Beat Acne! From Your Head Down To Your Toes

Acne is the bane of my existence. I take pride in my skin, and have a rigorous routine to help fight aging. Yet sometimes, a little friend likes to rear its ugly head and spoil your day. To help battle those inconveniences that can put a damper on your confidence, we tried some amazing acne fighting products to help reclaim your beautiful skin.

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Gain Confidence With Clear Skin

This is the first time I have tried an all natural acne fighting product and I have never been this excited. I don’t usually breakout out, but when I do, they are painful. My teenage daughter on the other hand has been enduring the battle against acne and LXR Organics has been a complete game changer for both of us.

Step 1: Cleanse

Cleanse LXR is an effective cleanser that is gentle even on the most sensitive skin. My daughter and I used Cleanse LXR daily for over a week with no issues of irritation or breakouts. It did a great job washing the makeup off and did not leave any residue behind or dry out our skin. We were both surprised that it can safely be used around our eyes without fear of irritation or burning, this means no need for a second cleanser just for eye makeup.

Cleanse LXR is a light foam that suds up beautifully when applied to a damp face. I only needed two pumps to effectively clean my face and neck. Cleanse LXR left my skin soft to the touch and naturally & deeply cleansed. An extra added bonus was the soft floral scent you get from the rose hip that is not overpowering, but rather relaxing.

Step 2: Tone

LXR Organics Seaweed Toner is a gentler toner than what I am used to. Typical toners really tighten your skin, and can feel drying at times, this was not the case with the Seaweed Toner. I was comfortable enough to allow my teenage daughter to use the Seaweed Toner since I knew it would not dry out her young beautiful skin.

Personally, I did not notice too much pore shrinkage, but that may be due to a rigorous skin care regimen that I already have in place. The Seaweed Toner did leave my skin feeling rejuvenated and very soft. It allowed my skin to be a smooth canvas for flawless makeup application.

Step 3: Spot Treat

Out of all 3 LXR Organics products, the Acne LXR Spot Treatment blew me away. My daughter even tossed her Neutrogena acne fighter in the garbage! I had a massive pimple on my chin that looked like a helicopter could land on it. Day 1 of the spot treatment, the redness and swelling went down drastically. Day 2, the redness and inflammation were practically gone, I was impressed!! Day 3, my pimple looked nothing more than a slight discoloration on my chin. Day 4, gone! -*whhaaaatttttt?!*-

What really won me over, was that it DID NOT DRY OUT MY SKIN!! The fact that I can diminish the look of a breakout in one evening, and have it practically gone in 3 days made Acne LXR Spot Treatment a game changer in the battle with acne.

Diminish Dark Spots And Body Acne Scars

I am no stranger to dark spots and scars on my body. I have countless scars from many health related surgeries that sometimes it looks like a war was waged on my body. Eden Beauty gave me hope that I will be able to diminish the scaring and reclaim my confidence.

The Body Miracle Scrub is an effective body scrub that makes a great addition to any shower routine. The grittiness helped exfoliate, yet it was gentle enough not to scratch or break my skin.

It helped get rid of dead skin, dirt and other environmental pollutants, leaving my skin with a beautiful healthy glow.

The Body Miracle Scrub has a coffee smell that is invigorating, but it did not linger on my skin all day. The scrub itself is not bogged down with oils which is common with scrubs, yet it still left my skin touchably soft. With the added benefits of coffee grounds, your skin will feel stimulated and smooth.

The Body Wonder Wand is my personal favorite. I was a bit skeptical at first since this was the first time I tried a product of this kind, but it really does ‘wonders‘.

I tested the Body Wonder Wand on one of my many recent scars from a surgery I had 2 months ago. After the first 2 days, I didn’t notice a huge difference. By day 3, it was noticeably lighter! This had me so excited, and giddy! After one week of using Body Wonder Wand, there was a huge difference, my scar was lighter and not as brown/red compared to my others.

My husband used Body Wonder Wand on old body acne scars from his younger days. It lightened up the dark pigmentation quicker than my surgical scars. It defiantly gave us both some confidence back, and allowed me to have comfort in my own skin again.

The Balm Body may not be for everyone, especially if you enjoy lighter creams. The Balm Body is a heavy balm with an ointment/Vaseline type consistency. The Balm Body is very thick and does feel greasy when initially applying it to your skin.

It does sit a little heavy and takes a while to absorb. But once it does, there is no need to re-apply multiple times a day since the hydration is very powerful.

Once absorbed, the Balm Body left my skin incredibly soft. My skin had an all over glow that I absolutely loved and the greasy feeling disappeared. It offered all-over intense hydration that would be ideal for dry winter months or if you suffer from skin issues like psoriasis or eczema. This is not the type of balm you apply and you can head out the door, it needs time to absorb and do its work.

The Balm Body wont be a daily use product for my skin care needs, but definitely something I can use 2-3 times a week when my skin needs an extra helping of deep hydration.

Which was your favorite acne fighting product?

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