Fighting Covid Hair Loss

Have you heard of COVID hair loss? Hair loss after COVID seems to be a real symptom for many.

Are you fighting Covid hair loss?

Fighting Covid Hair Loss
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As the Covid-19 pandemic is continuing to be an ever-present issue all over the world, many are finding there is one side effect that isn’t being spoken about all too often but it affects so many people. That side effect seems to be hair loss. Unfortunately, I am experiencing this all too much myself.

Why is this hair loss from COVID happening?

Hair Hair

In October of 2021, I started feeling unwell and I just figured it was a small cold. Fast forward a few days later when I was extremely sick, I took an at-home Covid test and it instantly turned positive. I had all the symptoms, exhaustion, loss of taste and smell, cough, high fever, and congestion. I was so sick I hardly ate for over a week. After about 2 weeks I started to feel better and finally was on the mend. It wasn’t until about a month later that I really started to notice the hair loss.

One day I was in the shower and combed my fingers through my hair and it started coming out in clumps. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. What is going on and why was this happening. Yes I had dyed my hair in the past but not to the point of having clumps of hair. After talking to several people and reading articles it seems that hair loss is something a lot of people who’s had Covid are dealing with. Hair loss happens when your body is under a mass amount of stress. Such as an extreme sickness or high fever.


What can I do about Covid hair loss?

I have recently found these adorable gummy vitamins by Kalavita. Hair Hair is a great sugar-free vitamin that is perfect to help promote new hair growth and helps restore hair to brighter and stronger glory. These peach-flavored gummies are so cute, shaped just like gummy bears you will want to make them a part of your everyday routine. If you are interested in finding out more about the Hair Hair vitamins be sure to visit their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Post Covid Haircut

Dealing with the affects of hair loss

I recently chose to take the leap and do a big haircut to get rid of a lot of my damaged hair and give myself the chance to grow new and healthier hair with the use of Kalavita’s Hair Hair gummies. If you have had the Covid virus have you noticed that hair loss is a post-sickness result? What are some tips and tricks that you have found to help regrow your hair?


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