is in first grade. While my older daughter is excelling at virtual learning I’ve noticed that we have been starting to see some issues with my middle daughter, who is now starting to have severe migraines. As a parent seeing my child suffer is heartbreaking. As someone who also suffers from migraines, I surely wouldn’t wish them on anyone especially a child.

Sybil Blue Light Blocking Glasses

After starting to research it finally figured out that it may be the fact that now with virtual learning she’s staring at a screen 6 hours a day. Staring at the screen so long is hurting her eye’s then, in turn, making her have migraines. I decided to take action and get her some blue light blocking glasses. The glasses were recommended by a teacher and I was all for something that would possibly help her.

After looking into Blue light blocking glasses I found the company Umizato. Umizito provides adult and children blue light blocking glasses. I chose to go with the beautiful Sybil Anti Blue Blocking Glasses. Their frames are perfect for my daughter’s small face and gives her just the right amount of color pop to make her super stylish. The handcrafted glasses are sleep and hypoallergenic. The tortoise frames go with just about any color and will be perfect for any occasion. If your interested in getting you or your child a pair check out their website, Facebook, or Instgram to get yours!

Online Learning

So far just within a few days of using them I can tell a difference already. She’s not straining as much and I can tell her eyes aren’t getting as tired. As a parent I constantly am looking to help my kids succeed. I think these Sybil glasses are going to be a great asset to our family, and helping in making virtual learning easier. If you are noticing your child is having increased headaches and fatigue i’d defiantly recommend getting your child some blue light blocking glasses.

What style of blue light blocking glasses would you choose?


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