Cute Summer Essentials

Summer is in full swing! We’ve been enjoying the last few weeks since summer school ended. I took a week off just to enjoy and not worry about anything. After that one week, I realized I needed to get back into cleaning and organizing everything. Since last year changed everything, I’ve been using this time to get caught up on doctor and dentist appointments. Now, it’s time to explore cute summer essentials! 

Cute Summer Essentials
Beauty Brite Disclosure

New makeup tools

I love wearing makeup. I try to renew my makeup and tools regularly! I was sent beautiful makeup brushes from Varenti Beauty! I was sent the Fluffy Eye Blending Brush, Crease Blending Eye Shadow Brush, Pro Face Brush, and Pro Powder Face Brush.

Varenti Beauty brushes

I am very selective with eye shadow brushes. Surprisingly, there are some makeup brushes that just don’t work for me. However, the Fluffy Eye Blending Brush and Crease Blending Eye Shadow Brush are my favorite! They blend so perfectly and make me feel like a professional when I apply my eyeshadow. They allow me to apply evenly and blend so naturally! 

As for face brushes, I tend to stick with certain brushes, however, I am blown away with using Pro Face Brush and the Pro Powder Face Brush! These brushes allow me to apply my foundation (liquid or pressed) so perfectly! I can also apply my blush and highlighter as needed! 

Add height to your look

Strappy Camper in Nude

You cannot forget the cute sandals that can be worn with shorts, capris, and dresses! That’s where the Strappy Camper sandals come in! I received a pair in Nude. I think the Strappy Camper sandals are roomy enough for wide feet. I have narrow feet, so they do feel big on me. Otherwise, they are super cute. I have been wearing my dresses and shorts this summer since it’s so hot! 

Hello fellow short girls: If you’re looking for cute sandals with a little platform, the Strappy Camper sandals are perfect! I like wearing shoes that give me a bit of height! 

Reduce and reuse

Pirani Life Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler

I care about our environment. When I was in high school, we volunteered to clean up the highway. I try to do my part by reusing and using environmentally friendly products around the home

Even when we run errands, I try to bring a reusable water bottle! I like to carry water with us so we don’t have to rush to find a drinking fountain or find bottled water to buy!

I am so excited to introduce you to Pirani Life insulated tumblers! I chose the pink one and I am amazed at how lightweight it is. I could not wait to use it. I quickly washed it by hand and brewed my coffee! It fits perfectly in my Keurig! The 16oz insulated tumbler doesn’t even look like 16oz! I didn’t realize the actual size until I filled my coffee and it only filled half way! 

The Grumpy Octopus Keychain

When I saw The Grumpy Baby Octopus, I knew I needed him in my life! And then I saw he came in a keychain, so I had to have that too! 

The Grumpy Baby Octopus is adorable. He may look mean, but he makes me smile! No matter my mood, he makes me giggle! I love The Grumpy Baby Octopus Keychain too! With a keychain, I can take him on-the-go with me.

The Grumpy Octopus

For now, I keep The Grumpy Baby Octopus at my workspace so I can look over at my co-worker whenever I want. I keep The Grumpy Baby Octopus Keychain on my dresser! 

Clean your paws

This past year, we learned how important hand washing is. Staying clean, sanitizing, and being more aware of keeping our hands clean!  

MyKirei by KAO Paw Print Foam Hand Wash

My son and I are already overzealous with washing our hands. He is really good with washing his hands when I ask him to, especially when we get home. I prefer foam soap dispensers. 

When I saw the MyKirei by KAO Paw Print Foam Hand Wash, I knew we had to try it! 

Paw Print Hand Soap

How cute is this? Perfect for kids, such as my son. In reality, I think the whole family will love the MyKirei by KAO Paw Print Foam Hand Wash

I may have to buy additional dispensers for our bathrooms! The MyKirei by KAO Paw Print Foam Hand Wash is just too cute. For now, it’s in our kitchen! Showing my son how to use it and what it creates was super fun too! Hopefully this will make handwashing even more enjoyable! 

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