Beauty Products For The Fitness Enthusiasts

Do you lead an active lifestyle? If you enjoy your exercise throughout the week, we found beauty products to keep you glowing and feeling great. They are perfect to add to your wellness routine! 

Beauty Products For The Fitness Enthusiasts
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I do my best to stay active with my walking throughout the week, weather permitting. When it’s too hot outside, I choose to stay inside! I don’t do cardio because I live on the second floor and I want to be respectful of my downstairs neighbor. Instead, I do have a squat machine that works my glutes, arms, and core! I get a great workout with just that! 

I don’t really have the room to do yoga and pilates either. Instead, I go for walks around the park and use my squat machine! 

Ziri Skincare offers pampering products that are cruelty-free! I prefer cruelty-free beauty products. As a consumer, you have a choice. Choose cruelty-free and/or natural products! 

Here’s how I use Ziri Skincare products

I like wearing a mask before showering. This way, I can rinse the mask away in the shower as opposed to the sink (less of a mess).

Moroccan Red Clay

I start with applying a light layer of the Moroccan Red Clay Mask. It is the perfect way to end the evening, with detoxifying your skin! The mask removes excess oils reducing acne and blackheads. It will also remove any dirt, grime, and dead skin cells left from exercise and physical activity! 

Before each of my walks, I apply sunscreen. After my walks, I come home sweating like crazy! Imagine all that grime! 

The Moroccan Red Clay Mask is such a treat! While I am waiting for the mask to dry, I like to use that time to treat my hair to a mask. I can easily use a few drops of the argan oil and massage it into my scalp and throughout my hair. 

Moroccan Black Soap with Lemon and Exfoliating Mitt

The Moroccan Black Soap with Lemon feels just like it looks in the picture. The texture is different. It doesn’t massage into the skin that well, it clumps up! However, I like pampering my skin and this is such a treat! 

First, you apply the Moroccan Black Soap to your skin, and then use the Exfoliating Mitt to massage your skin. The Moroccan Black Soap helps to moisturize, exfoliate, and soothe your skin. Perfect when you sweat all day from your workouts as it helps remove toxins and unclogs pores. 

Organic Argan Oil

Following my shower, after rinsing the mask away and pampering my skin with the black soap, I then like to lock in moisture with Organic Argan Oil! The argan oil can be used head to toe, so I like to add a few drops to my hair! I am currently using a drop or two on my face where I have a few brand new scars! 

Use the argan oil as an all-over body moisturizer and your skin will feel so soft and smooth! 

Rose Water

A few weeks ago, I had a mysterious skin rash on my face. Not only that, it caused swelling! I had no idea what it was but I used the Rose Water to help soothe my skin. I also used Rose Water throughout my hair! 

The Rose Water also helped calm my skin and soothe the itching I was experiencing from my recent eczema breakout! 

I also used Rose Water to help set my makeup, toner, or throughout the day to refresh my skin! The Rose Water can be used all over your body! 

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